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General FPS Single Player Mods/maps Archive

Us Quake fans have got it easy, we've got Quaddicted. But where have all the Half Life mods gone ? Or the Unreal custom made stuff ?
Does anybody have links to sites that are still hosing single player mods or mappacks ?
Hosting, not hosing ... 
It's not like I could find a list or something but I guess

And even though it does not have a very approachable interface is nice. Shit filehost though.

Now if someone knows a good archive for Counter-Strike 1.5 (or 1.6, I am confused about those) maps I would highly appreciate links. Mostly looking for the 00 clan mappacks... 
All the archives I use;

/idgames/ Doom archives, includes Heretic/Hexen/Strife

dukeworld.duke4 Duke3D (also includes Redneck/Blood/SW)

Planetphillip HL1/HL2 (with exceptions though)

thiefmissions Thief Series (also covers TDM)

mindplaces The Dark Mod 
Non-Quake games probably have quite a bit of "hosing" single player mods. We are lucky to have Spirit preserving Quake's single player history in a way that even Megazoid couldn't do (but did a damn fine effort in attempting). 
'nother Duke 3D one for the list. 
Thanks for the links !

I found out Ten Four is still online for Quake 1+2, Half Life 1+2, Serious Sam and RT Castle Wolfenstein levels.

I don't know if all the links still work, though ... 
Re: Counter Strike 
CS 1.5 was the last version of the mod that ran on the stock HL engine. 1.6 ran on the steam version. There are very subtle differences in the way the weapons feel w/regards to aiming and such, hence the division in the player base. for unreal 
I covered reviews for the worthwhile Halflife releases in 1999/2000, but stopped after that.

This seems to be around when the best ones were released. I went back a few years ago and played all the popular releases since 2000, and they were all pretty shit. It was real chore to get through them all.

Poke646 1 & 2 are the best HL releases. 
More HalfLife 
Actually just use

There's heaps there. 
I Should Use 60 Second Wait Download Popups For April Fool 
Ron meant files, not reviews. Still, it is a great idea to collect map review sites here too.
Some random ones that come to mind: Many FPS, mostly Thief 2 and Quake I guess (that's quakis'!) HL and Q series, mostly Half-Life and Quake

Also thanks for your kind words. I often think "this game needs a site not caring about ads or pageviews but wanting to make the process of acquiring files as easy and quick as possible" a lot and then I get proud about Quaddicted. Nowadays webspace is so cheap, anyone could do it. Megazoid was a great mentor and motivator for me.

necros: Ah, 1.5 it is then. I still love to play that, we have 2 well visited german servers alive. Fuck Steam! 
Q2 Archive? 
Just going to throw this out, q2 seems neglected (?) compared to q1/q3, are there any good archives around? Preferably 'up-to-date'. 
Just been replaying a bit of Q2 lately. Fuck KMQuake2 (with high res textures) makes the game look a tonne better. It's worth playing through again actually.

I'm sure Q2 Evolved would have been great too. But after an hour of searching, there doesn't seem to be a version of it online anywhere anymore.

For some reason the gameplay seems a lot slower than I remember though. Must be because of all the COD clones i've been playing lately.

I dunno about archives but Ten Four is the place to go for Q2 reviews from 98-04. No other review site covered that many years. 
I still look at those reviews sometimes.
I really want to play widening gyre and the blockade now. 
what about hexen 2 engines? any suggestions? i've heard of 'jshexen2' but i can't seem to find a download for it. 
Err, Km2quake 
Q2 Archive 
I just remembered, not sure how good the list is but I'll throw it here for reference;
Hexen 2 probably lost a lot of (map) content :-/

There are some links in the Hexen 2 community stuff thread. The jshexen 2 guy posts there also I think. 
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