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Tronyn's Arcanum Released (Q1SP)
Being without easy access to internet, Tronyn asked me to release his Map/Mod collaboration pack for him. I'm quite pleased to present Arcanum for your Q1SP needs.

This is a fantastic collaboration that contains 5 very large blue/metal/knave maps + start map; one map by distrans, one map by Pulsar and four maps by Tronyn! Grab it here: Arcanum (18mb)

Please note: This map pack relies on the Drake mod by PM, which features many new monsters and weapons. If you don't have it, you can grab it here: Drake (17mb)

Installation instructions from the readme:
Place all files in your DRAKE subdirectory in your Quake directory, ie c:\quake\drake290111.
Start the game (Quake engine of choice).exe -game (drake directory) +map arcstart.
You probably want to use a larger heapsize. Custom engine required: FitzQuake, Quakespasm, RMQEngine, Darkplaces, etc. You know the drill.

necros' note: If you have a slower machine, you may wish to enable the "r_flatlightstyles 1" console command (in fitzquake variants at least or otherwise try 'r_dynamic 0') to disable flickering lights as some maps have quite a lot of them and it can drastically increase framerate on some computers.

Tronyn was also kind enough to release the source files for his maps if you want to poke around in them. On top of that, there are two extra maps contained in this archive, which are unfinished but still very cool and totally worth a look-see. Grab the sources here: Arcanum Sources (8mb)

necros' note on the sources: at the moment, only Worldcraft users will be able to make use of them, as, though Tronyn did include raw .map files alongside the .rmf files, they contain extended texturing parameters that may not be parsed correctly by other map editors. It wasn't worth delaying this excellent release to try to fix it though. If some solution is found, I'll happily update the archive.

Also note that while Tronyn is gone, he won't be able to respond directly in this thread (although, i believe he mentioned he has somewhat consistent internet connectivity until monday) so he won't be able to answer questions or whatnot but he didn't want to delay this release any longer.

Enjoy! ^_^

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these maps are all awesome. ironically, tronyn says in his readme that these maps are atypical for him because they take place indoors, yet the indoor areas are so large, they feel outdoor, and there's some great parallax effects from pillars and bridges that really make these huge areas come alive.

gameplay was pretty manageable, and i only started dying on the final boss fight which is pretty rough, but it's the capstone of a 5map pack.
map4 is maybe a little tough due to sniper ogres. still, you get powerful weapons to help deal with them and there's lots of ammo so wiping them out isn't a problem.

good solid few hours of quake. 
Damn of course this gets released while I'm out of town!! Can't wait to play it. 
2nd Screenie Looks Tremendous 
Glad to finally see the map(s) released, i quite enjoyed arcdemo. 
and -nomtex on slower machines, that way you don't lose the flickering lights 

Does this work in Qrack? 
I Get Numerous Errors 
at map startups, safe to ignore?

Using fitz. 
Argh, I Guess This Is A "mod" 
sound/music/warp.wav is Dotkr�z vs Idle Sunder - Reflectional Feedback from

Please be nice to freely released music, don't trample on the licenses. 
I should mention, the title and the body of my post above have nothing to do with eachother! 
This looks great, downloading. 
Lightning Hunter 
fitz or directq 
RMQengine renders lots of flickering lights really well.

I guess I'll have to play this. 
RMQ Lighting 
is also much brighter and 'flat' than regular fitz, it seems to me - is this the case for anyone else? 
There Are 
Controls for the contrast and brightness. 
No Thanks 
The first map is abysmal in my opinion. It's way the fuck too dark and I got stuck right away after killing the zombies. So supposedly something happened because it said "sequence completed", but I couldn't find out what. Add to that the idiotic rain (subtracts from the atmosphere more than it adds to it), the headache-inducing music and the overall crampyness, and you really feel you're in hell. In a bad way.

This release, as many of tronyns releases, is just not for me. 
After you kill all of the zombie, the way into the "basement" will be opened. 
Thirty seconds in I got the Nightmare entrance figured out, what a great 'fuck yea' moment that was.

This will be grand. 
what a surprise. for many years i thought that i needed to finish my map and suddenly the mod is released o_0 
The cellar door on the right was accessible before all the zombies were dead (on normal). And in the cellar, I didn't see a way to get to the Gold key, so I gave up due to the piercing headache I got from the music. 
Delete the wav files 
You need to get the sliver key first 
I'll just skip to the 2nd map and see if it's any good. 
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