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Tronyn's Arcanum Released (Q1SP)
Being without easy access to internet, Tronyn asked me to release his Map/Mod collaboration pack for him. I'm quite pleased to present Arcanum for your Q1SP needs.

This is a fantastic collaboration that contains 5 very large blue/metal/knave maps + start map; one map by distrans, one map by Pulsar and four maps by Tronyn! Grab it here: Arcanum (18mb)

Please note: This map pack relies on the Drake mod by PM, which features many new monsters and weapons. If you don't have it, you can grab it here: Drake (17mb)

Installation instructions from the readme:
Place all files in your DRAKE subdirectory in your Quake directory, ie c:\quake\drake290111.
Start the game (Quake engine of choice).exe -game (drake directory) +map arcstart.
You probably want to use a larger heapsize. Custom engine required: FitzQuake, Quakespasm, RMQEngine, Darkplaces, etc. You know the drill.

necros' note: If you have a slower machine, you may wish to enable the "r_flatlightstyles 1" console command (in fitzquake variants at least or otherwise try 'r_dynamic 0') to disable flickering lights as some maps have quite a lot of them and it can drastically increase framerate on some computers.

Tronyn was also kind enough to release the source files for his maps if you want to poke around in them. On top of that, there are two extra maps contained in this archive, which are unfinished but still very cool and totally worth a look-see. Grab the sources here: Arcanum Sources (8mb)

necros' note on the sources: at the moment, only Worldcraft users will be able to make use of them, as, though Tronyn did include raw .map files alongside the .rmf files, they contain extended texturing parameters that may not be parsed correctly by other map editors. It wasn't worth delaying this excellent release to try to fix it though. If some solution is found, I'll happily update the archive.

Also note that while Tronyn is gone, he won't be able to respond directly in this thread (although, i believe he mentioned he has somewhat consistent internet connectivity until monday) so he won't be able to answer questions or whatnot but he didn't want to delay this release any longer.

Enjoy! ^_^

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And also, old version should only be kept if there are gameplay changes 
I remember back in the day when you released PG ed2 and COE at the same time. Was SOOOOO exciting :D

The days of going on AWOQ in 97/98 and being amazed by each new release were some of my favourite times in gaming. They're all a bit shit now, but back then they were all awesome. 
That also reminds me, that bugged version of LFSP2 is still on quaddicted, If it's not going to be taken down, at least also host the working version 
oh man [Kona] it's awesome to see you hanging around here. I remember we used to send each other an email or two a week. I'll bet we both had a LOT more free time then!

There is, I agree, such a nostalgia issue with games. I think everyone here would agree that there is an "optimal gaming age."

RE: old file: yeah there's no gameplay changes at all. It's just compiled properly (heh). 
Negke Please! <3 
i have to be this way. imagine having these two different releases in 10 years and having to find out the differences and which one to keep as the "canonical" one. this is not fun as working through 3000 multiplayer maps can teach you... I rather be strict and piss people off sometimes for the better way. at least I think of being truthful and verbose as the better way in this case.

yhe1: talking like that is an instant "don't tell me how I should handle my hobby, leave me alone" reaction from me. that lfsp stuff is super annoying because currently there are 7(?) separate maps and iirc the fixed version is one zip (which of course is good by itself!). now I have to merge all the comments and ratings and tags for it and thus I moved that far down my mental TODO list and then I forgot.

I KEEP old or broken versions. if just to be able to say "ah, this zip I found there is that old release I saved here, nothing new, move on". for sp maps you can find these in 
ouch, forgot about verbosity myself. the issue with negke's zip is that he forged the timestamps and did not include a note about the re-vising. if he does that, all is fine. bitch! 
Keep the old one in the trash folder then, and put the new one in filebase. I think it's quite clear to those who are concerned about versions that a newer timestamp, and if it's just one day, indicates a newer/updated version. Those who don't care, which is the average user who just wants to play a map, download whatever is available under the main link and expect it to work. 
The problem is that the lfsp that's all in one zip is broken in another map.

