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Remake Quake Tedious Beef Thread.
This thread is more for fun that anything else. There a conservative streak in me, but a radical streak too. I appreciate both sides of the coin.

That being said, although I do not find Spirit's archiving limits unreasonable, I do find some of the objections to the body of work in Remake Quake totally unreasonable.

Some people criticize Remake Quake as not being "Quake" enough and cry about it.

My personal opinion is that aside from Negke --- who I believe is an especially unique enigma unmatched in his unconventional and perfectionist style --- that the 1,376 id1 maps at Quaddicted adequately cover everything of substance that is ever gonna be done with id1 Quake.

I think Remake Quake is doing exactly the kind of thing that Carmack envisioned when he open-sourced damn near all of Quake: experimentation and risky creativity.

Seriously, aside from a puzzle and a grappling hook [Oh noes ... 3D navigations!! OMG ... ] and a vial here and there Remake Quake is Quake to the core. Just with more imagination.

It doesn't have any of Mr. Fribble's derided blinking T-Shirts or any silly bling. Instead it has awesome sleeping Shamblers.

In the words of the sometimes objectionable, and yet immortally wise and always appreciated for he who is/was/continues-to-be, Shambler ...

Discuss. Preferably without references to bees. ;)
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Btw Fu For ... 
Hating that one Tronyn mod with the wand and the music and the zombies and the trees. I liked it, played it 6 times. It was not "tuned" admittedly, those zombie bastards were hard to deal with. I just don't see the any decent argument for infinite "sameness" where "infinite sameness" has been beaten to death 10x over.

Dm Is Not Sp Enough 
boo hoo :) 
It depends on how you define "ultra-conservative". Taken to it's logical extreme, it could mean that anything that's not ID1 content and gameplay is "not Quake".

My belief is that - even in the pre-GPL days - Quake was designed from the outset to be user-modifiable. There is plenty of evidence to back that up.

As soon as something is user-modifiable the ball is so far out of the park that it's actually in the next city. If something *can* be done then it *will* be done. You can either reject that and stick to your guns, or accept and embrace it in all it's glory.

By the "Quake was designed to be user-modifable from the outset" yardstick, it's fair to say that *everything* *is* Quake. Even the remake of Wolf3D e1m1 that's hosted on Quaddicted (which to my mind is even less "Quake" than RMQ could ever be) *is* "Quake". That is all. 
Fuck This Thread Fuck You Fuck RemakeQuake 
Are you really so vain as to make a thread crying about the critisms of your shitty ass mod? QfuckingQ, kill yourself. 
how's your hardware adventure? 
Who Said Rmq Wasn't 'quake' Enough? 
And where was it said? I don't recall that happening. 
Uh ... Thanks Czg & Scampers 
... but I an not involved in Remake Quake.

But having diverse interests and likes ranging from stock Quake to Quakelife [an FTEQW-based Half-Life adaption of sorts to Quake] to Kurok and various total conversions I am curious to the *real* objections to modifications found in Remake Quake.

CZG, I guess aside from being an elite mapper, you are are a "gaylord" ... enough said. ;) 
I Did. Quaddicted Was The Subject. 
Baker is not part of that team!

mh: "Quake" means different things to different people. RMQ changes all the weapons and monsters which makes it a different game for me.

To give some perspective, QuakeWorld is vastly more like the original Quake than RMQ is. Now ask Netquake players what they think of it. :-) 
Apologies, I was confused.

RMQ is still a shitty ass mod. 
Well Chiefly Of All; The New Sounds In RemakeQuake Are Complete Shit 
Vondur I got my mobo and cpu today and now I'm just waiting for the new ram really, and then I gotta go out and get a gpu as well, couldn't find one earlier...
Hopefully will have everything up and running on Thursday or something? 
You Didn't Seriously 
just make a fucking forum thread about this, did you. Your site/blog whine was already pretty borderline stupid, but this is just getting pathetic. 
Now It's On! 
By the way Von I have a really cool rumor to tell you guys when I get back on IRC so remind me about that or I will forget. 
Czg Sure 
czg sure 
Your site/blog whine was already pretty borderline stupid, but this is just getting pathetic.

that was gb with the site/blog whine, not baker unless i'm missing something? please use your name.

i think this discussion was covered enough already at quaddicted 
must there be such animosity over this, actually the impression that I get is that we all basically agree on what a Q1SP is. 
Quakelife [an FTEQW-based Half-Life adaption of sorts to Quake]

I Saw This Thread And Regretted Logging In 
Could the question in the thread title be replied by a simple yes and no ? 
I am curious to the *real* objections to modifications found in Remake Quake.

Some of them are hailed as improvements while they really aren't (monstercount removed, increased fall damage, "rebalanced" weapons where the DBS is more powerful than the RL), some are annoying but won't be changed due to stubbornness (the "high quality" sounds, monsters being able to one-hit kill you because gb is clinging back to the roguelike days), some just contradict eachother ("let's give new behaviors to all the monsters and then have them either die in 5 seconds or kill the player in 5 seconds", or the recent "giving monsters more HP is bad, but making Shamblers more resistant to all damage is totally different" gem) 
Well There's One Annoying Thing That *was* Removed... 

but seriously. all that stuff was already raised numerous times and will prob be under review at a time in the future when people on the team don't have loads of other shit to do. give it time... 
OTP basically said exactly what I feel. He is my new favourite poster here.

Anyway, close this thread and ban everyone in it. 
The OP asked for real objections so I posted them...

To Baker:

My personal opinion is (...) that the 1,376 id1 maps at Quaddicted adequately cover everything of substance that is ever gonna be done with id1 Quake.

You were saying the same thing before, and then Rubicon2 came out.

Dismissing the critics of the mod as "ultra conservatives" or "defenders of the one true Quake" is borderline arrogant, I sort of wish you guys would finally get that message across. (becase you hadn't, in the ~17 months I had been involved with the project) 
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