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ReMakeQuake Sp Demo #2
Thanks to some massive personal sacrifices by the team the second singleplayer demo is here, just in time for your yuletide hangovers.
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A Great Christmas Gift! 
Fullvis Time Of E1m6rq 
$ time ./WVis.exe -threads 6 -level 4 e1m6rq.bsp
---- WVis 2.31 ----
Modified by Bengt Jardrup
Multithreading enabled by Willem

File: e1m6rq.bsp
3819 portalleafs
11779 numportals
testlevel = 4

Using 6 threads.

average leafs visible: 186
max leafs visible: 570 near (64 704 192)
c_chains: 61608714
visdatasize: 198 kb compressed from 1782 kb

Elapsed time : 4:00
State time : 0:00

real 4m2.973s
user 0m0.000s
sys 0m0.000s

avg. cpu temp.: 65 C
Core i7 @ 1.60GHz, 4 hyperthreaded cpus.
8GB dual-channel ddr3 @ 531MHz RAM
Windows 7 64bit 
Direct Download Mirror 
Every Week Is Kiel Week! 
Go play this, people! A very nice foretaste of things to come. 
Very Promising So Far 
Tried this out the other day. My computer's fairly old, so I can't really run the new engines without massive slowdown, so I played it in Fitzquake. Skills 1 and 2 didn't work, so tried it on Easy, which I never play.

Bunch of observations I wrote down while playing:

1. I like the new ammo boxes.
2. I liked the new ogre death sound. The awaken sound, which just kinda sounds like muttering, I did not.
3. The boilers had too much of a blast radius. If that fact were hinted at, it would be less of a big deal.
4. Not a big fan of the moving blocks puzzle. Sure, it worked, didn't feel very Quakey to me. To me, Quake is a stranger traveling through alien lands. I can see locked doors, traps to kill intruders, but the block puzzle? Eh. Why put it there? Perhaps you've already thought of this.
5. I did like the grapple.

I found the mapping quality to be pretty high. Pretty detailed, original ideas throughout the level. The lighting machines were pretty fun.

Why were the monster totals not clear from the start? I found that annoying.

Playing in fitzquake, Chthon crashed the game whenever he rose, with an edicts warning, I think. So, reloaded it in darkplaces, just for the Chthon fight.

Um, I applaud you guys for trying something different, but...I wasn't a huge fan of Verthon. The extreme choppiness of Darkplaces on my computer didn't help, but it seemed annoying, with his earthquake attack making combat frustrating.

As for the model, I found the original far superior. I really don't like the way it tapers at the bottom, just like Vermis. Chthon is supposed to be massive, a behemoth. The upper part was pretty good, though, so it's certainly not beyond hope.

I think that's all I've got for now. Things are certainly looking promising for this mod. Good luck on the whole thing. 
Even on an old computer the RMQ engine is extremely likely to outperform FitzQuake with this content; I really recommend at least trying it and only using something else if you have problems with it. 
Yeah, try the engine first. In terms of performance its very very fast.

The muttering of the Ogres is their new idle sound - they chat with each other sort of like Nehahran Gaunts.

We've been thinking about the boilers - a lot of it is how big explosions work (or not) in Quake.

Each episode will be slightly different in terms of style. Some of the other maps are more recognisable in terms of massive fights or map crawling. Why not a more puzzle or platforming orientated one :)

Not showing monster totals we'll be rolling back...

Verthon, well it's a change of style. From a fat bloke with spikes stuck on and a paint over. I'm having a lot of trouble getting him reexported with his new animation which will make a big difference.

I expected him to be the biggest sticking point since he's the most obvious change. 
Godmoded It 
I ended up godmoding this using FitzQuake 0.85 SDL on my Mac with +max_edicts 2048 in the command line as the very first thing.

[Quakespasm 0.3 for OS X doesn't run for me, maybe SDL version problem, anyways ...)

Quick list of features I noticed:

1. Grapple and grapple points. Controls reuse existing common binds ("impulse 10" and "impulse 12") --- I like this. I hate having to add endless keys to run something.

2. Alpha masked textures or fence textures or whatever you prefer to call them.

3. Gyro physics. Ladders, pushable boxes.

Playing it ...

First the map was very good. I noticed a couple of new monsters (one being the boss, obviously).

