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How Does Your Quake Look Like!?!?
just to share some pics and some possible improvements in sbar and stuff :p

there it goes one pic of my Quake Darkplaces... Zwiffle made me change to DP

for some in here 24 bits look like shit but I like it :p
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Qbism Or Bust 
I also use directq and get crazy fps, like 1000. 
I thought DP supported bump mapping? Those textures look horribly cartoony without it. 
... with resolution to its highest setting 1024x768... nothing more 
You guys might want to limit your FPS so your graphics card can relax a bit. 72 is fine. 
your hud looks like shit , really

personally , i prefer the classic hud, w/o advanced textures and such 
And That New Marine's Face 
The Shotty 
in trinca's pic looks pretty good. What's that from? 
TextFish And Trinca 
Darkplaces bump-mapping does work, but you need to type into the console:

r_glsl_offsetmapping 1, r_glsl_offsetmapping_reliefmapping 1

If I was Lordhavoc I would put a line in the graphics options to turn on and off the parralax occlusion mapping effects..... 
nitin is darkplaces and QRP


what I love the most in the LG gun... is so fucking awesome!

Spirit thanks I've always forget to put fps smaller :p already fix it! 
i like the qrp when i use dp. model skins are generally all quite good.
for normal play, i use gl_texturemode 3 to disable linear filtering, but use a high anisotropy at 1600x1200 in quakespasm. 
It Looks Like Fucking Quake Of Course. 
GLQuake, usually via Fitz, but strictly no bullshit. 
RMQ or Directq, 1600x900. fov 110.

Nothing else, I like clean, simple, and fast. 
1920*1080 with 16xAA, 16xAF, starbuck's hi res base textures, vsync (60 fps) and idgamma. 
Wot Smabler Said 
no way to fancy retextured bollox and colored lites! 
Real men don't need eye candy. 
I like playing vanilla Quake with Darkplaces, hi-res textures with normals, parralax occlusion mapping, hi-res monsters, coloured lighting, hi-res sounds, fov 85.

But most of the time I just use RMQEngine, cause it's fast, it likes 16:9 wide-screen. And did I mention that it's fast? 
RickyT23 hi-res monsters from where?

I want to test this out! 
Fitz, 800x600
aguirRe's WinQuake, 320x200.

Nothing remotely hi-res. Interpolation in Fitz disabled. 
That's Not 
vanilla Quake. 
It plays like vanilla Quake, but it looks all hi-res n' bumpy n' stuff.


Quake Re-Forged have had a skin pack out for quite some time now, they are super-cool and very hi-res, and they have all normals and everything too. 
It didnt feel good back then, and it doesnt feel good now. Short sighted Quake. I wear spectacles so I can see more clearly, if I had lazer eye surgery I wouldnt wear blur-tacles for nostagic reasons, that would be silly..... 
1024x768 In Quake SP and QW 
i have nothing against hi res in general, but generally speaking amateur hi res remakes of lo res textures tend to look a bit shit. the same goes for skins, especially combined with low poly models.

so i tend not to bother with that stuff. i am, however, a bit of a sucker for the coloured dynamic lights in rmqengine, as well as the contrast slider and linear texture filtering inherited from fitz. i am fond of the 16 bit colour setting too, but it tends to screw with my system and cause crashes. and i absolutely cannot play any game with centered weapons anymore so moved all my models 4 (or 8?) units to the right: (which admittedly fucks up the lightning bolt but i'll take that hit given how often i use it)

so in summary, i can assume my penis is a tad bigger than trinca's but pales in comparison to vondur/shambler (that's what this is really about isn't it) 
you wish rj :) 
Tsk Tsk Tsk... 
... bad assumption: it is not about penis sizes, it was about what HUD looks... though..... ;) 
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