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SM161: 50 Brushes
Here is the latest speedmapping pack.
8 SP maps by ericw, ijed, RickyT23, Spirit, TRINCA, ZealousQuakeFan, and Zwiffle, each of them using not more than 50 visible brushes. ericw's and ZQF's maps require Quoth.


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yes, Distrans map separate the man from the boys(pure class)... but the time he took is not the same as others for sure...

but look like a small map he is a true master! 
What engine did you use to record the demos? 
I'll have to get more understanding of BSP geometry before I can do something interesting specifically with the limit :E

Interesting to see everyone elses approach. And happy birthday Zwiffle apparently :P 
Is a good way to get around extra brushes with all of its point entities.

An editor like Willem's that allows brush merging wouldn't hurt either.

BTW, nice maps, everyone! 
Watchin the demos :)
Need gib.mdl to watch ericw's, and Zealous's.


Really like zwiffle's map, and also spirit's map is a nice concept :) 
Need gib.mdl to watch ericw's, and Zealous's.

"not In US Noob" 
Not in US, but in Italy fer sure, genius. Hence my auto happy birthday was way belated...;) 
ericw: pretty cool. i liked the return of zer textures! :) very big and the shadows hide the low poly construction.

ijed: cool concept! :) obviously died the first time while trying to shotgun the first two ogres but made it with time to spare on the second attempt. this map really showcases the 'monsters don't interpolate movement on moving platforms' bug in fitzquake. :D
also, for some reason, some ogres slid off the side of the func_door... was weird, but also very funny. ^_^

ricky: cool looking with the outdoor setting. didn't know where to go after the two vores on the roof. i got teleported around too which really confused me. still, good reuse of the outer walls -> inner walls and such.

spirit: insanely dark. unless that was the point? didn't really enjoy that either way. kept switching fullbright on and off for a split second so i could see where to go next. sorry dude. :P

trinca: quad gibfest. fun but never really felt threatened. it's basically just the one fight too with a few little guys. :P

zqf: horde map but fun in that it's basically a timed event due to the fact that the over the top gameplay is only doable because you basically have the cross of deflection for the entire map (50% damage reduction + immunity to explosive damage).
some of the monster placement makes this pretty tough. for example, ogres slightly below you will launch grenades that can knock you around more than if they are at the same level as you. their grenade hit you lower on the bbox so that the explosion sends you in the air. very cool but could get annoying. luckily i got it on the second try.

zqf2: not as inventive as the first, but i did like the good reuse of areas. also, i liked how the ground in the lower area sinks into the lava when you get to the second floor.

zwiffle: good use of center brushes. i don't know if it's bad form to trick fiends into leaping off the map. :P as a corollary, tarbabies just jumped off for the most part. still, was pretty funny seeing an avalanche of the suckers at the end. :P

thanks, that was a lot of fun! ^_^ better than i thought it would be with just 50 brushes. 
missed distrans' map!

yay jackboot! :D crazy reuse of brushwork! very consistent too!
sniping monsters were a bit tough but not unmanageable. i couldn't figure out how to get out of the map though. i got the key but couldn't see where to open the door with the end teleporter. 
Distrans Stole The Show 
Insane brushwork, and the Jackboot + Rubicon + id1 slime textures looked amazing together. A full map like this, please?

ijed: Nice concept, the execution is as good as id1 gets :P

Zwiffle: Pretty cool trying to get 100% kills, also very satisfying invoking the horde of Spawn and watch the monstercount increase on the intermission screen :)

Spirit: I got eaten by a grue, had to fullbright at times.

ZQF: This really isn't my type of gameplay, would have been better if the passages were open and not a Painkiller-like arena romp.

ZQF2: Same as above, got bored, did not finish, sorry :(

Trinca: I know the limit was very harsh but this map was very simple. Enjoyable though.

ericw: Cool Zer textures. Well done ending with the fetus.

