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Rubicon 2 Released!
Rubicon 2 is a new Q1SP experience with three large single-player levels, plus a custom mod featuring new enemies, sounds, textures, mapmodels, hazards, and more. It should run with any Quake engine, but for the optimal experience I recommend Fitzquake or any derivative engine such as Quakespasm or RMQ.

Screenshots / Readme / Download (9.5mb)
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That said, I do prefer the Quoth/RMQ ladders because you can just walk up to them and you'll ascend, without the need of pressing another key. (Again, this is a typical onetruepurple overly perfectionist complaint)

Actually that was a planned improvement, but got cut because I wanted to release it this decade. Maybe in the next release... 
Just a bit of code, I can't remember where we robbed it from tbh - can email it over if you want. 

Is hard to say anything more than had be said...

Love the flags at the wind :) I think nobody said that...ehhehe

honestly this is a awesome work from both of you, very cool maps and very cool time spent playing then! will replay again to get all secrets :) 1� demos!

1% sometimes but I SURVIVED LUCKLY :)

my favorit demo was melt2 because I was always in red line :) only at end I was ful of power and just one bitch!!! 
Yeah The Flags Are Sick. 
Feels Unlike 
any other quake environment, really well done guys!. Blast to play through too.

Special mention to the lighting in metl's maps which is exquisite and czg's use of fog which by itself added so much foreboding to the map's atmosphere. 
>> By definition, the .lit file should be 3 times the
>> size as the light lump in the map, right? Would
>> that be enough of a check?

> Well, no check is fool-proof, but that seems another way of feeling safe.

3 times plus 8 bytes for the header. I've been using this check for years and it seems quite robust; nothing's caught it out yet.

Of course it's possible to (and some day a mapper who hates LIT files will probably do it out of spite <evil grin>) but highly unlikely. 
got this 100% secret with a trucky jump :)

but found the secret later :) 
Do you have any document (description of items, monsters, entities, etc, etc...) that could help to map for Rubicon2 mod ? 
Not yet, but I plan to release one soon. 
Cool ! 
Thanks ;) 
Easy Skill 
I've always preferred easy skill over any other skill and I'm quite happy with the recent movement towards making easy skill easy again. The maps in this pack were enjoyable on easy skill (survivable without feeling empty).

<quote>one person who didn't realize what it was they were skipping until they backtracked</quote>

If this refers to me I'm still not realizing anything! My sense of direction is a joke but I'm happy to have found my way to the exit in all 3 maps! 
I Thought I Hit The Preview Button 
Sorry 'bout messing up the quote. 
i can't remember now, but somebody did the trickjump and then backtracked into the trap_shooter hallway not realizing there were trap_shooters there. 
Review Coming Soon 
I thought this was awesome, the perfect mix of oldschool and new. hopefully we see these textures/features in other projects as well. 
I like that if you speed run CZG's map he has a message telling you :)

Also I can in theory get it under two minutes, in practice I keep dying :P 
oh yeah, speedruns! I'd love to see some people attempt a speedrun on these maps. I guess with SDA in hibernation they won't pick up on it soon. (plus I think I'd need to release the source so they can add their grenade timers or whatnot.) 
Correct Metl... 
...and might I say, thankyou! I was totally absorbed. Am now looking forward to knocking out a section for Rubicondom 2.

Favourite moment: argh, why is that enforcer chasing me so hard. Oh crap, that's right...

CZG - back in the saddle, again soon please. 
Some More Demos Metl & CZG 
Firstrun for CZG (yours was rub2m3 right?) - just dripped of Portal (&HL) on what I have seen so far. Moments of Doom 3. Amusing panic-death 34 kills in :)

Metl here was my second attempt at rub2m2. Got about 80% in on skill 2 this time :)

Both files: 
Well Done! 
Without a doubt, these three are among the best of non-id base maps Quake has ever seen. All the custom content fits right in, enhancing the atmosphere immensely. Masterful brushwork, effective lighting, high interconnectivity and a great flow. What more to say? Top-notch stuff.

First run demos on skill 2 - fitz085; 17/18/20 minutes, 100% kills, 5/21 secrets (if I remember correctly). Normally I'd hunt around more for secrets though I didn't want to bore you with my wanderings. 
Just wanted to say thanks. This was a great release, I'm looking forward to playing it again to take in everything! 
god damn, i still haven't had a solid chunk of time to play this. >_<
there's irony here, i'm sure of it. 
Fantastic work. Coming back to Q1SP after about 2 years? I played on Hard, expected to get my ass handed to me, but didn't, so for me the difficulty was perfect - challenging but doable. rub2m1 was good but I missed the ladder to level 4, which was frustrating. rub2m2 was fantastic - wonderful architecture. One question, for rub2m2 I had to find the grenade secret by a fluke in order to grenade jump onto the yellow armour, which then triggers the turret. Is it possible to do that without the grenade jump? Seemed weird. Anyway the end of that map was great and very hard, I had fuck all ammo so tried to run past the centurions - what a mistake :) Just scraped out of it.

rub2m3 was beautiful! Really atmospheric map. Had some low fps on the open areas in Quakespasm. The map was probably the most enjoyable as it had the most action. Even though I got megahealth I still had to dodge most of the enemies in the second to last battle. Not sure how you can kill all those in such an enclosed space? I didn't have GL or anything like that so maybe I missed it, or maybe just am not good enough :)

Floyd was a great enemy, seemed cheesy at first but his bullets hurt a shitload and it's fun to practice dodging them. Lots of floyds in a small space are deadly, they're really fun to kill.

Kudos guys! 
Demos of each level, but not my first playthrough. I keep forgetting to record whenever I check out new releases;

Review on the way. 
As others have said, beautiful maps with solid gameplay, not too hard but not too easy. Each map had its own unique touch and style, even though they were all the same theme. I didn't make any first run demos, because I wanted to take my time through each map, and really admire all the work and detail put into them.

Fantastic work metlslime and czg. 
Excellent Maps 
Found all secrets reasonably easily on 1 and 3, 2 seems much harder for me for some reason... map 3 is also the most confusing in terms of progression, I think I did bits of it backwards. Oh well! 
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