The pushables (which are pullable) with the grapple ... are superb. They go up lifts, you don't slide standing on them.

I admit I didn't get the box puzzle immediately.

After getting used to the grapple (+hook), you end up finding that you can control it quite well and use it to swing across lava. I'm not sure if Quake has seen such a realistic feeling type of grapple before.

As far as the map goes, I did have a bit of trouble getting lost and confused mostly because the map was very 3D. The 3Dness of the map plus the grapple made it so I really couldn't competently play it on my laptop and had to wait until I had a chance to use a desktop.

On OS X, FitzQuake 0.85 played the map flawlessly as far as I could tell with the exception that the alpha masked textures render pink instead of transparent as to be expected.

I did try to build the RMQ engine on OS X, but it complained about some OpenGL stuffs (vertex buffers and such, I'm thinking) so maybe I'm short a file in the project or .h include.

I wonder if something can be done engine-side like brush model interpolation or something to smooth it when cubes drop. Just a random thought.

Was hoping to see rotating doors somewhere in there, something to look forward to for a future I suppose.

What I thought this demo did the best was increase the game depth and feature set. The help buttons, the camera cuts, the ability to click attack to click through the help was great.

The environment itself felt far richer and interactive because of the grapple points, pushing things (like you can use a cube to jam up a "squisher"). I'm assuming that the ladders were func_ladders, but well ... they could be the classic staggered clip ones as far as I know.

How the heck did you have moving vats of lava? I assume this this is ExtrasR4 somehow. Rather impressive.

And I thought the rotating camera work was very cool. I thought the mod created an environment of more depth and interaction.

On the map itself: great use of using a lack of lighting to impede progress. I wasn't going in that dark hall. 
The Lava Is The New Func_water Iirc. 
I'm not sure if it's from extras or not. It's documented in the rmq mapping guide on the rmq website. 
Pretty Much 
Yeah, the original moving liquids came from extras, but its since been improved and meshed in better with all the additional features we've included.

The coders on the team, especially Supa, have given the mappers some very powerful stuff to play with. If you want to try it out and you need help with something not on the site then let one of us know. 
How are you supposed to gain momentum with the grappling hook to be able to swing across things? I feel dumb not being able to get past the first lava pit. 
Use directional keys (the keys that you use normally to move). You might need to elevate or descend to swing properly.

I have another problem, I always press JUMP when I'm "grappled" and I fall :(

BTW - the demo is nice, I played it a few days ago, but it just doesn't feel like Quake :(

It has nice graphics, the map is awesome, is creepy, but... it's too "complex". Too many puzzles, tools :(

Quake is meant to be simple, I know it's a remake, but some things are not ok :(

Ah, one more thing - monsters are way too powerful, I played on easy skill and an ogre almost killed me in less than one second. 
but it just doesn't feel like Quake

I don't speak for anyone, but what I have always sensed from gb is that one driving concept behind Remake Quake is to expand the toolbox to allow for ideas and concepts seen in other similar games and to flesh out new ideas.

Other influences both large and small are things such as Quake 2, Tomb Raider (gb likes that game), in some ways Half-Life ("fence textures") and rotating BSP models plus the idea that water can move.

Go to Quaddicted and there are 900+ single player maps. The whole idea behind Remake Quake is to do something very *different* with the existing set of tools.

Sameness is certainly not a goal of this project, not one bit. 
Thanks, Good Feedback Everyone 
The grapple reels in and out, and you gain velocity as per a physical object whilst attached to something, so speeding towards a grapple point and detaching will see you flying past it at high speed. If you hit a wall at falling or faster speed expect the inevitable.

The grapple originally came from a relatively unheard of mod called wicked hook, allowing for the same swinging mechanics - we melded it with gyro physics and modified it a bit to fit what felt more fun, though it hasn't changed much since the last MP demo.

OSX build of the engine - check with our engine guy Mh. Should be a beaten track though, since our original is based off a forked SDL of fitz.

Ladders are real ladders :)

RaverX, like I said before, this is one of the more cerebral maps, it's supposed to make you puzzle about more. For the demo there's a lot of fighting you're not seeing that's included in the map as well.

For the difficulty of enemies, in general they're easier to kill thanks to weapon rebalancing, but are much better at dishing out pain.

