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How Does Your Quake Look Like!?!?
just to share some pics and some possible improvements in sbar and stuff :p

there it goes one pic of my Quake Darkplaces... Zwiffle made me change to DP

for some in here 24 bits look like shit but I like it :p
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320 omg.
yeah, i couldn't even stand that back when it's was considered normal res. it's like looking at a screen through a beer glass.
the minute i got a machine that could handle 640, i never looked back.

these days, i find 1280x960 more than enough for modern games. i only use 1600x1200 for quake because that's my desktop res and i have to switch back and for from the engine a lot when making stuff. 
I just installed the Reforged monster skins and QRP textures - wow everything looks awesome! I've been playing with the original textures and skins all these years!

Some of it's not perfect - the grunts look odd, but overall it's a nice facelift imo. The enemies now have character and look modern, instead of pixelated blurs. The Ogre and Shambler are awesome. 
for me, it's not that the skins from qrp are all that great, but that they managed to get them going on the stock id models. that's impressive. 
~just instaled the monsters textures and didn't like much :( 
Some Of Those Skins 
look ok but some look shite. Might download and pick and choose if possible. 
wasnt starbuck making more hi res from scratch textures? I've been hanging out for those. 
true some are nice, other shit :\

don't like ogre and scrag 
Starbuck's Debaser textures are not what I'd consider hi-res, by any measure. They're not much bigger than the original images.

Some QRP textures are also not very sharp.

Just look at the actual image sizes. 
and as for "comicky", that's more Quake's art style than any textures. 
and finally, why not just tell nergal what you don't like about certain skins? He's pretty open minded. 
standard hi-res or not, they are one of the few sets that fit the original art style and are a noticeable bump over the stock resolution. 
also, the simple version of the retextured ammo packs (animated bsps not the md3 version) is cool. well, except the rockets, but the other ammo boxes and health kits look great.

i still prefer to play in vanilla mode, but when i test things in DP, i like having the new monster skins and ammo boxes in. 
DP is very impressive tech wise but it's lack of support for large maps is pretty annoying. Especially as people insist on playing with it, against recommendation, and complain it's slow :P 
it also breaks basic qc stuffs which, for a modder engine, is just annoying as heck. 
Since I bought my AMD Athlon II X2 250 with a GeForce Gt 430 Darkplace runs perfect with all maps...

Made a miracle 6 month ago with 220 �

who need's intel processors? 
this is how my quake looks like
why using anything another engine when everything is perfect and clean? :) 
You've got a big monitor, Vondur! Is it a 27" Dell? As a guess? 
New Map Vondur? 
That's Ac.bsp 
hm... ever since i started playing with gl_texturemode 3, i can't stand the sight of the blurred bilinear filtered textures. :P 
I'm afraid my e1m2 retexture attempt ( ) died a death when my laptop got stolen.

Glad you enjoyed the idbase textures though, I was very happy that the response from everyone here was so positive, considering most people (like me) are predisposed against retexture packs. 
that looks AWESOME. wow. fully high res yet unmistakably the original texture!

real shame about the theft. :( 
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