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Q1SP: Digs06 - The Anomaly 2: Water
To map want to use oldstyle water. So before the game read the section "Recommends" in the file digs06.txt. At the moment, the best engine for this map is RMQ. Equally important is the transparency of water. I recommend r_wateralpha 0.3

ps. I host my site is antihotlink, thus giving a reference not to the map, and on the page. If someone has the opportunity, upload the map in another place.

Quaddicted mirror:
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Demo: It is interesting to happen. Particularly pleased with the capture of a second golden key 
2nd Gold Key 
Yeah thats a fun trick, if you do it "to precise" you can fall down and then you're locked up (but you can still kill the shambler to unlock yourself) 
Ha! It's really funny. I have not even thought about this scenario, or would like to add a trigger 
digs is the new speeds reborn!

humm what about speeds? never saw him again I miss him :( 
No Offense To Speeds 
but this map is better, imho, than any he created. His textures are awesome as shit though 
Drew as because of location, they are both Russian :) different stiles of course Digs is a awesome mapper as Speeds is :) I'm not making any separation of skills.

This forum is full of quality mappers that deserve to work in level design� and I�m pretty sure I�m not one of then :) 
This map hits the sweet spot in so many ways. Cheers ;> The waterwheel room is pure mind-bending genius.

I never got stuck for long, though spent a while looking for the last trigger off some previously missed door. 
lots of good comments... i think i will have to wait until the weekend to play this though! 
Necros, the map is fantastic... lots of cool idears... and not to much hard and frustrated!

very fun gameplay, one of the best releases of the decade in my opinion! 
Hmmm... Mind Games. 
9/20 Secrets. 
Digs I hate you.

Fascinating map. 
There's a hidden passage in the room with the Quad and LG secret. 
Its Half A Penta! 
Small route change and couple more boosts: 3:33 
14/20 Secrets 
on second walk through 
Would Be Nice 
If silent or someone else could post a demo with all 20 secrets, i found about 15 aswell, one i didnt find is the LG secret everyone is one about and from my head i spotted 3 quads, could be a fun one to record a 100% demo aswell with all that quad and most weapons available early 
I'd Be All For It, Orbs... 
...but, take it from me...

Finding all secrets in this map will crack you up. I don't wanna spoil it for people who have not found them all.

They're a hell lotta fun. And, there are even a coupla fake baits... Gotta love this.

Still... if you people want, I can record a 100% demo and post it... 
Completly Different Route 
Tried looking for a all secrets and i did find a couple more now (i was at 17) then i all of sudden thought of this route and gave up the browsing for secrets. one more good tweak and it I might get within 3 mins.

3:17 : 
Orbs, Cool! 
Always dreamed about creating or at least playing a map with water used like this. Now my dreams came true. Pure awesomeness! 
Finally got around to downloading this and having my first play through of it, and WOW, this is incredible.
Just when you think people have exhausted the limits of what is possible with vanilla quake, someone comes along and pushes the boundaries even further.
I got lost a few times and got a bit confused, but eventually worked out all the puzzles.
Incredibly innovative and well thought out map.
Fantastic work Digs! 
quakis, thank you very much for the review, an interesting look at my creations. For me it has become commonplace in the making, so I have not experienced such feelings in the same way that you do. 
You need to make more maps, seriously.

And Daz, you need to customgaymer this. 
Thanks, but now I have a little free time 
I did already, and failed so hard at it :) 
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