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The Binding Of Isaac
Boasting, discussion etc.

The game is by one of the developers of Super Meat Boy, who also worked on Time Fcuk, which is free to play.

For TBoI, here's the wikia for walkthrough stuff:
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We're Just Elaborately Trolling You All 
The Best Thing About Bluebaby 
Is that he can shit on the floor of rooms that displease him. 
New Hidden Character!

There was some ARG going on that ended with people finding a poster with a phone number with a message and then finding a Greed statue in real life... and apparently has unlocked a new character that we can now get by maxing out the Greed Mode donation machine 
Good God. 
Do not, and I repeat do not browse the Isaac subreddit until further notice. 
How is this different from the rest of the time? 
I Wouldnt 
Unless somebody told me not to. 
last 2 daily challenges have fucked me... that is what I get for bragging... 
I'm On The Unlocks For Now 
Just destroyed hush with Lusty Blood or whatever the retro samson item is.

Basically it ups your damage for each minion killed :D

And it seems that mega greed now goes red when he becomes damage resistant.

And the greed machine keeps locking after 1-3 coins, even though its supposedly at 0% 
The red is Ultra Greed being enraged, which happens when he picks up coins or gets healed by heart coins. Pretty sure it just makes him faster at everything. 
Maybe, but I had a OP damage run and thought I saw him going more or less red depending on how much I whaled on him. 
I think he also enrages just for the fuck of it too, cuz Edmund realized he didn't bother to balance Greed Mode at all and it was fucking easy beyond the first floor so he had to do something to make it tough at the end. 
Ok Then 
Had A Few Of Those 
But by getting unlimited chests in the chest. 
Swallowed penny Keeper run - had the key for mega satan plus a load of carry items.

Cathedral, stepped on some spikes then (without picking up coins) wandered into a super secret room with two magnetic champion invisible demons (the one with runes on the floor).

Ohh, web based daily leaderboard.

At least I can compete against everyone else... all you scums stopped playing the daily :( 
Too Busy 
With the achievements... 
I Might 
Start playing the daily again - finally hit the wall with the unlocks.

Just got the especially BS challenges to unlock now, plus the final completion pips for the Lost and Keeper.

SPEED! is incredibly fucking broken. The stopwatch item nonsense already proved they don't have a reliable method for modifying the game clock, this just confirms it.

The Keeper isn't so bad. The real hurdle is getting the wooden nickel, once you've got that (kill Isaac in Cathedral) he's pretty playable. I can see the hush being frustrating unless you luck out with orbitals and possibly the soul as well.

The Lost does look pretty good with his new stuff, although the D4 is irrelevant with the Holy Mantle in tow.

Both these characters are very susceptible to the random BS the game occasionally throws at you though. So they can wait. 
I'll go for unlocks again once I am finished the map I'm working on. Just play the daily each day. Still a million coins to even unlock Keeper for me. 
What The Fuck 
They Fixed 
Crack the sky? 
In Any Case 
The beams of light suck as a mechanic - both for you and the enemies.

There should be a warning glow, a delay (not moving), and then it hits.

This would make it effective against slow bosses or enemies and crap against fast ones.

Bosses like conquest could then aim it directly at you, rather than just randomly taking hearts away if you're unlucky.

Bosses like Isaac could then have more complex and entertaining patterns as well. 
Just bombed a shopkeeper and he woke up!

Also realised you can use the poop item to make bridges over gaps... 
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