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[Duke3D] Done & Dusted Singleplayer Map
Done & Dusted - by Ryan 'quakis' Rouse & Mikko Sandt

A race of aliens known as The Assault have invaded a human facility located on an island sixty miles off the coast of California. The facility personnel have presumably been killed, but it's not known for sure. The loss of this facility is a major setback to research into alien physiology as the facility contains several important Protector Drone samples and gigabytes of research data. For these reasons the facility itself cannot be bombed: The samples and the data must be recovered, assuming they haven't been destroyed by the invaders. It is for this reason that you are sent to investigate the facility, to gather intel for our strike forces that'll take over the mission once your job is done.

Your mission is as follows:
1) Investigate the facility, keeping an eye on potential human survivors, preserved research data and Protector Drone samples. It is not, however, up to you to recover any of these.
2) Blow up the primary reactor. This should considerably lower their defense capabilities, paving the way for our strike forces
3) Once done, establish contact with the strike forces who will then proceed to take over the mission
4) Escape via the northern waterway leading to the sea

Requires Eduke32. HRP not supported. Intended for 8bit mode.

Download: Here


Check the text file for a little history behind the map.
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looks much better than I remember duke3d looking. 
looks much better than I remember duke3d looking. 
I love the look of the colours though.

<3 qbism. 
Just wondering if this is an issue with my eduke or something, but a bunch of textures are showing up black for me. Sometimes when I reload the map some of them pop in, but some don't. Did I mess up the installation somewhow or is this a deeper problem? 
i get HOM instead of black textures. 
So This Is How Quake-illiterate People Feel When It Comes To Installin 
How do I install and launch this? 
Ah, easy enough. You need the full version. Then just extract the zip into the same directory where the duke3d.grp file is. New game -> User map. 
Getting black (with Polymer) textures or void HOM effects too. EDuke32 2.0.0devel r1850 
That's odd how you're all getting a similar problem. All you need to get it running is a copy of Duke3D.grp in the same folder as Eduke32 and away you go. Then find the map in the User Map menu. Not sure what could be acting up otherwise.

You could try the latest build of Eduke32 at the bottom of this page and see how that runs;

Also I wouldn't recommend using Polymer, it has forced lighting effects on sprites which are not intended for this map, (ex. Red glows around computers which go green when used...) 
fresh svn build. same issues. they always appear at the same places. i am on linux and use nvidia.


$ md5sum .eduke32/*
3b9ab31f2c1250bed382412b36e233e7 .eduke32/
89c373f00d0d492873eef16cdb24e27c .eduke32/donedust.ogg
72d54983c99badf44a25e9acf0f4af32 .eduke32/donedust.txt
981125cb9237c19aa0237109958d2b50 .eduke32/duke3d.grp
$ ll .eduke32/*
794930 May 21 15:10 .eduke32/
2142267 Mar 4 2009 .eduke32/donedust.ogg
5991 May 21 15:40 .eduke32/donedust.txt
26524524 Dec 24 1996 .eduke32/duke3d.grp
Seems that if I use Polymer then I get black textures, if I don't I get HoM. I tested after getting the latest eduke32. I'll play around with it some more, I played until I opened the red door (right around when eduke32 crashed on me for the 2nd time) and decided to try to fix the problems I was getting before continuing on. Seemed pretty good what I played though. 
does it need the plutonium pack? 
looks like 1.3d is not enough to run the map. i couldn't get the plutonia installer working so i just downloaded a new duke3d.grp.
found out it's the 'atomic' edition, and all the textures seem to show up now. 
very cool, but very linear. i think you feel the linearity more because there are tons of doors that don't open. i think if they had just led into small dead ends or little rooms with nothing but decoration in it, it would have felt a lot more natural.
as it is, i heard 'where is it' a LOT. :P
also, maybe i just suck at duke nukem, but it was very hard for me. had to change to skill 0 and still died a few times at the start.
those pig cops can take 50hp off in one shot. i think an early armor would have helped.

build quality seems very high in all areas and very consistent some cool set pieces and a fun (but easy) ending fight.
thanks for the fun blast from the past! i shall have to find more duke maps. :P 
Ack, That Explains It. 
Yes, ATOMIC EDITION (1.5) is required to play the map. This should be added to the main post under the requirement.

As for a lot of doors, I wanted to make the base seem like it has more areas than where you actually go. I feel adding additional rooms with no real purpose may be annoying in some ways. Then again I was also running into the wall-limit pretty close too.

There's also a hidden armour early on, probably a hard secret to find. Sometimes you can get lucky if one of the pigcops drop one.

Glad you enjoyed the map though! 
I found that armor! It was a totally random accident though. I haven't finished it yet - eduke32 keeps crashing on me. Perhaps I have some settings turned up too high.

About all the doors, it kind of started feeling like Silent Hill 2 with all the locked doors everywhere. Some of the areas feel a bit too small too, while others feel a bit too big. Gonna plug away at it again later on. 
are there sites like Quaddicted for Duke3d? 
quakis: it can go both ways if it's done too much... like if every room behind a useless door had a cave in or something contrived.
but if you have like broom closets or washrooms or a surveillance room, it *feels* like you're less confined to THE hallway that leads to the exit. 
are there sites like Quaddicted for Duke3d?

You could try 
CLassy Ending 
Thought the ending was pretty oool, from the screen-shaking finale to the actual exit, that was pretty cool. Found both secrets and all enemies.

I stand by my 'unevenness' statement, some areas felt too small while others felt really big. I expected to reach the area early on with the pig cop/enforcer with the truck, but I never got there. It would have been really cool to link that area up later on. A lot of the bigger areas had these ornate background sectors that were inaccessible. Seems a bit like a waste, but they did look really good. 
@necros - I'll keep that in mind and experiment with it. I do have a form of exploration in my current map where you can open up several lockers, cabinets and other such things, like opening the panel on a server next to a PC reveals all the wiring and electronics. Just something else I've been experimenting with.

Also, cheers for the feedback guys. 
I Haven't Got Duke3d 
but the screenshots look ace, had no idea it could be made to look that good! 
Other Duke Related Stuff 
You may want to check out Mikko Sandt's website for the latest reviews -

Duke Plus is a notable mod bringing a wealth of improvements to the game as well as a bunch of new maps - 
You will need the plutonium pack expansion to play almost anything available. 
I can't believe I'll actually have Duke 4 in my hands in 3 days! As a former Duke3d fan, I couldn't resist pre-ordering it.

Anyhoo, the map was playable & well built. Pretty straight forward concept-wise, but fun.

My stupid map from 10 years ago:

My remaining duke links:
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