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Entity Plus Quake 3 Mod - SP Mapping Expansion
The current release seems newsworthy IMHO.

From the website:

EntityPlus is a Quake III Arena mod that is aimed at expanding the toolset for Quake III Arena map makers. The goal is to build an expansive library of new entities that map makers can use in their maps to create whole new experiences.

note: The current release of EntityPlus is an alpha version of the mod. This means effort has only been put into adding features to the mod. This means that there may still be a number of bugs, problems and gameplay issues with it. It also means that functionality can still change or even be removed.


single player mode

Website :

Download :
i can't seem to find a q3a version of gtkr1.4 anymore. o.0 there are EF2, JK and SoF versions, but none contain the entity definitions for q3a.

anyone have a working link? 
but apparently there's more needed than just that as it still doesn't load. oh well. :\ 
Those Are For Radiant 1.5 
and derivatives (such as NetRadiant). But still useful to know about. 
Take That, Baker! 
Oh, cool!

Some tweaks to bots (we need it stupid as quakeone monsters), switch off item respawn and I will make classical sp-level for q3. Starting to wait for :) 
Yeah! SinglePlayer Is The Way .. are meant to be played 
Your presumption of innocence is heart-warming. ;) 
Negke, I'm thrilled about this on several levels. It appears that some form of Q3 single player is on the horizon. And it is sign that Q3 modding does exist in way that means something and it is rather astonishing the rate it has taken shape. And it has mappers eager to use it. Even a DMSP type of scenario or having various player models as enemies in a single player campaign would allow bringing Q3 levels to "life". It has always been frustrating seeing countless sterile multi-player only games (Nexuiz, Sauerbraten, Warsow, Enemy Territory, Quake Live, yada, yada, yada) and no one doing single player. Yeah, that pissed me off quite a bit. 
Using Some Of The Custom Models 
especially those by the Brothers Grimm should solve the problems for monsters. 
the klesk and uriel models spring to my mind.

of course, i never played q3a all that much; like a month or so before i got bored of it. so i'm not as 'jaded' about the stock id models as others might be. 
some of the custom models will just allow for a more diverse range of monsters, allowing for more consistent map themes.

For example, Magdalena, Dark Knight, Dragon allow for medieval themed maps with appropriate enemies and possible even bosses given the size of some of those models.

Not to mention the various different skins that are available for models in q3. 
ah ok. i wasn't sure if q3 players who see the stock models would want to see them yet again.

also: dragon is an awesome model. 
It Is 
although I think Magdalena and Q4gladiator) are even better. 
Well I for one am definitely looking forward to this. All that neat looking stuff people have made for DM, it's interesting to see what kind of visuals and locations will be done with this. 
Lots Of Potential 
About Q3 Sp.. 
I remember a very nice Q3 sp mod called "Dark Conjunction" .. I guess.

Did you played it ? 
It Was Made By Ace Team 
Who did ZenoClash.

Everybody here seemed to hate it though. 
Yeah Im A Gravedigger 
"I remember a very nice Q3 sp mod called "Dark Conjunction" .. I guess. "

I played it, was'nt too bad.
I did know the guy who did the code for it, names dairyman.
His tutorials on that can still be found here:

I'm wondering why no one is using the rtcw code.
Anyway, it would be cool as hell if somebody would make a evolved q3 singleplayer engine, for doing freeware or even indie stuff.
Would imho be a real alternative to Valve's Source.

If i had the money, i would even pay someone to do such an engine :P 
I enjoyed Q3 "Playground" very much.
Jumping as Gulliver's liliputter in a room.
Target_gravity seems a nice feather. 
I just asked the writer of that code, he said he remembered Dairyman asking him for permission to write the tutorial, and it made him very proud :D 
Now I'm Confused 
Did'nt Dairyman do both the code and the tutorial?
At least he did the tutorial for sure, as it sais so. Isnt important anyway guess ^^

I worked with Dairyman and another guy on a project some years ago, great coder imho.
Unfortunately the project failed because of me (had no internet for over a half year, so no contact..)

We already had a working q3 engine with singleplayer code and the renderer from xreal/evq3, unfortunately the whole svn was wiped clear when i had internet again.

Maybe he still has the code.. 
The Team 
Are Chilean, they formed this company:

Although the coder works in mine. Not disputing that Dairyman wrote the tutorial :) 
@ijed: Understood :)

Would still be nice to have such an engine to work with again.
I always imagine pairing the qfusion renderer with the rtcw singleplayer code, but i am lacking the required skills.

If i had some money, does anyone know where i could put out a bounty for it?
(Too bad there is no "inverted" version of kickstarter ^^) 
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