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Q1SP: Unforgiven
Sorry for the delay, here is my Quake 1 single player episode, Unforgiven. Long in development (more off than on), this 3-map episode was originally started as a sequel to 2001's Rapture, although it is probably more remniscent of 2008's Soul of Evil Indian Summer. As usual, the maps are pretty difficult and feature horde combat (you are hereby WARNED!! about the last map, unf3), so skill select (in RPG's cool start map) appropriately. This episode is standalone, as it comes with an updated version of the Drake mod.


Download: (32 MB)


And a note about upcoming Q1SP projects: I'll be releasing a new version of "Arcanum" in the fall, with new maps, rebalanced gameplay and changes to existing maps. I am also working on "Something Wicked This Way Comes," a large level using the Unforgiven textures, based on scraps by Necros and Tyrann. Finally, I'm hoping to release a "Drake Merger" by the end of the year, including all of my Q1SP maps/episodes made in the last 15 years, divided into episodes, with the final version of the Drake mod, and a new start map and final boss arena. The only shots of any of that I have right now are of "Something Wicked This Way Comes" and those are here:
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These Shots Of Something Wicked Look 

cant wait to see 
I'm not at my editing setup or a copy of Quake or even the internet at the moment... thanks to negke for a LOT of last-minute testing, I hope there are no remaining issues (since I wasn't able to test myself after the last few entity tweaks). And thanks to PM who put a ton of work into having the progs/code ready on time. Sorry it wasn't quite in time for QEXPO 2011. 
thanks for this one tronyn. still downloading, but sshots are promising. looking for the new version of arcanum - hope i'll have a new pc by that time so i 'll be able to play these monster maps via darkplaces without any fps drops.
as for your plan to re-release your previous maps/mods again with drake mod.... that's ambitious, but there's no doubt you'll succeed. you have never let us down :-)
downloading finished. i've just started and there's one thing i'd like to ask .... that "palm" holding one of the skill teleports seems quite familiar t ome. i'm sure i have seen it in some vip picture years ago. 
Some Unmentioned Things... 
If your Quake engine of choice is FitzQuake or Quakespasm, max_edicts MUST BE RAISED TO 2000 or higher! This is because the snow effect in unf2 raises edicts used to a number above 1000.

Impulse 17 = Music toggle
Impulse 72 = Corpse removal (disables snow too)

I just found a few minor bugs in unf3. One of the bosses is missing a spawnflag, and another is missing a sound precache. The pack is still playable, but there will be a progs update soon. 
Tronyn you and Necros are Quake GODS, if I was John Carmack your ass�s whould be mine :p.

what a talent and dedication!

will play very soon and leave the comments, thanks again :) 
So can Dry Sorrow and Sludge factory be played under this?

Also, if the new Arcanum is going to be rebalanced, maybe it will be good to have the old but vised version of the arcanum maps to download. You said it was on your computer, right Tronyn? 
Thank you Tronyn and PM for another highly enjoyable pack - a fitting finisher for this year's expo indeed.

Each of the maps felt like a different experience altogether. The first one is the most Quake-y of the three and works great as an introduction. Unfortunately, it also suffers from overpopulation. The second map is my favourite. Offering a balanced mix of exploration and action, packed with an always welcome snowy theme and fitting music, it's just like beloved Hexen sans the monsters - top-notch stuff. The last one returns to the horde combat of the first, but this time serves it in on a much bigger scale and comes out a more satisfying experience in the end. It's on par with classic Doom levels, both thematically and gameplay wise.

What's more, with a little care and ammo conservation, the whole package is beatable on skill2 without frustration. Sure, it feels like 'work' from time to time but that happens with every map out there that comes packed with 400+ monsters.

Second secret of unf2, underwater 'weapons stash' turns out to be empty? / The actual monster counts and the ones mentioned in the readme don't match.

