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Bugdm10 - Q2DM Map By BUGMAN. (moved To News)
EDIT: news therad created here:
Looks Very Cool! 
When do we see BugQ1SP1? That would be really cool. Bugdm4 looks really nice, i prefer that theme to the others :D 
Quake 1... Single Player...

Wow, two things I don't know much about. Now that would be an interesting challenge, for sure.

I don't think I could do it... not without some major incentives. 
What About... 
...a virtual bribe of considerable standing? 
BugQ2SP1 Would Be Acceptable Too 
Export your map to Q1 format and let Negke make BugQ1SP1 ;) 
seriously though, I'd actually really like to play some new Q2SP 
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