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Q1SHW2 SP Version By ShadoW And NegkE
"Word. I was bored and ended up returning to this nice little map. The layout was too good to just skip.

As usual, regular SP stuff, skill settings, DM portion intact albeit with slight changes to the ammo balance (wtf @ small nail boxes in a DM map).


GG ShadoW"

[Edit: Negke bringing short and sweet pure Quake action, nice one]
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"Short And Sweet Pure Quake Action" 
Just make something like RPGSP1 and get away with it. 
As always, Negke :) 
Never too much Quake action :). 
nice map negke and shadows thanks guys!

there it goes my first run on hard! 
a nice little guy - I think I like this a bit less than the previous shadow map, and of course not nearly as much as the tyrann one - but definitely a good way to spend 5 minutes.
yeah I get that but for example the Tyrann map you converted had wonderful atmosphere. So if the dm map had a sense of place to start of with, I think the conversion works better. 
" could be something like DMC3 for qexpo"

That would be sweetilicious! :-) 
Good little conversion of a DM map.
A good 5 min. blast.
Error Message 42... 
That was fun, thanks guys.

Negke, have you considered doing similar but with Qonquer?

It'd mean Spirit wouldn't support though. 
awesome little map filled with tricks and fun gameplay. liked its compact dm-ish layout (yes i know its child is a dm map).
this actually hints some mappers that like making huge maps that vis for 100 years that it's still possible to make visually attractive small map that plays rather good! even if to double this little map u still will get moderately low rspeeds and 100 monsters. 
this actually hints some mappers that like making huge maps that vis for 100 years

Are you talking to me ? 
ye, I think there is enought epic maps :)

smaller maps are much more fun! 
If you'd like to play more maps in this style, try the DMC1 and the recently-released DMC2 episodes. 
Easy Run - 0:18 - ok
Nightmare Run - 0:26 - I have become rusty.

It is a fun map to speedrun. As dm to sp conversion usually are. It is possible to use the same route on nightmare as on easy skill but it's difficult to survive after meeting the shambler. :) 
Forgetting the url is rusty ;) 
Fun Little Map 
Yes indeed. Small but full of action. Might have benefited from having more sense of place, like others already mentioned, but hell I won't complain, gameplay is most important to me anyway.

This also reminds me I have to get back to my own map ASAP, haven't mapped in three months... eugh.

Anyway, skill 3 demo, 2/4 secrets.

Thanks to both Shadow and Negke for this map! 
Nice Demo 
looking forward to your map Bernsten, whenever it gets finished - the shots look beautiful, if I recall correctly! 
My goal is to at least have the brushwork finished by september, just have to find the motivation and time to do it... that's the main problem with making huge-ass maps, losing motivation or hitting mapper's block when you're halfway through. 
yeah, I mean, I've never released a proper map - just (quasi) speedmaps - I totally understand the motivation thing. But yeah, love the screenshots, so consider me when you're looking for testers, whenever that is! 
You Rock 
Drew you made speedmaps that are proper maps... saw better speedmaps from you that some full maps like some of mine :\ like trincasp1 and 2... 
Yep Fun One Indeed 
18.2 on easy bti mroe bunnypower then me and you could go for 16's. 20.7 on nightmare, sneaking getting through was a bitch indeed, got killed by zombis or fiends all the time when tryign to dodge the shambler 
Alternative Route 
get gk, and then bunny to gk door, hard bunny and a very hard fiend to get by behind the door 
Will do! 
Do it bro, get some demos up! 
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