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Read Mapping Help In Future.
Unable to find default tag file K:/GtkRadiant 1.5.0/ No tag support.
disrespect the simple guidelines of the online community you join next 
Dance Your Woes Away 
maybe posting a new thread should make you go through an interim page that explains the posting procedures here? :( 
Read manual/copy file/install game pack/try Netradiant/try QuArK/choose different game to map for/email spirit/????/party. 
Post In Mapping Help 
Is what they are trying to say. You are, it seems, the straw that broke the camels back. Again. That Camel was already quadriplegic. 
Email Spirit 
That Camel was already quadriplegic.

Sounds like the addition of a broken back won't bother it too much then :E 
But It'd Die Of Dehydration 
yeh soz if i posted this in the wrong place this is my first time posting a thread
thanks for the help though. 
i for one was extremely traumatised by your misposting.

i may not sleep for nights.

let that be a lesson to you. 
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