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Q1SP: Unforgiven
Sorry for the delay, here is my Quake 1 single player episode, Unforgiven. Long in development (more off than on), this 3-map episode was originally started as a sequel to 2001's Rapture, although it is probably more remniscent of 2008's Soul of Evil Indian Summer. As usual, the maps are pretty difficult and feature horde combat (you are hereby WARNED!! about the last map, unf3), so skill select (in RPG's cool start map) appropriately. This episode is standalone, as it comes with an updated version of the Drake mod.


Download: (32 MB)


And a note about upcoming Q1SP projects: I'll be releasing a new version of "Arcanum" in the fall, with new maps, rebalanced gameplay and changes to existing maps. I am also working on "Something Wicked This Way Comes," a large level using the Unforgiven textures, based on scraps by Necros and Tyrann. Finally, I'm hoping to release a "Drake Merger" by the end of the year, including all of my Q1SP maps/episodes made in the last 15 years, divided into episodes, with the final version of the Drake mod, and a new start map and final boss arena. The only shots of any of that I have right now are of "Something Wicked This Way Comes" and those are here:
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well, i'm sure as fuck glad you decided to finish them! :D 
glad to know that. I'm looking forward to the chance to do something totally different in terms of map design style, once the final project is done. I also gotta say, PM has got to be recognized as one of the most hardcore SP modders there is. He always assumes that people with a post 84 like view - that is, exploit every possibility of the physics and map and items - is the default! oh man. 
yeah, and you're a hardcore mapper too, which makes it double hardcore. :P
but i didn't think your last maps (unforgiven) were as hardcore as previous stuff and i was able to beat them without having to exploit anything which i consider to be the right balance as far as that's concerned. mind you, i did play on easy. :P
i'd actually like to see another masque type map (built into a huge cliff, not necessarily the textures). that one is still one of my favourites. 
I will paste the URL to this poste into my next email to PM, and he will reprogram the AI ;)

one idea which might be cool and piranesi style would be to make a masque style map, but then delete all the mountains/rockwork. who knows what'll happen. for now it's all finishing what there is. starting something TOTALLY new is very exciting but it won't happen until I get the merger out. I am happy to say persistence is my #1 virtue. 
I think people will be very interested to see a combination Tyrann/Necros map, with each of your signatures very legible on certain sections =) 
Thanks Tronyn 
your maps have contributed a lot to my replaying of quake over the years. 
i'm kind of nervous about that seeing as that was really old necros style, which was maybe not so good. hopefully you can beautify it a bit. :P

and yeah, i agree about new vs finishing new stuff. i'm sure negke would say i should adopt your attitude. :P 
finishing old stuff. :P 
Cant Find My Post 
basically who did which map on nightjourney ,,, please ;) 
I Think Im Gonna 
revive the drunk_hth thread 
Finally Played It! 
And it was great! 
UNF3 Vid 
Re: #84 
It is okay if the teleporting wizard is not very challenging. If he was, it would make what comes after him even more annoying.

As for the exploit, there are ways to patch it. One idea among several includes a technique used since early '80s arcade games: spawn in the Baiters/Demonic Spiders after a delay (of game). In this case, an unkillable ghost that goes away only when the level is done. 
I thought the wizard was pretty damn challenging. 
Video Of Map 1

that's some tense shit! :) 
Good Map 2 
An example of what works in Quake and what doesnt.
Pretty much what #22 by [Kona] said. 
Was the source for Marcher and Bastion ever released. Marcher with the Drake mod would be awesome. 
I don't know that the source was released, I'd guess not since I feel like if it was I'd know about it, but Drake already has the imps and the shufflers. Maybe one day.

I also have to say, that in terms of best and most epic design in a single bsp, I think we can all agree now that Marcher is it.

PS I have to say, I won't have anything new coming out the rest of this year... the Tyrann/Necros scrapmap has become too much of a handful, and Arcanum2 will be a while as well. That said hopefully these releases will be epic when they do arrive. 
Well there's only 30 days of the year left, so that's not a biggy 
Hordes Of Gibs 
Just got round to playing this, loving it. Read the criticism about quad in first level. Me personally I saw it and I thought well I'll leave that there in case it gets tough I can come back for it, then I saw the horde at beginning and thought "fuck it, can't let that opportunity slip by" and went and got the quad and generally quad spazzed out in the thick of them with chainsaw and whatever and a few nails, much glee resulted.

Its how you play it too, horde combat is not for thinking, starting infighting and then picking off. That would be like sipping teppid beer out of a wine glass. You wanna DIG IN AND BATHE IN THE GLORIOUS FOUNTAIN OF GIBS!!! :D

So yeah, loving it.

Any other horde insanity levels to recommend btw ? Done Marchers Fortress of course, that was a treat :) 
try Masque of red Death, or any other of tronyn's more recent releases :) 
and the sludge factory:
also by tronyn. 
Wow Oh WOW! 
This is just amazing, Tronyn+PM this has got to be your best work yet. The architecture is breathtaking, especially map 2. I love the details, the above door designs, the support beams, broken floors, just amazing!

Map 1 has such an epic feel to it and the shape of the outer wall is very original. The game play is a bit crazy at times, but it is horde style after all. I am bit confused why you have to jump down to that tiny bridge to get into the complex, seems weird. Did you make the skill levels any different? Easy skill level actually felt right to me. I Did not see any mobs patrolling much, just standing around in clumps waiting to be shot.

The first time you see the high up bridge in map 2 is awesome, fantastic view point. Especially when you get to the bridge and see it is curved and organic looking. The combat on map 2 feels more original quake (which I prefer) and the pacing was very good. I especially liked how the place weaved up and down and around on itself several times. I had several moments of 'Oh I was down there before'. I was surprised how good the textures were, they really fitted the architecture much better than in your previous maps. The 1v1 fights with the various dragons actually felt epic. The dragon fight in map 1 lost its impact because there was so many. Having one really tough dragon to fight feels more boss like and something I would expect from a dragon.

As usual I died a lot, but it never felt cheap or unfair, it was always my own fault (which is how it should be). Looking forward to map 3! 
great to hear you guys like it. Map 1 is undeniably a bit much especially at the start. Although Map 3 is possibly worse, I think map 3 is the most fun horde map I've ever made, it's just such doom-like chaos and the low-gravity and GL usage I find really fun.
I thought I got the 'sense of place' down most effectively in Map 2. It went through lots of revisions, the original was one big open area like Masque kind of (vising was impossible at the time, these maps were designed around the same time as Masque in 2005), I slowly chopped it up and fixed it, and put the snow theme near the end, which I think really helped the atmosphere. 
Tronyn, Thank You Very Much. Drake Source Code. 
It's a very beautiful mod for Quake, especially on the first map! Both Heretic, Hexen, Serious Sam and Quake - in one package! Yes, I played Heretic, Doom and Hexen :) The latest drake beta quakec source code seems to support Unforgiven. 
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