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The Binding Of Isaac
Boasting, discussion etc.

The game is by one of the developers of Super Meat Boy, who also worked on Time Fcuk, which is free to play.

For TBoI, here's the wikia for walkthrough stuff:
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To Start With 
It's not fair on Rage that The Binding came out at the same time. 
Someone should "borrow" those monster models for a Quake mod! 
A Bit 
Too disturbing for Quake :)

The four horsemen are already on stained glass windows, making them Quake mini-bosses would be cool. 
Nah, too Hexenish. 
Thinking ring-wriath but more stylized like in TBoI.

So maybe four ogre bosses, like that one from the mexx series could be War - a berserk ogre, basically, but in a small space with lots more health.

...or four Shamblers... 
4 Shamblers 
War: Melee only,does berserker charges like a bull that knock the player around.

Pestilence: Regular shambler, but when killed splits into two smaller, faster versions that cause less damage. Each subsequent version also splits.

Famine: No melee but drains player's blood by proximity. Constant Blinking, teleporting around the place and launching multiple lightning attacks.

Death: Lightning strikes cause persistent black spheres which cause constant damage to anyone touching them. 
Those 4 are not Shamblers, they are the horsemen of Apocalypse... though... 
That's The Point 
The 4 Shamblers of the apocalypse!

Mom is beating the crap out of me - I beat her pretty quickly a few times, the last 3-4 times she's killed me when her bar's at less than a 1/4 each time.

The little adds keep on scraping at my health and the game slows down completely... 
I never died in any of the Mom battles. The monster she spawns can be either ignored or taken care of if necessary in-between the stomps. Many times they are killed by the stomps - try to stay in the center of the room and spam the eyes.
In the Mom's Heart battle you can put a bomb there that will damage her and destroy the new monsters right as they spawn.

What I find more challenging than finishing the game now is trying to play through the levels without getting hit. Except for the basement I always managed to screw it up somehow, even in runs that looked most promising at first (having good stats + shovel and all).

Good hilarity sometimes.. well, annoying fuckups. Like when I deperately needed a key earlier and hit the slotmachines. Three dollars but no key. Eventually I got one somewhere and rushed towards the room with the door, only to accidentally waste the key on a padlock right behind an entrance.

mh: Definitely. They would make for some badass Quake monsters. Not only or necessarily the bosses, but the regular enemies, too. 
Good Advice 
I was sticking to the corners.

3 completions now, not long to go...

RMQ has had work done on it btw - it's sat on another HD. 
I think it's coming to Linux too. Holy crapper - another decent Linux game. 8P 
You Know You Can Shoot The Leg Too, Right? 
For anyone wondering about the difficulty in this game, it's brutal and uncompromising at first, but the longer you play and the more items you unlock, the easier it becomes. I'm surprised Bal hasn't 100%ed it yet, though.

I'm still missing some 8-10 items. Trying to beat the game with ??? now, which is a very tough challenge and even more luck-based (he only has blue hearts). And damn that Super Meat Boy achievement...

ijed, try Cain or Judas. They are good for regular runs. 
Linux? Wow. I might actually have to get it.

What a shock. 
Everything Is Terrible! 
Rocks that give stuff look exactly the same as others by the way, although their appearance seems to have the same frequency as the blue rocks in other levels. 
Dr Fetus + Meatboy are not a good combination.

The silly little fucker keeps kicking my bombs back at me... 
> Everything Is Terrible!

Is that bad ? I saw the demo - looks a little like Robotron in therapy.

And does it really need a Core 2 2400 ?! That's a hard for me to imagine for a top down shooter. My NV9400M macbook has a 2.0GHz (3M cache) C2D if i want to install steam. 
A Demo 
Steven, it's the title of a Steam achievement and means that ijed has managed to beat the full game five times.

Those requirements seems very high, but then again the problem is that the game is made in Flash which isn't a very good platform for stuff where a lot of things a drawn on screen at once. In rooms with a lot of enemies and projectiles, one frequently experiences slow-downs, even on fast machines. It's still playable, just a little annoying. 
The fifth character ???? aka Bluebaby wets himself whenever he enters a room and is able to produce shit as a special ability.

Does the shit do anything special I hear you ask. No, not really.

The majority of health powerups are useless as well since he only has soul (temporary) hearts...

Think I'll call it a day. You win Negke :)

Even so, completing the full game 10 times is the kind of replay you don't get with most games, and tbh I didn't really like SMB.

TBoI isn't quite as abusively difficult as that, mainly because its got a very clever difficulty curve which depends on the player learning as opposed to the level design.

Counter to most design it gets easier the more you play, but doesn't bump the difficulty (at least until you've completed the game five times) to compensate for how much you've learned about how to play it, and how many more items you've unlocked.

A very interesting game, all said. 
I Made You My Bitch! 
With ??? it's not so hard either if you get a bit lucky with soul hearts. If helps a lot if you can grab the Book of Revelations, or better yet, the Nail. In my successful run I even had more hearts than displayed by the time I entered Womb 1. 
I only just realized that Shy Hives and regular flies don't hurt you when you touch them. 
Book Of Revelations + Battery 

I managed to overfill the UI on one run - I had more hearts than it could show, but they still counted. 
Just missed getting the Spelunker boy by taking a bad trip pill.

That's an achievement for not getting hit during the entire caves episode, and bad trip hits you for one heart.

Also, pro tip - doing a full compile whilst playing slows the game right down, making dodging stuff easy :P 
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