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Safe3 Released
It's been in development for 8 years. So that is probably some kind of world record.

It's a Quake1 DM map suited for 1on1 or max 4 players.

Anyway, you can download the map from here


where are they? 
Sorry about that ;)

Map Looks Fun! 
The layout is definitely fun and I like the good mix of Q2/Q1 textures. The central room even reminds me a bit of q2dm1. Good item placement and added connectivity with the teleporters. (In MP I prefer when you can see the tele exit from the entrance but that wouldn't be possible here.)

The fact that almost all of the routes pass through the central room means a lot of action I guess. :)

One can take the QUAD from the upper level even if the elevator is in the lower position. (I doubt that this is possible only by mistake but I think it's maybe a little bit too quick from upper level.)

I've only ran through it, not played it yet but I hope we'll see it on euroquake soon. Great map overall! 
Those Screenshots Are Too Big 
And they are too bright and hurt my eyes. Map looks great tho, when you gonna make a Q1SP map? That's what we all want to know ;) 
dfsp: acctaully i wanted players to be able to take the quad from the upper level. I never mananged to do it myself so I guess it requires at least some form of skill :) So skilled players have an advantage over nabs like myself :)

ricky: I've never even tried SP mapping. Is it fun? Is it hard? Anyway, it will probably be another 8 years before it's done :) 
It's Great Fun! 
Setting up the monsters can be as easy as just placing some monsters around the map and giving them appropriate angles. 
You can get it without strafe/circle jumping!

You can get onto the ledge with circle jumping alone. 
Looks Good 
will play with bots tonight. You should relase the source - maybe someone will make an SP out of this if you aren't up to it -- good to leave the option open anyways! 
what happened to dm maps just being dm maps? :p

(or dmsp for that matter) 
I made waypoints for safe1 and safe2 have you test then ziffon?

nice map this one... I might make waypoints for this map to! 
Source And Waypoints 
The map file should be in the zip file. I'm assuming that is what you mean with source?

Trinca, not sure... it so long since I played Q1. I remember someone made waypoints for safe1 way back. I really appreciated that. Maybe that was you Trinca? If you make waypoints for safe3 please let me know. I'd be very interested in trying them out. 
I made like 250 waypoints...hehe but yes I did safe1 and safe2 waypoints :)

the pack is this qwprogs 
The Source... already included. 
One Of Your Safe Maps ... 
Is played very, very frequently at the NetQuake server

Haven't had a chance to load up this newest release of yours, but either safe or safe1.bsp is an absolute masterpiece for FFA deathmatch.

It also kicks ass for Clan Arena. 
Sounds Pretty Sweet :) 
working on a q3 version of safe3. Given it's the gazillion time I've started that project I wouldn't give it much hope though :P 
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