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The Ultimate Q1SP
My idea for this topic came from my realization that Lovecraft's definition of "The Weird Tale" - his categorization for the fiction of Poe, Bierce, Blackwood, Machen, etc, and latter-day 'unworthy' successors such as himself - bears a good deal of resemblance to Q1SP: a form of art which tries to create the sense that a wholly different world exists, something much older than human civilization or life, which must necessarily seem strange and sinister from the point of view of humans. I think the best original id and custom maps create this sense. What is more interesting is the fact that Lovecraft speculated on "The Ultimate Weird Tale," which would combine all the virtues of the writers he mentioned. So as a fictional construct, what would the "Ultimate Q1SP" be? No limitations on what is possible, from resurrecting departed mappers to impossible-in-reality engines and hardware setups - the experience of Q1SP is what I mean.
Something Like Mass Effect? 
With other dimensions thrown in aswell?

I like the idea of an intro a bit like Quake 2, not necessarily Strogg as enemies, but some other frontier or even a battle on earth but with the player fighting humans of a similar nature, maybe for an artefact.

At some point the player crosses dimensions, into a Quake realm where he has to fight his way out, but encounters Shubby, or Kthulu, but with some beautiful cutscene where they actually encounter this presence, which tries to seduce them.

After rejecting the evil ones wooing to join and become the evil-warrior, (the player would rather die), he manages to fight his way to a teleporter.......

On returning to earth, after some more fighting "normal" "human" battles (space marine style?), the player begins to have encounters with beings from other dimensions (he is being hunted by the Evil one, the Evil one is taking over his dreams AND his reality), the player eventually crosses dimension again</>, but this time he is unable to find his way back to his own dimension.

Instead he fights his way to a teleporter which sends him to yet another realm, an even darker and more evil place than before, but the player fights on.

This is where the "Q1SP" would become more of a hub-map. Possibly to the level of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. in layout, except some of the links between maps will just be straight teleports.

Somewhere along the line the player would begin to unravel information on how to get back to earth, which dimensions were run by which gods, and who he has to FUCK to make the leap home.

After defeating Shub, you could cut to e1m1.
Damn Italics Tag 
i had to read that twice to ascertain whether the proposed discussion was actually related to lovecraft or not

so.. the ultimate q1sp. i'm assuming this is all subjective, and not something we have to agree on.

for me it would be an episode, with roughly 8-9 maps. it would start out with smaller but highly detailed base/industrial maps, with a worn-down look and set amongst lots of natural terrain, with bridges and canyons and the likes. they would have relatively sparse gameplay and a faintly nehahran atmosphere.

the next few maps would be bigger, and give the impression of moving underground. maybe a level with a proper cave network, with building work being done on it. it would then descend to a kind of bloody zerstorer vibe as you uncover some kind of dark, twisted secret. maybe a mini-boss thrown in.

then the later maps would be huge, warpspasm kind of scale. with a blend of zer and e4 atmospheres and some grand czg/kinn style architecture. then a special end map with some crazy spectacular designs and a good, clean, solid boss fight.

i'd get glassman to design the layouts, kinn to build the bulk of the architecture, than to do the detailing, mexx to do the gameplay and mindcrime to do the background story and accompanying demos/cutscenes. i'd want preach in charge of qc and would have mh on hand if a new engine ever became necessary. then i'd resurrect the old qdq team and get them to do nightmare run & 100% demo marathons, duly recammed with cheesy commentary :D

that's about all i can think of for now... 
Lots Of 
Rebuilt monster code added to that. I'd say a new soundtrack for it as well.


Another idea might be a self generating map that worked off non-uniform base tilesets mixed in with procedurally placed monsters, each one customised by the engine on-the-fly. The map would redesign itself as you played as well (a seen area would never change) and each time you played you would first choose an objective an ideal play time.

'Kill a boss'
'in thirty minutes'
'Tough gameplay'

And the engine would generate that situation around your play, modifying it on how you were playing.

AI Director taken to a real time LOD and in SP.

It would also include an endless mode, which would have no objective, only more and more ground to cover like in Minecraft, but without building stuff. I mean it would also have the biomes, but they would be map styles - runic dungeon -> runic castle -> open swamp -> rocky canyon -> desert temple etc etc. 
Oh Man 
rj your post was awesome, I find it hard to disagree with the awesomeness of that. even if you were paying all those guys a good wage to work on that fulltime it would probably take a couple years but hell part of the idea was practicality's not an issue.

I'd like to see a subtle but still strongly suggestive Elder World - perhaps the player doesn't even see any base maps or human tech, except in flashbacks, but simply wakes up in this evil elder world (think "Cube" if any of you have seen that), and the elder world consists of a combination of human architecture from throughout known history - Mayan, Egyptian, Graeco-Roman, Medieval, etc, all in some weird blend that hardly makes sense (maybe the concept could be comparable to the reason for hybrid architecture in "Dark City"). There would have to be really detailed, smooth, disturbing fleshy/zerstorer bits. I'd like it if the story was so ingenius that multiple interpretations were possible - but the goal would be real mindfuck. Trent Reznor would once again do the soundtrack. I'd probably bring in Tim Willits for some mapping too heh. 
Rj Basically Said It 
for me... 
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