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HeXen: Edge Of Chaos (Doom 3 Mod)
A total conversion for Doom 3 in the setting of Hexen.

Info and Download:
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are you saying that more linear is good now? o_O


j/k, I'm thinking the same myself.

I have a map where I tried to put the player start into the middle of the map, and have all the keys on the outside, and open all doors in the level by default so the player can totally choose where to go etc.

It didn't work out. I eventually put the start back at the start and closed some doors so the player now takes a linear route through the map.

Much easier to "script" etc. since you always know where the player enters an area from, and the player also never gets lost.

I guess a little bit of linear can actually be a good thing. With some optional side areas for exploration (those must clearly look like unimportant areas though).

With the rpg stuff, I see where you're coming from. But you can just ignore the more esoteric player classes and use a fighter.

The crystal golem, I agree, I also didn't get it the first time around. It's badly communicated to the player. 
Linear != Linear. 
A level might require linear progression but you can still not lock the player into corridors. Just don't give him too many (unclear) options. 
Linear with a bit of fat at the sides, I guess. 
Hexen isn't really that much more non-linear that just large Doom maps. When you enter a new portal they are usually fairly linear as you go through cleaning out monsters and opening doors. It's only when you have to go back and look for keys/buttons etc that it feels particularly open.

I think RPG elements should be treated with more respect really. Don't just through little levelling up features in for the hell of it. If you're going to try and mix it with an RPG, make more of an effort. Bioshock is a case in point I think. It doesn't realy go for skills but it has the scavenging, modding and construction elements. 
Also boy that was a poorly written post, sorry :p 
I'm a Hexen fanboy. Hexen is my #2 favorite game of all time after Quake. Hexen 2 was a huge disappointment, it was abysmal imo. Classes, weapons, levels, monsters, the whole thing just lacked the inspiration and creativity of Hexen.

The 3 classes in Hexen played so differently from each other with just 4 weapons and flechettes, and the streamlined ammo system smoothed combat out imo and the player could more easily manage their resources. The items then became a little more important to gameplay.

Comparing the 3 classes to Diablo classes is a bit silly especially when you make the statement that

you can design some challenges with certain weapons in mind, knowing that they'll have them.

when Diablo's weapons were randomly generated and so were the encounters, maps, etc.

I do agree with your point about Bioshock, though. That is totally the right direction for a game like Hexen. The modding/constructing,scavenging bits are a ton of fun and would fit right in Hexen's universe.

I always thought that if they were to make another Hexen, the multiplayer could be a mini-mmo co-op fps game type deal - players start in a small town to purchase things, get quests, then go out into dungeons and complete quests. New maps means more quests, etc. Dunno how to work out evening skill or anything, and I guess L4D already took that general idea... 
reference System Shock 2 instead of Bioshock, please! 
I never played System Shock, so I can't really do that. 
System Shock 2 
I remember that it was good and I recently wanted to re-play it but the version available at CGN crashes every 10 minutes on my box. :| 
System Shocker 
Have you tried disabling multi-core processing on the properties page of the executable? I've heard that suggested as a fix before(but can't test as my computer does not possess that level of technology..) 
"when Diablo's weapons were randomly generated and so were the encounters, maps, etc. "

It's a contrast. If you have Hexen's three basic classes, you are limited in the types of challenge you can create because it has to support all three, like Diablo. But then Diablo has far more interesting RPG components.

There are pros and cons for both, but Hexen just feels like it has neither.

Either have more customisation and variety in classes, or have no classes and concentrate on variety in challenges and encounters, with a solid understanding of the exact capabilities of the player.

Oh and I like System Shock 2 as much as the next man but Bioshock is a better shooter, so if you are looking to add complexity into solid FPS combat, bioshock is a better example. 
I'm playing Bioshock right now and I don't think it is a solid shooter.

It's everything but that, IMO. Prey is a solid shooter despite all the gravity and spiritwalk shenanigans because the core FPS gameplay is intact - the player is a powerful hero with an arsenal of deadly weapons and spirit powers who can move, dodge and run really fast and jump really high. The first weapon you get in Prey is a sniper rifle, the second is the plasma gun. A lot of firepower really early on. Bioshock gives you a revolver, and a tommy gun that can't hit the broad side of a barn. If Bioshock has a Run key, I haven't found it yet either.

I found Big daddy fights very boring soon because none of your weapons really does a lot of damage to them. It was shoot, get killed, respawn, and repeat. Because of the slow running speed, outmaneuvering a big daddy for any amount of time is nearly impossible. I found the shotgun, which is usually a shooter's signature weapon, utterly weak in Bioshock.

It's fantastic as an adventure, but I don't think it is solid as a shooter. 
What I mean is, Prey is a much better example of adding esoteric stuff to a really solid shooter. Because it is a solid shooter in the first place. 
System Shock / Bioshock 
@yhe1: Thanks, I'll try it.

@gb: I played through Bioshock (and I didn't play through many games in the last years), it's great. Itb the Big Daddies are annoying but it's only a very short part of the game. Make sure to get SG upgrades and save all explosive ammo for fighting them, then you should be all set. In the beginning it's not an FPS at all imo because the player is too weak, later it becomes a fun FPS though.

I just bought BioShock 2. No time to play it atm but I'm looking forward to the Christmas holidays. 
I enjoyed Bioshock. It gets better - as you progress you get more powerful. It does take a while to get going though. Cool bossfights :) 
"I found Big daddy fights very boring soon because none of your weapons really does a lot of damage to them."

Electro buckshot, electro gel, electric trip wires, explosives...

Once you are past the first Big Daddy the game loads you up with plenty of anti-armour ammo. In fact it gives you too much because there are no armoured targets apart from big daddies.

Bioshock had some fun enemies, entertaining weapons and is very atmospheric. The customisation options and spells are great fun on top of that :) 
Plus It Let's You Shoot BEES From Your Hands 
Nuff said. 
Bioshock 2 
is great, as well. They changed some of the controls, which annoyed me at first. I haven't finished it yet.

<3 art deco and steampunk. 
What does the art deco stuff have to do with being a shooter, though? 
Don't Be A Dick 
Listen to your heart. 
Absolutely nothing, I just love it. 
I Find The Mod... 
rather disappointing. 5 years for it, there's only several enemies and the animations are clunky, and It doesn't really feel like Hexen. Plus my brother mapped for it since the beginning, but that could be adding to my disappointment considering i see how little it has changed from when it actually started. The first level is his with added stuff.

Probably what kills it is the stupid music too.

Also, whats with the hate for Hexen 2? Sure some areas of the game seem a bit uninspired, but as far as puzzles go, the puzzles far surpass Hexen 1's. Hexen 1's are limited to just finding keys in arbitrary places (such as that key right in the window for no reason) and other items which essentially act as keys anyway (like the cogs) while Hexen 2's puzzles actually require more thinking. Yes searching is required but it is a lot more thinking - and the MesoAmerican and Egyptian style levels are really well designed.
I recently played through both in Coop and i can definitely say Hexen 2 is a more fun game for it. 
This mod was mentioned on the news page for doom 3. Interesting. 
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