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Speedmapping Pack 162
Been a while, but here is a new SM pack with three single player maps by gb, negke and Zwiffle.

gb's map follows an oldschool DOOM theme, negke's takes place in a worn-down back alley, and Zwiffle presents a tribute to Tronyn-style.

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...I'll send you what I've done thus far tomorrow. 
sort of on the topic of cities......
i'd love to see an urban map designed as if the city planner was completely insane. roads leading nowhere, either dropping off to nothing or ending in dead ends, buildings merged inside others, specific places like for example a theater giving way abruptly to say a fancy bank or shitty hotel. 
Nice One, Negke. 
Loved the secret. No matter what you do, you always manage to squeeze in a little bit of unexpected. 
In the future, when I say "run this map in RMQ", feel free to ignore me XD 
Looks Great Guys 
looking forward to playing these later today

and, thanks for the tribute Zwiffle! 
I Played All 3 In Fitz... 
And I enjoyed them! :)

gb: Good Doom-style layout and gameplay. The bad lighting at the gold key kept me from knowing which one it was at first. Nice secret at the end although I am always suspicious of jumping into the void to finish a map.

Zwiffle: A nice, survivable tribute to Tronyn. The steeple architecture and lighting details were superb! I liked the arches and coffins in the lower area as well.

negke: I didn't find the secret but you have a great little set-piece for starting your city project with. I will gladly contribute what I can.

Thank you all! 
good point, keys should be recognizable. I ran into the self-imposed time limit at the end and thought this was better than a door, but point taken. trigger_push might be better. 
Distrans Beat Me To It, Just Wow 
jt_: found it, yet? The "src" link below the SM screenshots. 
I See It 
I wasn't sure if it was in there. You should change the date to 2005-2011. 
Finaly had time to play then!

Love then all, didn't died on hard in any of then... was close in gb map but was because I invented to much :p

nice textures negke!

nothing like a bunch of hordes zliffle, to boil the blood

gb can we teleport sub? I hate not to kill a monster!

nice work all, thanks again 
Had no time left to make Shub killable and build a real ending :-/ 
sub should died teleported by us...

doesn't that happend? 
..about City Theme 
I think every theme different from standard brown base/corridor is more than welcome !

Also how can one join these speedmapping events ? cause If I had known I'd have been happy to contribute a map .. 
You announce that you join in the speedmapping thread, and then you usually send your map to negke. There will usually be a deadline. 
Here's the speedmapping thread

We used to do this mostly every weekend, but we have had dry spells where we don't do anything for a while. Often times we have themes you can follow, but don't feel forced to. 
Good Times 
nice little Q1SP fix here.

gb's map: totally captured the doom feel, especially with the way things were textured, particularly the lights. cool ending setpiece, fun blast.

negke's map: polished and unique as always, nicely done. cool atmosphere, and I was hoping I'd get to go on the very top - jumping to the other rooftop was also good. I didn't know where to go with the gold key, but other than that a great time.

zwiffle's map: I liked the shooting gallery at the start (I would), and I was pretty sure that there would be a parody of the huge hordes I'm known to use in there somewhere, it's too tempting to avoid and really asking for a parody. I was not disappointed LOL at the end! Nice architecture & atmosphere throughout. Died a couple times (heh). 
You use the gold key where you start. 
There Are Actually 2 Places 
to use it. 
How *do* You Get That Secret Anyway? 
Notice the locked door where you start (not the SK one)? Look around in that area for a key. 
the key thing is blaster! :) 
Finally Got Time To Play The Pack 
gb: Nice Doom-like, quite easy, but funny

negke: Really nice details, nice small city stuff, I'd like to see a bigger one !

Zwiffle: Hordes... kill the hordes :P 
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