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QW 4on4 Map: Naughty Brickworks
Hey! Its a brand new 4on4 map Naughty Brickworks (naughty.bsp). It has been a while since I last built a map. This one took me about a month and it went through several different versions until I got what I wanted. I had a good time mapping and Im very happy with the result. Time well spent.

Screenshot number 3 will explain the layout and items. It includes every item except nail packs. Simply put there is a central area with QUAD and then RA side and YA side.

I included 24bit textures, but I havent been able to test them since my glquake will not start anymore after new hardware and winxp installation.


Screenshots and overview:

24bit textures:
Nice Style There 
Awesome visual style by the looks of the screenshots. The screenshots look a bit 16bit.
I like the red brick texture, and the architecture is almost modern :) 
Please Please Please 
There is an old standard for map packaging:

Please use zip and add a textfile called naughty.txt in the archive with some information. Make the filename Thanks! 
Looks great! 
Very Nice 
could have used more dramatic lighting, but i understand it's a limitation of making a dm map.
also, gl_texmode 2 works well with the grungy brick textures. :)
i think negke is slowly converting me to start using linear/nearest neighbour. :P 
Most People ... 
don't know to take notice when Zaka releases a map, but I do. This guy knows DM, has class and he's an open sourcer so he's A++ in my book. 
i just hope they got it at bigfoot, haven't been on in a while :s 
Some Of The Tga Textures Appear To Be Broken 
They won't open... 
Screenshots Look Great 
Taken with software quake (no glblend pixels), so Zaka's glquake must not be workin as mentioned. 
type 'gl_texturemode 3' to get software quake look. 
I meant that I was unable to open some of the 24bit textures in a graphics editor. 
i was able to open them all in photoshop. 
Love The Look. 
I'll have to play with some frikbots later. It will most likely go up on 
Software isn't bad at all. I just made full sized texture wad from the .tga's. The 8bits look as good as the .tga, real nice. Bricks are twice as big though. 
That is, playing in glquake the 8 bit textures I converted look as good as the 24 bit. Wally seems to be optimized in converting them well into the quake palette. 
Great Map 
Great and large map. I'm not much of a TDM player but the item placement seems to make sense.

At first I thought it looked a bit boring (the textures are great, maybe some more colors wouldn't hurt though) but I like it more and more. 
Good ! 
Nice layout, consistent design, nice details touch. Some dark-ish area. The map works well even with bots (i.e reaper bots)

Keep it up !! 
ye nice mapo Zaka as usually :)

nice layout and cool ligts! the penta area is pretty cool, hope to see some 4on4 on this 
JPL, why would you play it with the Reaper bots when I posted Frikbot waypoints? :D

The Frikbots will take all paths and obtain all powerups in this map. ;) 
Wow, Frikbot waypoints made by LH - and I had almost missed them!

FrikBots Not Installed 
.. Is it a good reason enough ? 
Installing FrikBot is easy and LH has made great quality Frikbot waypoint for many maps, so yes imo.

Instrcutions copied from one of my map readme files:

* download FrikBot X - and unzip to ...\<Quake>\frikbot\
* start it by double-clicking "run.bat" (Note: You may want to adapt the executable of your favourite quake client in there.)
* in the quake in-game console, load the map and add a bot:
map <mapname>
impulse 100 
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