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Speedmapping Pack 163
And another one. Two SP maps - a floating ikblue palace by negke and a medieval dungeon by Zwiffle.

Sorry Zwiffle, I did it again... :P Ikblue was fun. Oddly, because it doesn't have much variation.

What a shitty map you made... :D Good quick c/p job. Dungeons, water, zombies - never gets old with Quake. Too many hellknights for my taste, though, and hardly any medkits. Took me a few attempts. Thanks for mapping again. 
Beer And Zombies 
Nice litle maps. Thanks. 
Well done, will download.

I'm not an ikblue fan somehow. But then, it's a negke map. 
Oh Dungeons And Shamblehs 
i have to make something similar to spirit's sm134, the best map evah 
Looks Good 
will play soon!

Thanks for starting things up again guys, I promise I'll make it out soon - if not next weekend the one after that! 
Renamed to _pack at Quaddicted because negke is just too darn incompetent. He may redeem himself by adding it to the database. 
Ahaha, Shit 
And I didn't even realize. Will ask Willem to rename the file. 
I'll redeem myself by adding it to the database if you redeem yourself first by uploading sm162 as well. 
It's already there! 


Can�t wait to get home and play this :p

Look fantastic!

next weekend will make one two, this week I dont have escuses... kids are in vacations! 
Ah!!! Top Mappers, Top Pack!

Two runs, skill 3, Zwiffle 3rd attempt, Negke 2nd, ah!!! Fun as hell!

Beware, I inadvertedly did a 100% spoiler run on Negke (rofl) so, if you wanna discover things by yourself, don't watch it...

Will go back to zwiffle's to get a 100% kills...

Thanks guys, you're ACE! 
Not Quite 100% 
Still nice. 

Zliffllle I hate you :+)

more please!

thanks guys, but I hate to died in a speedmap :( 
nice maps.

negke: while technically well done, the progression was a bit predictable. Fiery multi-vore death. Nice ikblue homage.

Zwiffle: nice one, succumbed to hordes eventually. 
It's All Happening So Fast... 
Thanks for 2 more quick diversions!

Negke: Good as usual although I thought the navigation was bit awkward. I only saw the secret after finishing the map.

Zwiffle: Those arches seem somehow familiar... Made it past the trap by accident but regretted not getting the GL.

Thanks again! 
You Saw The Secret After Finishing The Map Huh? 
2 great little maps!

Both had solid gameplay and that 'rounded out' quality I talked about in the SM162 thread. Really enjoyed taking a break and playing these yesterday night.

I didn't find the navigation too awkward in neg's map - it's so small, and it opens up so much as it goes on - almost felt like a qonquer map or something.

Challenge: Turn negke's map into a Qonquer map. 
probably not that much of a challenge...

I like qonquer, wish there were more maps for it.

But I prefer plain sp, of course - progression! 
I forgot about Qonquer, I thought it was a great mod and wanted to make some maps for it. But then I forgot :( 
Thanks For The Demos, But 
how many new protocols are we supposed to take care of now. Almost 1 source port for each player it seems... :S 
#12. Not Quite, Indeed... 
...In my mind I was only thinking about the secret... 
Ehm... Link doesn't work! 
Working Link 
NIce Maps 
Did negke's in 17 and zwiffle's in 22 
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