Maybe I could email you the good version of Lfsp2 and keep the format you have now? 
I think Warpa music goes better with Arcanum map 1 
music is going to be changed for arcanum1 in the rerelease. I will check out that suggestion. 
Don't Reuse Any Warp Spasm Music Please 
You Mean 
in the first map or the entire pack?
it seemed suitably dark and subtle; the music complaint re: the first map was the song's total lack of subtlety. 
Can't Remember 
Which site I got the music from, although there is a readme for which artist.

I basically went to a free music site and typed in 'dark ambient' and then trawled for a few hours. 
About The Gold Key Problem In Arcanum1 
Yes, i've already found the silver key without problems, got into the castle, killed Shalrath, completed the sequence and still could not jump down for the gold key. Also I could not jump up downstairs to get the god key, barrier is too high for the jump. I had to use noclip. 
...except the track I sent you :) 
Star Scream :) 
It Should Be Reasonably Easy 
To recompile Warp to have the original tracks (in HQ!) as a soundtrack, not a looped sound from an entity. 
Are You Telling Me 
that a significant amount of engines now support playing something other than a looped, low-quality .wav as a soundtrack for a map?
if so, yay! 
well, most engines have some form of mp3/ogg playback for music.

but they have different folder structure for them. some put them in /music, others in /sound and probably others too.

also, the commands to start music may be different although i think the qc builtin svc command for cd playing should always work.
i know quakespasm allows any number of tracks up to 99 so you can add new music without overwriting the original tracks. 
One of:

One of:

One of:

Different engines are different, sadly.
in a couple of engines, you can even do 'cd remap 3 myfavouritetrack.wav' and actually expect it to work!
Engines won't always support the same formats on all platforms, mp3 decoding for instance can only work in GPLed code when the decoder library is part of the operating system (read: windows only).
While on the subject of windows, engines that use directshow graphs to decode files can generally support a wide range of file formats (assuming they got renamed to .mp3...) but cannot play files from inside paks (also, please please don't put video files in there too, it can only go badly). Luckily directshow is not the only way to access mp3 decoding.
Even if an engine supports ogg decoding, it doesn't always come with the dlls required to actually do so.

actually the music vs sound/cdtracks thing is relatively minor now, and really only affects an engines prefered path. formats are still a problem though.
one quirk of directq is that it doesn't care about the trackXX bit, it'll happily load music/myhappysong.mp3 for instance... you really have no idea which track its going to play for a given track number, it'll just use them in whatever it found them in on the filesystem, so I hope you have enough files to make it happy.

So to cut a long story short:
music/trackXX.mp3 - directq(no packs), fte(win only), markv(win only, no packs)
music/trackXX.ogg - dp(dlls provided), fte(needs dlls), directq(needs drivers, no packs)
music/trackXX.wav - directq(no packs), dp, fte
nothing - rmqe, ezquake, qrack

Make your own decisions about what to do with that. 
Darkplaces and Quakespasm both play /music/trackXX.ogg.

Darkplaces only supports ogg and wav, quakespasm also supports mp3 and several other formats. I didn't test Fitzquake mark V but it the readme says it plays mp3 files from /music/, doesn't mention ogg :-(. Also not sure about RMQEngine. 
well thanks guys this is super useful, as I'm planning to have (instrumental, relatively low key, atmospheric) music for each map in my upcoming merger.

Right now it seems like the best thing to do would probably be to offer the soundtrack as a separate download, or rather downloads, one for each engine. 
Why is Fitzquake and quakespasm so slow compared to Aguirres or Directq? Even after using -nomtex, this thing was still getting low framerates.
For QS, it's probably just the SDL overhead. 
QS Slowness 
Did you use the latest builds? Older versions were slow due to a software GL fallback when uploading textures. This has been fixed in the latest version. 
Urgh, Not Again! 
quake injector wouldn't install it.

it lets you play the game without the drake mod, so what would happen if i continued without using the drake mod?

i read the read me file, but i didn't understand it.

i tried to manually add the drake mod to the fresh installation done by the quake injector, but not sure if the folder is correctly titled, or if i have placed it incorrectly.

i would prefer to use the quake injector, as this is supposed to make this easier, as i hate messing about with mods/maps manually, easpecially coming back to it after 6 years.

i have to re-learn all over again! 
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