Demos (sk2)
unf1 30m 5/5s 411/411k
unf2 31m 2/3s 321/344k
unf3 44m 4/6s 458/464k 
Re: #7 
I have not tried the pak and progs with all of Tronyn's other maps, but it should work. The precache bug in Arcanum should be gone. 
Looks Very Cool 
but pretty unplayable to me, wich settings & engine are most recommended? used fitzquake with a pretty large heapsize and higher max edicts but still very choppy 
Try directq or Aguirre Quake with -nomtex 
Loving those screenshots Tronyn, really creative work, great atmosphere. Looking forward to playing it. 
So Far The 1st Map Were Done 
skill 3 , and i must say this version is much easier than an original beta was. but still great
no demo though 
Naughty Naughty... 
stealing textures from other games is a no no. i see doom and q3 textures there man. 
this is going to be awesome! kind of down after qexpo ended but this will pick me right back up!
re: first three shots, you choice of skyboxes really complements the maps.
re: something wicked, i am amazed with what you turned those few random bits into!

pretty difficult and feature horde combat
hope the ice crossbow is in there! :P

damn. i'm all pumped to play this but it's wayyy too late tonight. zzzz 
This Is What I Meant By Rushing The Release 
Of all things I mentioned at least the shitload of items that fall out in unf2 should have been fixed. Re: empty secret and all.

Admittedly, I probably took too long to respond considering you were about to leave again so quickly.

A Tronyn TC sounds great. But it'll be a lot of work. 
"It'll Be A Lot Of Work" 
For both you AND the players. 
Wow.. This Look Really 
at last some screenshots with proper brightness :)

I'll warm up my glorious PentiumII for all this
With directq it kinda works for me, only from time to time i get stuck in the floor and lots of monsters get gibbed spontaniously (only fix i found for it is to restart directq)

due to this i forgot to put skill back to 0 on unf2 wich is done on normal and since i wasnt using timers cba to smoothen it out or add some boosts between GK and SK-door.
quite entertaining demos nontheless due to the nature of the maps. 
improved unf1, but that one is skill 1 now to:) 
This feels like someone took everything anyone ever thought worth knowing about game design, and then ignored it. It is as if the 90s never stopped. Very nice settings. very interesting to play on God difficulty. Monster counter showed like 1200 kills in the first map? Do the monsters ever stop spawning?

Jaw-dropping in many ways.

It's as if I was back in the 90s playing Doom2 while being supremely drunk. It was interesting to revisit that state.

18/20... LSD in game form. Which is a good thing in this world.

But sriously. Crazy shit. 
I'm not a big fan of huge open levels. I like indoors, and outdoors if it's sectioned off. But not just one huge open area. Now the second level was great. Great design, I loved seeing the snow textures and the castle with moat. This was the best level in the pack for me, as it was much more closed off.

It's the third level that was too open. It felt like one huge arena that just wouldn't come to an end. It took 50mins for me to complete level 3, and when you're not really presenting with anything new throughout, apart from the tower climb which was pretty bland, you get sick of it. At the beginning it felt like monsters are just thrown everywhere randomly and I just started running like hell throughout the whole level to get as much in-fighting as possible, then slowly picked my way through them all. The bosses were all good... dragons were fun and deadly, Chthon took too much damage before dying, the Cyberdemon type guy got stuck on stonehenge so was dead easy. The problem is, I'd saved a couple MH's, RA's, almost all the powerups including the quad and full cells in order to go take out the last 2 bosses. As such, they were both dead in 10secs... I didn't even see what their attacks were. So yeah, while it looked fantastic, this level went on too long. I liked the low gravity and flying around though, that was cool.

And to level 1, this was good if you remove the 180 odd monsters surrounding the castle that starts off the pack. This is horde combat at it's ugliest. A bunch of crappy weapons and a quad that's pointless when you have very few nails and can only use the SSG. I tried a few times to make the quad work, but in the end I did the same as above; sprinted around the castle to get in-fighting then slowly picked them off, which wasn't that fun. Things picked up once I got inside the castle, it all looked really cool and the dragons were a blast.

I liked the music too - it was subtle but nice, instead of some thrashing fucking metal.

So yeah pretty good level pack. I did enjoy Arcanum more as there were less huge open areas with horde combat. In fact SOE and Indian Summer I liked more as well. Still a great level set though. 
Pics Look Rad 
downloading and hopefully will play on weekend. 
Disagree With Kona 
USeless quad? I just fot up to 1000 kills on skill 3 when the quad ran out. Little nails? there's 180 in the bottom already more at ssg, more at 2nd YA and so on. You start of with SG NG chainsaw and bow before you even get to the quad, and you can reach SSG, alternative grenade launcher and lightning gun or grenade launcher.
You describe it took you 50 minutes to clear a level to have left all goodies for the end fight only so you can whine about the level being to long and the bossfight to easy, doh. Lets whine about your strategy.
But maybe we should continue this when your period is over 
Where's The Edit Button 
"got up to 100 kills" 
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