A standard Ogre would have real hard time hitting you under id1 unless cleverly placed by the mapper remember.

But true, we went the route of more damaging / unpredictable / aggressive rather than banging on a few hundred points of health. 
I liked it, mostly.

What I didn't like:

>The Ogre chatter sounded like Fozzie Bear to me ("waka waka waka").

>The mix of hi-res and lo-res textures in some areas made my head hurt -- but those hi-res textures are pretty damn good!

>The grappling hook had me frustrated until I learned that I could just "levitate" in one direction by holding down that key.

>Sleeping Shamblers :|

The rest was pretty frickin' awesome! :)

Definitely play this with the Remake engine and hi-res texture pack! You won't regret it!

Cheers, Gents!!! 
Ijed, MH... 
Tried using the RMQ engine. Claimed that I was missing "SDL_net.dll". I hate fucking around with problems like this, so I just gave up and used DarkPlaces after fitzquake couldn't load the boss. 
^^ Ok, That Should NOT Be Ignored 
I feel that is a major shortcoming of the distribution ... not of the mod.

The Quakespasm engine properly includes both .dll files in the same folder structure in the archive. This archive should be properly structure with the .dll files for Windows being in the game dir as the engine --- and with the pak0.pak being a proper subdir living in rmqdemo2 folder. Convenience does matter and an end-user shouldn't be expected to do a lot of work poking around for such a thing.

Open Source Remake Quake EZ Installer:

My Thoughts And A Demo Of My Runthrough 
Instead of copypasting my entire post I have on QuakeOne... here is the link to it. I hope I've said some useful things.

And here's a demo of my playthrough on hard skill:

Hope I made some useful points there. :) 
The SDL files are included in the zip, but not in the correct (=root) folder. This is pretty silly. The files are mentioned in the text file, though. However, I can see how even less people than usual are going to read it thanks to its brick form. At any rate, the demo doesn't come with an engine of its own for nothing.

What are the chances of a repacked version AND adding the download mirrors to the blog post? (as downloading from 4shared is awkward at best) 
What are the chances of a repacked version AND adding the download mirrors to the blog post?

Unknown and high, in that order, although the latter may take a few days.

Sameness is certainly not a goal of this project, not one bit.

I wouldn't say that that's completely true. I think we do want players, as they are going through the map, to think "oh, this is that part of the original map... very clever" at times. The gameplay is very different, though, as evidenced by the available weapons as the level progresses.

How are you supposed to gain momentum with the grappling hook to be able to swing across things? I feel dumb not being able to get past the first lava pit.

About the only reliable method I've found, is to hold down the button as you fire, and after it's pulled you a little bit, let go, and the momentum takes you across.

$ time ./WVis.exe -threads 6 -level 4 e1m6rq.bsp

Firstly, -level 4 is default for most versions of vis these days.

Secondly, that was with this version of the map. The version that existed a couple of days before was the version that nearly fried my computer... 
but are much better at dishing out pain.

Not a fan of this approach. It is something that Quake improved on over Doom. You drop into a little area, the dual chainsaw ogre comes out and instantly takes off most of your health. Great. Reload, bounce a grenade around the corner and kill him without taking any damage.

If you want more incoming damage, add more monsters, don't make each monster take most of the player's health so easily, it will only make it more irritating if the player makes a mistake or is surprised. 
With a few exceptions of course... I don't want the Fiend or Shambler crippling... 
BTW - the demo is nice, I played it a few days ago, but it just doesn't feel like Quake :(

It has nice graphics, the map is awesome, is creepy, but... it's too "complex". Too many puzzles, tools :(

Quake is meant to be simple, I know it's a remake, but some things are not ok :(

bear in mind this is just one of 30 odd SP maps and not all will follow the same ethos. there will be plenty of oldskool quake action along the way too, just broken up occasionally with puzzles and the likes. both for the sake of variety and bringing fresh approaches to the table 
It depends - the chainsaw Ogre does constant damage, whilst the Fiend and Shambler tend to hit you for single instances of heavy damage.

All Ogres will shred a player pretty quickly, but also have a major weakness against the shotguns from close range...

It does mean that surprise attacks from close range berserkers can become trial and error, true.

SDL files - hm, sorry. I'm away for new years without internet so won't be able to solve this myself. We forget that not everyone is signed up for the dev team :) 
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