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SMQX11: QExpo 2011 Speedmapping Pack
Five SP levels:
digs sends players through a tricky puzzle map, Drew puts 2.5 speedmaps in one, Text_Fish honors Quake's anniversary with a metal space map, Trinca provides quad-fragging inside a spacious fortress, ZealousQuakeFan lets you explore a dark dungeon maze.

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Amazing !! 
Finally have time this evening to play the QExpo pack !

What others said is valid: amazing pack ! I nevertheless have doubts some of the maps are "speedmaps" due to their "hugeness"... ;)

Anyway, I got a lot of fun :D

Keep it up ! 
I Am A Giant Dick 
record some critical demos negke, and maybe I'll fix it up for a proper release. 
yeah these aint no speed maps u guys are beasts

the shit was too hard so i cheated

but still enjoyed it all none the less 
No, you take your best SMs and make some new ones and merge them all in a medium chainmap and everybody will be happy! 
Nice Set Of Turtlemaps 
Drewtinued: ...then I'll gladly record critical beta demos. ;) Very cool map, good varied style and polished. A little cramped maybe. At first I thought the pit that lead to digs' map the the proper exit.

digs: Very cool puzzle/jumping map with unusual bits for a Quake level. Inspirational for other mappers. The lava/teleporter bit doesn't work though. Good idea, but too hard to navigate through swimming. Noclipped when the pent ran out.

Trinca: Typical trinca map. Spacious square halls and rooms with mony monsters to dbs. Good there were quads. Quite difficult to use them to full effect = kill all shamblers before it runs out. But apparently it's possible.

ZQF: Probably an okay tribute to dungeon crawlers as someone said. Not much fun to play for me, I don't like mazes. Skill 2? No thanks. The bones texture is nice, should be used more often. (made me want to play Zwiffle's nice Azure Agone remix again).

TextFish: Strange. Most of the time I didn't know what I was doing and then got killed out of nowhere. Damn those black monsters. 
I had no problems with swimming in lava. It works:)
Moreover, if the action ends with a pentagram, you throw back into the first room and the pentagram regenerates. So, the number of attempts is unlimited 
I got that,weldone digs!

my speedmap is a two rooms map that I had in my computer for a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggg time...

since I didn't had nothing to offer and I was sick and bored of this map, just rush it to sm release...

hope know I got the will to make a semi-epic map like tchak!

will upload demos soon! 
I had no problems with swimming in lava. It works:)
Moreover, if the action ends with a pentagram, you throw back into the first room and the pentagram regenerates. So, the number of attempts is unlimited

i couldn't pass through the first locked door , what gives? there are no trigger beep nor sumthing , nothing , noclipped ? the latter doors has triggered atleast 
All the doors are initially closed. We must look for alternative ways 
A very well done pack of maps.

Trinca - fun to play as always. Good quad opportunities ;)

Drew - was like a proper release. I have missed the continuation at first so no demo of the second part. The map was very good and nice looking. Couldn't find the silver door at first.

Digs - I'm no good at puzzles so had to give up somewhere in the middle. But I guess the map was very innovative ;)

ZQF - was ok, a bit repetitive but electrifying

Textfish - I didn't know what to do but in the 5th try it worked in the end and I had some fun (so you get 5 crappy demos from me)

Thank's to all authors for a good effort.I have recorded some demos on skill 2: 
Nice demo Ankh, how to waste then easily :) a professional is a professional... 
You Can't Keep A Good Pack Down. 
Nice effort, all of ya!

Text: Nicey gameplay, the only true speedmap?
Trinca: Quad gift unwrapping. Bit short.
Zqf: Mazes ain't my cup of tea. Managed to get to the end though...

Digs: Funktastic!!! Love every mind numbing moment of it! Got through a puzzle by chance, also... ;)

Drew: ´┐Żbermap! Next one, please... 
Digs: as always very creative, thoroughly enjoyed playing through this and you continue to be one of my favorite mappers. Demo: spent quite some time just fiddling around, and got completely molested by the shamblers in the pool at the end. Was paranoid at first to use the LG in the water, especially as it was a digs map and figuring giving the player the LG before diving into water would be an evil trick to get the player to kill himself.

Drew: my favorite from the pack, you sure this is a speedmap? ;) Nice build quality, very consistent and interesting architecture, and great gameplay. Want more! Also the rubicon2 texture set is all kinds of amazing, want to make something with it myself someday.

TextFish: eugh, I didn't enjoy this much, sorry. After dropping down the hole in the beginning you're bombarded from all directions and you basically have to take a random dive into the abyss to survive, which of course nobody would do if they didn't already know it was a giant teleporter. Also it seems to teleport you to a random platform, and not the one you land nearest, so if I jumped down right in front of the yellow armor platform I could end up with the vore instead. Resorted to taking pot-shots at the monsters from afar, which isn't very fun.

Trinca: now this is the type of Quake gameplay I like, lots of room for movement and bunnying and lots of baddies to slaughter with quads. All went well until I reached the shambler surprise area, where I was promptly bumfucked. Think I wasted too much time on the first wave of five shamblers so I didn't have any quad left for the rest. Think it would have been better if the on-screen message read "kill the 15 shamblers first" instead of "open the 15 gifts first" or whatever it said, then it would make it more clear to the player that he had to utilise the quad to the maximum.

ZQF: decent, I guess, not a big fan of mazes. Used the rule of sticking to the right-hand wall of mazes to get through it. Also it seems to be bugged somehow? I started it at skill3, my health was immediately reduced to 5 and a few seconds later I was instantly killed? I quit and restarted Quake to see if that would fix the problem, and I forgot to set skill to 3 so this particular demo is played with skill1.

nice demo Berntsen, but you miss the more important weapon :\ with SNG + quad is peace of cake! :) 
SNG Is Not In The Most Obvious Place.... 
...I missed it too in my first go. 
noobs :p 
an unusual style of play. Darkplaces different physics, so you could get into a niche with a zombie, and also jump higher than usual. Thanks for the demo. And also thanks for the Nightmare. I passed only skill 2 
finaly play then!!!

nice pack

drew map was a full SP -> cool map
digs -> fantastic, you are a real talent guy! took so many time and deaths that I didn't record any demo!
textfish -> fun map luckly finish it :)
ZQF -> had to god mode to walk at start :\ weard :| anyway was fun but got bored soon :( to many demons to kill with no quad!

thanks guys there it goes my demos! 
nice demo trinca! Sorry I didn't dedicate a secret to you - linked to your map instead.
Will watch Bern's after I re-download demo converter 
Just Watched Your Demos Bernsten 
you do have an unusual style of play! Watching all these made me realise that I should have made the button door in the warehouse and the silver key door more obvious. And that my secrets are as overly easy as I thought. 
How So 
Cause I'm jumping around and stuff all the time? 
yeah, and changing weapons rapidly - it's intense to watch! 
I use binds to change weapons, but since I've changed to Darkplaces didn't update the .cfg with weapons, there is so many good stuff in the client that makes my head dizy to try then all :) 
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