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Remake Quake Tedious Beef Thread.
This thread is more for fun that anything else. There a conservative streak in me, but a radical streak too. I appreciate both sides of the coin.

That being said, although I do not find Spirit's archiving limits unreasonable, I do find some of the objections to the body of work in Remake Quake totally unreasonable.

Some people criticize Remake Quake as not being "Quake" enough and cry about it.

My personal opinion is that aside from Negke --- who I believe is an especially unique enigma unmatched in his unconventional and perfectionist style --- that the 1,376 id1 maps at Quaddicted adequately cover everything of substance that is ever gonna be done with id1 Quake.

I think Remake Quake is doing exactly the kind of thing that Carmack envisioned when he open-sourced damn near all of Quake: experimentation and risky creativity.

Seriously, aside from a puzzle and a grappling hook [Oh noes ... 3D navigations!! OMG ... ] and a vial here and there Remake Quake is Quake to the core. Just with more imagination.

It doesn't have any of Mr. Fribble's derided blinking T-Shirts or any silly bling. Instead it has awesome sleeping Shamblers.

In the words of the sometimes objectionable, and yet immortally wise and always appreciated for he who is/was/continues-to-be, Shambler ...

Discuss. Preferably without references to bees. ;)
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The name is contentious because anybody whose idea of what the 'Essence of Quake' is differs from that of the RMQ team is not going to see it as a remake.

Personally I think it's more of a reinterpretation of Quake than a remake. It is all semantics and a rose by any other name etc. etc. but even when all is said and done, the first thing anybody knows about RMQ will be its name, so it creates preconceptions.

As far as the personal beef thing goes I think there have been some genuinely very negative responses to criticism in the past, not least a few huffy "Well I wouldn't expect anything more from Func, tsk" comments, which is the sort of thing that's going to cause beef in the first place really. The most recent release seemed to contain a lot less flaming from both sides but there was still at least one instance of Func-bashing which begs the question "why bother posting about it on Func anymore?".

At the end of the day, if you're going to embark on a project that obviously aims to challenge people's preconceptions about a much loved game you've either got to accept the bad feedback just as easily as the good, or keep the whole thing under wraps until you've fulfilled everything you wanted out of it. The RMQ team have absolute control over their mod, and whether they realise it or not they also have absolute control over what feedback they choose to take on board and what they ignore. If they find somebody offensive the absolute worst thing they can do is get in to an argument with them because it'll only distract from the original noble goal of mod creation and create a lot of negative associations with the mod. 
Wait A Minute.... 
....are people actually beefing because of the name?? What is this Dawn Of The Living Fuckwits??

It's got a name. Most things have a name. WTF. "Remake Quake". Errr it's sort of based on Quake and you're sort of remaking it. My GiveAFuckOMeter just shut down due to boredom.

The sounds on the other hand. I just randomly replayed Ricky's Ugly RMQ testmaps, there's a lot of cool stuff but I hope you guys will fix the sounds for the final release - a menu option to revert to old Quake sounds would be good. 
Thanks for the answer gb/Ijed.

I do troll, but I troll everyone. It's not personal. I hate you all. 
We are going to improve the sounds, that one is on the list. Point has been taken.

As for the name, well it is possible that that will be changed also. To what exactly, at this time, I don't know..... 
Name Change 
is off the table. It involves a lot of things nobody wants to do / be involved in. 
Starting Internal Forum Fight 
in 3...
How About 
"Based on Quake, but Different"








"Real-Mans Quake"

(That last one is my favourite because it can still be RMQ) 
Real Men don't play games with massive fall dmg

Link Chuck Norris Jokes! 
if it were down to me i'd call it RMQ, dropping all references to 'RemakeQuake' and consigning it to etymology, seeing as no-one really uses that name in casual discussion anyway. kinda like how image-line renamed Fruityloops to FL Studio.

that way you get to learn about range minimum queries when searching for it in google too, educational bonus! 
That's Not Bad Actually 
Name change is off the table. It involves a lot of things nobody wants to do / be involved in."

LOL what? 
I couldn't think of anything really.

Re Metled Quake
Re MH-ed Quakespasm
Ring Mama Quick
Ring MH Quick ;> 
I Suggested... 
..."requiem in mortem quietus" - cos it sounds so goth. 
Nothing new on the Quakern front. 
Stick With The Remake Quake Name ... 
"Any publicity is good publicity"

If the final release it the masterpiece you hope for, the large body of complaints serve to amplify awareness of your work.

Besides, none of the critics would be suddenly be your friends due to a mere wording change, that's crazy talk. No, they are in it for the trolling out of boredom.

Life isn't about getting what you want, it is about wanting what you get. And Remake Quake trolling can be made to work very well in your favor if you recognize that this is an asset, not a liability.

Or rephrased: this factor is what you make of it. And it can be your friend. Besides the idea of 250 posts of venom being just due to a name is a sheerly preposterous proposition.

What would Chuck Norris do? 
What would Chuck Norris do?

Get his neck snapped by Bruce Lee. 
"Any publicity is good publicity" is a cheap clich´┐Ż reserved for cheats and failures. Don't go down that road. 
Agreed. Also, feedback that you don't agree with isn't automatically trolling. More likely, you just don't want to hear it. 
Up next - naked female Ogres 
Jiggle physics. 
And "boobing" 
sadly that would right in 
The Knights now teabag a dead player... 
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