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Q1 MP: Q1shw1 - Devastation
Hey folks. I've finished my Quake map.

Download Q1shw1:


More info and pictures
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It's quite fun to work with such small maps. Their size and layout are a further limitation and a sort of challenge; but also a quick deal as one doesn't have to bother with building everything from scratch and detailing. That's also why I (and others) mentioned the possibility of a community event. It would be cool to see how a bunch of different people approached it and how many 'different' maps in terms of routes and gameplay it would produce.
My ultimate goal is to turn every single DM map from MPQ into a giant single player episode!! Heh, or maybe not...

Btw. I uploaded a slightly newer version of the map - the one you mirrored has a little flaw I missed. Please replace the file with the new one (same dl link).

yhe1: As a matter of fact, spirit's map is already there. 
Some things I noticed in the original source/bsp. Not intended as nitpicking, just something to keep in mind for next time.

You forgot to turn the two torch holders in to illusionaries in the small room on the upper floor (near the SSG) - the player will get stuck on them.

There are no intermission cameras in the map, which is a bit unfortunate as the after-match score screen will then use the info_player_start and thus face a wall.

There are a couple of unused textures included in the bsp file, which are present on some face in the .map, but not visible ingame. This isn't a real problem, but relates to general neatness; they increase the file size, and there's a warning message that one or more textures are missing in the LIT file (though I don't know why it should affect this in particular).

In Quake, torche and flame entities are light sources, too. Not sure if you were aware of this - all of them have extra light entities in front, which are unnecessary. They don't make much of a difference as it seems, though. The default light value is 300 so it just swallows the 200 of these extra lights.
The spot lights use info_notnull as directional targets. This isn't a problem either, but usually people use info_null entities. The difference between the two is that _nulls get removed on mapstart and don't take up an entity slot, whereas notnulls do. It can become important in large maps that are close to the engine limits. 
Thank you negke for the feedback. Actually those are precisely things I would like to know (and should). 
That Was Great 
good job ShadoW and Neg 
nice work both!

the fun I had recorded :) 
so where are them speedruns? 
single player conversion expertly done, good monster placement, nice mixture, SKILL SETTINGS drool.

Nice map. 
Tried The Sp Version 
good fun, nicely done for what it is but the lack of usual sp eyecandy takes away from experience. 
New Maps On SDA 
We've just posted a bunch of 2010/11 maps on SDA, this one included. I'm not going to post about this in all the relevant map threads, this one will have to do :-)

If we've somehow overlooked some new SP maps that run with the original .exe's and aren't in a .pak file (i.e. default .bsp thank you!), let us know and we'll - probably - add them if they're any fun. 
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