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RTCW Unofficial Patch 1.42
Knightmare has released an unofficial patch with the following fixes:

This is a simple patch that fixes the startup crash caused by newer video drivers (commonly misattributed to Windows 7), adds fully native widescreen support, and a few other fixes and tweaks.

Download :
man i haven't played rtcw in years... maybe i'll dig the cd out sometime soon. 
RTCW MP Anyone? 
If you had said Enemy Territory we would have been ON! ;)

Might have to reinstall that, it was a very special game! 
ET Is Fine Too 
At least without all the stupid sound and ui mods plaguing servers these days 
... hhhmmmm still installed on my PC... I should give a rebirth... maybe ;) 
Did Someone Notice The Flamethrower Bug In RTCW 
LoL :| 
I had this game on my HD for years (probably since it was released). Just few days ago I cleaning the hd and removed the game because of the crush bug. I wanted to play the game again, but after 3rd mission engine always crushed, if had know about that fix just a little sooner... :|.

And btw, even after all those years... game is amazing. I just run it and played those 3 first missions not even knowing when that happened. 
No Servers With This Version 
Well if there are no servers with this version you can forget playing online... 
Hi, nitin. I can not open the patch download web site. Could you send me one by email? thanks!
my email: 
Tried Twice 
keep getting Delivery failures. 
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