Ricky: Good architecture but again, couldn't be assed to play till the end :/ 
Distrans's Map 
Looked awesome, but the architecture was simple. Also the gameplay was HARD. Good choice of textures. 
If Anyone Likes Speedrunning... 
...then here is a fun demo of a friend of mine. Finished my first map in 15 seconds :E

Recorded in Darkplaces. you'll have to rename sm161_zqf.bsp to zqfsm01.bsp to run it properly :/ 
Dammit, stupid Darkplaces does not use "gamma" but some other cvar. Which was set to 1.25 for me. So try gamma 0.75 or something.

It should be quite dark but the enemies are supposed to be visible... 
ericw: cool concept/ending, bit too spaced out maybe. plays ok

zgf: tough. not too bad once i realised i had to quicksave after each battle. satisfying enough. looks horrible!

zgf2: tough. less enjoyable due to limited manoeuvring space; better looking however

zwiffle: see exact comments for ericw. happy birthday etc

trinca: started off well, then ended. fun while it lasted (heard that one before...)

spirit: the enemies were visible but the top lift wasn't. def missing a light or several

ricky: cool architecture, raining damage down by the bucketload but beatable. got lost when i got the quad :|

ijed: amazing lighting! much hilarity ensuing from quake's physics (ogre sliding down a ramp and off the edge into the lava). was in too much of a hurry to really take much else in

distrans: best looking of the bunch by some way; play started out decent but after the GKD descended into a game of avoid the voreballs, with added annoyances of getting caught on angled surfaces, falling into slime and being blocked on thin walkways by monsters. stumbled into the exit accidentally when still fighting

i just remembered have a half-completed 100brush map from some years ago i could have probably finished up for this.. by half completed i mean it was on about 30 brushes but pretty huge with most of the layout down. it wouldn't really be a speedmap though.. 
actually scratch that, i deleted it :P 
"looks horrible!"

It is not horrible! It is Rubenesque! 
awesome generic!!! 
Got back from my family visit - awesome pack!
ericw - Fun, dark zerstorer map, even better with -game quoth. :)

ijed - Cool map, freaked out a bit when I realized what was going on, but it turned out to be just doable even though I got stuck on an ogre for a good 5 seconds or so.

RickyT23 - Maybe my favorite map, solid design and use of brushes. Weird clipping bug near the end caused me to run around in circles for a bit, and I ended up wasting my Quad. :(

Spirit - Small, dark and handsome. I guess.

Trinca - Pretty fun quad-damage murder spree. Bit easy though, unlike ...

ZQF1 - Hard but doable. 140~ monsters, pretty bad ass number of monsters. Totally ridiculous, somewhat gimmicky combat :) but brutal and fast, ie fun.

ZQF2 - Too hard for me, ended up just going God at the end to get through it. Felt like too many "kill all these bastards before moving on" type combats.

distrans - Cool, dark map, but the acid stuff pissed me off too much. I swear it was magnetic and kept pulling me into it, and some of those little raised areas could have been lowered.

sm103_generic - No wait, THIS is my favorite map! 11/10! You should win a Nobel Prize! \o/

I rate this map pack a "Holy Shit, look at all those fucking maps!" 
Nice One Folks! 
Remarkable effort from Ricky (although buggy), Zwiffle, ZQF (there's a need to refine gameplay, of course) and obviously Distrans.

Since the rest has been demoed by better talents, I only recorded a little demo of Ijed's, to point out a little something weird... Have a look. 
Will Do 
Ricky's map was ok for me.... imho had better gameplay than most of the others. [spoiler]You gotta teleport with the globes[/
"ZQF1 - Hard but doable. 140~ monsters, pretty bad ass number of monsters."

I was pretty much going for Doom BFG zerg style gameplay but with Quake. So you can't quite have the massive hordes of Doom, or the huge open spaces, but it gets the idea across I think. It's probably in about the upper limit of monster count (per fight) that you can get away with before Quake's gameplay starts to creak a bit (imo)

PS I didn't realise it was really that hard, I can chunk up a demo of playing it on skill 2 (no Power ups) if anyone is interested :E 
1 - distrans
2 - ricky
3 - zwiffle

others good, but those 3 were pretty fucking badass, especially distrans, unsurprisingly. 
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