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Rubicon 2 Released!
Rubicon 2 is a new Q1SP experience with three large single-player levels, plus a custom mod featuring new enemies, sounds, textures, mapmodels, hazards, and more. It should run with any Quake engine, but for the optimal experience I recommend Fitzquake or any derivative engine such as Quakespasm or RMQ.

Screenshots / Readme / Download (9.5mb)
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These new monsters would've really fit in Fort Driant 
At least in my twisted mind I imagine that your day job has left a mark on the style of your map. 
Weapons Of Map Production! 
Texture wad, entity.def, map sources, and quakec sources have now been added to the Rubicon 2 webpage, for anyone that wants to use this stuff. Note: even if your editor doesn't read .def files, you might benefit from reading through it in a text editor to learn about the entities -- all the new stuff is at the top of the file (when you see air_bubbles, you're done.) 
I don't know why, but that subject line is just lol. 
Some centurions have learned to exploit the experimental technology of the flying platform to "phase" through solid matter. It is not currently known how this works.

None of this is in the centurion's qc. Did you have problems getting this ability to work (I vaguely remember you posting about an invisible + noclipping enemy), or was it another case of cutting scope? 
no, this is the same old "scrags fly through walls" bug that i could never fix, so i decided to claim it as a feature :) 
That's What I Assumed When I Read That... 
2 Out Of 3 On Monster Healths 
The centurions felt like more than 150, though... 
Anyone Want To Make An Fgd? 
that sounds familiar. ^_^; 
Especially as those who are ignorant of the past are damned to repeat it. As are some of the less ignorant... 
Amazing game! Thank you! 
"Subterranean Spookworks" is pure genius, I still can't believe that a map can look so good, it makes you feel you're THERE. 
7/7 in rub2m3.
7/7 in rub2m2.
6/7 in rub2m1.

Thanks A Bunch 
The one you forgot to list was the one I couldn't find. 
So how do you get to the quad in rub2m2? I've found everything else I think. 
Spoiler, Too. 
Gurer'f n fubbgnoyr ohggba ba gbc bs gur pengr vzzrqvngryl evtug bs gur fcnjavat cbvag gb gur ynfg nern gung ybjref gur tengr lbh fcnjarq hcba gb gur yriry bs n qhpg yrnqvat gb gur dhnq. 
Rubicon and Rubicon 2 reviewed. 
I thought it would be something like that, but couldn't find it. Ta! 
Thank You 
That was good fun. I played through all three maps yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed them. I was too busy hacking on qfcc for the last two months to have time to play, but rubicon2 was a great reward :)

While fantastic for single player (probably coop, too), the maps are a bit big for a small death-match game, but I noticed that especially 1 and 3 had nice hidy-holes for ambushes.

Other than some draw-order issues with transparent brushes and map models, everything works well in QuakeForge (so long as you use multi-texture rendering with the fog).

I had a similar reaction to the flame-thrower guys: why's he chasing me? ... uh oh!

As for the flyers: maybe along with the 5 nails, a cell or two? (scavenged from his disk).

Again, thank you for the fun :) 
All Secrets And Demos On Easy Skill 
I did som demos on easy skill and all secrets.

Rubicon 2 Fgd 
I made one. Who wants to test it? Hammer doesn't complain, but I might have overlooked something. 
Post A Link 
...and I will have a look. 
Get it here:

I copied all the instructions from the .def so make sure you read through it to know how the new stuff works. Some bounding boxes might not be optimized properly. Monsters are with the other monsters, other stuff is at the top. 
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