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Q1 MP: Q1shw1 - Devastation
Hey folks. I've finished my Quake map.

Download Q1shw1:


More info and pictures
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It is really a nice DM map ! I'd like to see a SP based on this theme ;) 
Awesome map

Will have to make some frogbots waypoints to test the map in teamplay...

really like the layout and textures

nice work dude 
Thank You 
Thanks guys, I'm glad you like it :). I hope to make more stuff for Q1 in future, it's still one of the best fps ever for me. 
A Map Competently Done 
..very q3ish in style,
though it's not my cup of tea . 
You are probably right it's a little q3-ish :). No wonder. Next time I will try to not get under q3 mapping influence so much. 
The game can use some maps with a different style imo. :)

Great map! 
Too bad the source isn't included... 
Give Him The Source Please 
Ok, I will release source map soon then. Cool that somebody is interested in it at all :). 
Could Be A SM 
or a little mini comp 
Ok, so the source map is released, you can grab it here: 
I'll see what I can come up with. That is, after I've fixed the gazillions of misaligned textures. Yay for being anal about it. 
LOL :) 
Next Time I'm Too Lazy To Align Textures... 
...I'll just send a beta to Negke and claim it was the final, then wait for him to align the textures for me. >:) 
This Could Be A Lucrative Business Opportunity! 
As I did with (to) spirit's recent map, here is a single player version of ShadoW's level. Now even people who don't play DM can enjoy this nice release.

I fixed the most obvious technical and cosmetical issues and basically crammed it with monsters; there are difficulty settings of course. The DM portion of the map is unchanged so it'll play exactly like the original release.

GG ShadoW 
negke, can I put a link to the archive on my site? 
Of Course 
And I hope this may inspire you to do some Q1SP mapping yourself. ;) 
Mr Shadow 
This might seem a bit daft, but in future could you place your map releases in .zip files rather than .rar files. Mainly because .zip is what every other Q1SP map is in, and also because .zip files work nicely in lots of different operating systems, so no-one with a Mac for example has to go digging for a tool to open it.

As for the map, I think it looks awesome! :) 
negke - I wanted to make sp maps for q for years now :|. I actually have drawn layouts, and tons of old ideas. The reason why I didn't do any sp mapping is luck of time (and situation is exactly the same with other games like q2 or q3). Lets hope one day I will release some Q sp map :).

RickyT23 - sorry about that, sure I can use zip in future. I'm simply very much used to .rar now. 
Is that Q4 sp on your website still being work on? :) 
Well, it's wip :). ONE day I will finish it :P (I hope so). Tbh, I have more q4 maps under development/WIP. 
Good Stuff 
I hope you don't mind that I played this map purely for Negke's SP version of it, which I enjoyed all throughout. So great work to both of you :) 
This and spirit's map should be added to the quaddicted archive. 
Single Player Version Is Great 
negke this sp map is really cool. You did great with such small map, short but really fun to play. GJ! 
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