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Q1SHW2 SP Version By ShadoW And NegkE
"Word. I was bored and ended up returning to this nice little map. The layout was too good to just skip.

As usual, regular SP stuff, skill settings, DM portion intact albeit with slight changes to the ammo balance (wtf @ small nail boxes in a DM map).


GG ShadoW"

[Edit: Negke bringing short and sweet pure Quake action, nice one]
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Fun Stuff. 
Liked the, good to be tackling some good challenges with smaller weapons and smaller monster numbers. Good use of the map, good balance. I, errr, died at the end having gone on a Pent rampage and ended up with no health and a Fiend jumped on me.

Also it's not too fucking dark woooot. 
Also might wanna try the SP versions of Devastation and Zeal&Fury if you haven't.

Kinda thinking, I made four of such conversions already (ritualsp being somewhat of an odd case though), two or three more and it could be something like DMC3 for qexpo... hmmm 
is nicely implemented considering the source but I just dont really care for these dm to sp conversions I guess, complete lack of sense of place IMHO.

But as a demonstration of sp mapping skill, it gets two thumbs up. 
The intention is to have a fun oldschool fragfest in a new location, a bit like manual DMSP, and in a slightly speedmappish way. By no means anything epic or story-driven.

"short and sweet pure Quake action" 
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