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A number of new map reviews have been added to for Quake, Quake III and Quake Live:

Quake I:
BLESS - Bless to Kill
EFDM9 - Tangerine Dream

Quake III:
Q3DM2 - House of Pain
Q3TOURNEY3 - Hell's Gate
PRO-Q3TOURNEY8 - Dark Reign

Quake Live:
QZDM20 - Hidden Fortress
CPM4 - Realm of Steel Rats
HUB3AERO - Aerowalk
BLACKCATHEDRAL - Black Cathedral
JAPANESECASTLES - Japanese Castles

Additionally, short reviews have been added detailing alternate versions of levels from ports, Quake Live, CTF conversions and updated versions of maps that have already been featured in the reviews section.

Quake I: IDCTF1 / CTF2M7, ZER1M2 - Deceit and CTF1BSP2 - The Tormented Fortress



Quake Live:
FATALINSTINCT - Fatal Instinct
QZDM2 - House of Pain
QZDM4 - Eviscerated/The Place of Many Deaths
QZDM6 - Campgrounds Redux
QZDM7 - Retribution
QZDM8 - Brimstone Abbey
QZDM11 - Chemical Reaction
QZDM12 - Dreadwerks
QZDM15 - Demon Keep
QZDM17 - Longest Yard
QZDM19 - Terminal Heights
QZCTF1 - Dueling Keeps
QZCTF2 - Troubled Waters
QZCTF3 - The Stronghold
QZCTF4 - Space CTF
QZCTF6 - Beyond Reality II
QZTOURNEY1 - Power Station
QZTOURNEY2 - Proving Grounds
QZTOURNEY3 - Hell's Gate

Lastly, a few new mirror sites have been added and a number of old ones have been reworked to remove errors and improve browser compatability. The newest mirrors are as follows:

Quake III: Arena Noise
id Mobile - iPhone Games Home
Odd Maps

Hope you enjoy, another update of similar size will follow in the new year.

Kind Regards and Merry Christmas,

Why is there a 'review' for this? 
Site Looks Great 
and good reviews, keep it up!

Not a biggie, but I'd prefer to have a couple of screenshots, besides the large one up top. also, with the SP maps, re secrets - might not want to have that right there - kind of a SPOILER.

Then again, I almost never read reviews til after I play the maps... 
Thanks for the comments so far. For the first question, I've designed the reviews section as a database of sorts where you can simply view any bsp name simply by typing it into the address bar ("maps/quake/filename", etc), so I'm adding in all alternate versions, cutscenes, non playable levels and miscellaneous maps as well for reference, but only providing full text reviews where appropriate.

For some reason it hadn't occurred to me about the secrets section. I will place it in some kind of hidden panel in a future update, and have already considered that more screenshots would help, but haven't had the right design idea yet for them.

Any other feedback would be appreciated. 
I like the site alot.

A few more screenshots to break up the text (as per the wind tunnels review) would help on some of them, true.

Nice work. 
nice reviews
also, i just noticed you added full scan (is it?) of id anthology boxset. was good to see what's inside and read the book. 
Id Anthology 
Vondur, thanks for the comments. Yes, I believe it is a full scan, although I wasn't the one who scanned it. I was thinking of putting together a site map to detail all the content as there is quite a lot of stuff that may not be easily noticeable. 
Nicknames Instead Of (just) Real Names 
Ofcourse people that know the scene will know both real and nicknames of certain authors, but a name like 'Van Ricketts' totally does NOT ring a bill with me, while Mr.Fribbles does. Yet, the nickname is completely missing in a review like this:

The best option is probably to do both at once, like:

by Sten "ztn" Uusvali

But if I would have to choose between one or the other, I'd go with the nick, like does:

Aside from that it all looks great, although I agree that some screenies would be even better. All review sites have at least 3 screenies as far as I know. 
Bill = bell 
Is the absence of Q4 an indication of you not liking it? Or that, at least, that you rather spend your time on Quakes that were better received? 
Regarding the author names, I'll try and add them in a later update, it's a good idea. The absence of the Quake 4/Quake Wars content is mostly just my lack of familiarity with the games, but there is some content for them in the games and miscellaneous sections:

Thanks again for the feedback.

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