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Tronyn's Arcanum Released (Q1SP)
Being without easy access to internet, Tronyn asked me to release his Map/Mod collaboration pack for him. I'm quite pleased to present Arcanum for your Q1SP needs.

This is a fantastic collaboration that contains 5 very large blue/metal/knave maps + start map; one map by distrans, one map by Pulsar and four maps by Tronyn! Grab it here: Arcanum (18mb)

Please note: This map pack relies on the Drake mod by PM, which features many new monsters and weapons. If you don't have it, you can grab it here: Drake (17mb)

Installation instructions from the readme:
Place all files in your DRAKE subdirectory in your Quake directory, ie c:\quake\drake290111.
Start the game (Quake engine of choice).exe -game (drake directory) +map arcstart.
You probably want to use a larger heapsize. Custom engine required: FitzQuake, Quakespasm, RMQEngine, Darkplaces, etc. You know the drill.

necros' note: If you have a slower machine, you may wish to enable the "r_flatlightstyles 1" console command (in fitzquake variants at least or otherwise try 'r_dynamic 0') to disable flickering lights as some maps have quite a lot of them and it can drastically increase framerate on some computers.

Tronyn was also kind enough to release the source files for his maps if you want to poke around in them. On top of that, there are two extra maps contained in this archive, which are unfinished but still very cool and totally worth a look-see. Grab the sources here: Arcanum Sources (8mb)

necros' note on the sources: at the moment, only Worldcraft users will be able to make use of them, as, though Tronyn did include raw .map files alongside the .rmf files, they contain extended texturing parameters that may not be parsed correctly by other map editors. It wasn't worth delaying this excellent release to try to fix it though. If some solution is found, I'll happily update the archive.

Also note that while Tronyn is gone, he won't be able to respond directly in this thread (although, i believe he mentioned he has somewhat consistent internet connectivity until monday) so he won't be able to answer questions or whatnot but he didn't want to delay this release any longer.

Enjoy! ^_^

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Tronyn, have you ever made a base map? 
the start map of the original phantasmal garrison, pgstart.bsp :)

the original theme of the pit mine in sludge factory was q2 base. but no, not really. if I did I'd probably make it more of an industrial/dark/grimy q2 base, like "colony." 
more maps like sludge factory, please. :) 
Just Played It 
Just finished a double-Drake binge consisting of this (today), which followed Unforgiven (yesterday). My brain is now well and truly frazzled. I feel as if my soul has been dragged over a mile of barbed wire to the Elder World and back, survived (barely), but I know that the glimpses I had of things that should not have been glimpsed will haunt my dreams tonight in a way that I dare not speculate upon.

Speaking of "dare" - if anything this map pack has taught me that there are some things that I wouldn't have dared to do with a quake map, but not only can they be done, but they can be done to a mind-scrobblingly powerful effect. Yes there are some problems as others have mentioned but I'm sure they'll be fixed in the re-release (the news of which I only read about after finishing this, oh well).

My head is still reeling from the sense of scale, malevolence and oppressive doom that infuses every inch of this episode, from map 2 onwards - in fact "inch" is a funny unit to use when the scale of these vast halls is metered out with the sort of yardstick that I feel only a creature of a different origin to us mortals would be comfortable in using. A yardstick designed to measure the properties of geometry that is possibly not entirely...Euclidean in its form.

In many ways this episode took me back to some of my most cherished schoolboy memories - I recall once spending what felt like an eternity of paranoia and torment one night, creeping back through the cloisters drunk as a lord in the early hours after a particularly hedonistic bout of tomfoolery in the dorms, lost inside an infinite labyrinth of galleries and arches, vaults and buttresses - trying my hardest to knock my brain into some rudimentary sense of sobriety ready for the inevitable encounter and dressing-down by a particularly humourless and unforgiving matron (we used to call her "Muddie" on account of her...shape, which could only be described as "mudwrestler") - who incidently had the uncanny habit of catching us with our trousers down every time by leaping out of the darkest and most unsavoury shadows with a truly sadistic sense of timing; as if she'd been camping out all night in the middens to ambush us - but just as soon as any spark of logic or sense of direction trickled into my inebriated brain, it was immediately bashed out again as if by a sledgehammer with yet another full frontal assault of gothic magnificence on the next corner turned.

Absolutely blindingly good. 
your post makes me kinda wish i could go back and forget all the maps that have been made to re-experience them all over again. :) 
Any chance of Combining Bastion/Marcher and Drake? 
thanks for the complement Kinn! Glad you enjoyed the map! I'm also glad that the evil otherworldly atmosphere I was aiming at came across... I thought the flesh stuff worked out pretty well at the end of map 5 and in map 6.

Heh, well I think Drake supports most of the custom stuff in those maps.

They could be an episode in the Drake merger, if Kinn's in for it :) 
Gg Kinn 
That's a very appropriate mindset in these parts. 
Great Review There 
I'm quite enjoying seeing an ex uber mapper's comments on these recentish releases. 
apsp3 next and maybe RickyT23's base maps. 
Any chance of Combining Bastion/Marcher and Drake?

Well I'm gonna be doing re-releases of these as bonus maps in my new episode. The main reason being that coop is broken in both of them. As I will be making my codebase coop-compatible in my new episode, it makes sense to roll out updated versions of M and B along with it. I also want to give both those maps a bit of a gameplay overhaul, but we'll see...the new maps take priority in my schedule obviously. 
Marcher and Bastion are good enough for multiple releases lol

now if we could only get spy's Bod on board as well... 
Fullvis Tronyn Noob Bonanza 
I'm pleased to announce that the Arcanum maps have finally been updated with proper fullvis and better lighting. Better late than never, right? Simply re-download the release from the link above or at Quaddicted.

Watch this space - there's more to come... 
Nice One 
I can't wait to see what the extra 0 fps feels like on top of the 72 I was getting before* :)

(* disclaimer: this is good news; I am not in any way condoning releasing unvised maps) 
timestamps on the bsps are still from 2011...? 
if anyone wants to replay the episode and can wait a while, Arcanum2 the rerelease should be out within 2 months, with revisions on the maps aside from just vising, revisions on the mod, and 3 new maps. at Quaddicted is the old one again for now because negke did not think twice about stupid archivist zealots like me. 
When I Checked Before 
the zip in the original post was still the old one as well.

where/when exactly can i get my fix for tasty vised/lit arcane wizardly treats?? 
Because nothing is changed apart from the vis information that should have been there in the first place. I adjusted the timestamps to match the release date (+ 1 day) so players wouldn't confuse it with Arcanum2. Reverting to the old one is just exaggerated principles-harping,

But woteva. People, please download from the link in the OP then. 
yes, the zip on slipgate construct is the new one. it's even 1mb smaller! 
Spirit you are hardcore. Now the messiness of my mapping career will be documented for all!

PS but you don't have the soul of evil demo from 2001, or the craptacular phantasmal garrison 1 that pissed off shambler way back in the day (maybe I'll send those along for completion's sake). 
Why is Fitzquake and quakespasm so slow compared to Aguirres or Directq? Even after using -nomtex, this thing was still getting low framerates. 
are you using the file from my link or quaddicted? if the latter, see post 287; spirit reverted back to the unvised version. 
no, I was talking about the old one, the new one is fine. Just hope that the next release the QS can be faster, that's all. 
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