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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
First of all, really amazed noone has made a thread for this yet. Second, seeing as how the game is about to be released out here in EST-land (about, as in another hour and a half, hence my spamming in here instead of playing), thought I'd get things started. Seeing as how just about everyone in here will be playing it eventually, I'm sure this thread will be of much use. At least 75% sure, anyways.
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I Would. 
This Game.... totally IMBA against close combat players. 
Re: 54
which sex will make the other obsolete first? 
Quick Question 
What's good stuff to spend money on to improve combat effectiveness as a heavy armoured war axe + destruction / battle axe Orc?? Finally starting to horde a bit... 
Less Bugs/glitches 
<@negke> omg orl
<@negke> skyrim always crashes in the most awkward situations
<@negke> if it wasn't for the autosave, i'd be doomed
<@Skyrimbler> skyrim has some impressive crashes
<@Skyrimbler> it definitely gets more buggy the more you play
<@Skyrimbler> so far i;ve had crashes to desktop on fast travelling, moving location, waiting time, and occasionally just for fun, i've seen animals walking underwater, a floating sword, trees, npcs and a dragon all textured with a default lavender flat texture, my skills menu turned bright pink, and the gloves of tuning magika buff/bug

Herp derp. I finally have decapitation perks on both single and double handed weapons so my life is complete. Well, might have to start dual weilding that could be fun. 
But it's not like the game crashes every 10 minutes. I can play for hours without. And it starts up/loads saves fast, so no big deal. omg yrl. 
the lavender texture thing, at least in oblivion, signified a texture that was replaced externally (loose file overriding a game archive file), but not invalidated by the archiveinvalidation text file. or... something LIKE that.

oblivion had some pretty fucked up bugs, like, for example, the fact it didn't fully clear the memory when loading new games. doesn't look like their engine coders learned much since then from what you describe. :(

yet, from what i've seen of it, it still looks really awesome. :P 
I Have Had Fewer Crashes... 
...once I started using this to run the game with the large-address-aware flag:

Also, yeah, it's buggy, as is to be somewhat expected from a game of this scope (not to mention a Bethesda game), but holy shit it's gorgeous.

So many times, I have stopped dead in my tracks just to gawk at the scenery, the mountains, the sky, and take in the beauty of it all. 
I've had a few bugs too, well glitches more like. But compared to other RPGs, it feels very polished in this respect.
Going to give the LAA patch a try - thought they had disabled that for good.

The game is gorgeous indeed. I'm 74 hours in and still haven't done many of the actual side quests, let alone the main quest, only miscellaneous ones for the most part. And I've yet to visit at least three or four major towns - haven't been to the far NW and the entire SE region at all. The 'problem' is that, unlike Oblivion, I can't walk past a newly discovered dungeon without exploring it. The dungeons are just so nicely done, all unique in some way, and often have cool items. Carry weight limit is constantly driving me crazy. I really need to buy a horse (have been saying that for days).

So necros, re: expensive new games, this game is actually worth every cent. You're probably better off not buying it now, because of the amount of time it would make you kill. I take everything back I said about Kinn/Oblivion. :} 
So, Gimme Some Tips... 
Having been wandering around semi-aimlessly, I've started to enjoy most of the combat (Fantasy FPS feel).

What I want to do now is be able to deal with dungeon bosses (especially magic wielding ones), as they are still IMBA pains in the arse. I'm nicely equally leveled up in Single Handed, Double Handed, Destruction and Heavy Armour, with Restoration lagging a bit behind.

So what should I do / focus on to get better at crushing magic bosses in H2H combat?? I don't mean tactics as such, I mean overall gameplay. What to spend skills on, what to find, what to spend gold on?? I don't want to do any grinding/farming bollocks, so I'm not doing any endless smithing levelling up - I want to do stuff that is playing the game that will improve my pwning abilities...

Unlocking Shouts 
There's one to freeze your opponent. Conjuring stuff helps tactically too, because it distracts the enemy. 
Conjuring & Shouts. 
Both good points. I've got the Fire Atronach and she is a total babe and does come in pretty handy, it would be useful to find more.

Shouts....I really like the kickback one but more shouts could be useful, especially upgrading the freeze one (the downside with kickback is reaching the kickbacked enemy!).

I guess that boils down to more exploration and more talking to find any suitable quests... 
...the other thing I want to obtain is more violence. I've got the critical hit / decapitation perk, are there any ways of increasing the chance of that, or of getting more bloodshed, limb removal etc etc?? 
If you want to really focus on hand-2-hand, smithing becomes kind of important, cause that's how you'll make tougher armor and stronger weapons (by improving them, not necessarily by making new ones).

It takes very little grinding to get your smithing level up to something useful depending on how you play. If you pick up all random ingots/ore/etc that you find lying around in dungeons, after a while you can do a quick 5 minute smithing session and raise like 20 levels super quickly.
Improved armor will make the different during close quarter combat. 
you can keep some resistance items on you to use for specific spellcaster bosses. For example I have a shield with 50% frost resistance on it that I use for liches and ice dragons, it really takes the edge off. 
Smithing / Resistance. 
Bal I have enchanted weapons, I tried to sharpen them it told me I needed level 60 smithing to get the "sharpen enchanted items" perk. BLEH.

Daz, hmmm yeah I will bear that in mind. I am using Stoneflesh a lot more. 

Yeah fuck wishywashy folk music from the game, but......nom nom nom!

CZG and I both found the only toilet in the game, it's a little alcove with a pit and a bucket in it. I went for a dump. Apparently CZG used it for a bit of gloryhole action.

There are some cool ruins and dungeons for sure. Get past the typical Draugr barrows and onto the Dwarf ruin and caves and there's proper cool stuff. Ja-Reera in Solitude and the totally sexy something-the-lion bitch in Riften give quests that go to such places.

If you want Daedra hearts the mission from the museum in Dawnstar gets you 4. The Dremora Daedra were really easy to kill which is strange.

I've gone back to single handed combat and am currently rocking ebony axe with 12 health steal vampire enchantment + ebony axe with 20 fire damage enchantment + 2/2 dual wielding perk for 35% quicker attacks. Seems to work nicely - although I don't get decapitation critical hits with it :S. Could also swap the burning for magicka damage enchantment or a second vampire axe. 
Really nice re-imagining of that bard song. Wish bethesda had actually made that kind of effort on them in the first place :P 
I one shot everything with 1500 damage sneak arrows, then don't bother looting the corpses cause I have already 200k gold and houses in every city.
Guess it's about time I stopped playing and resume my regular life. 

Shambler, awesome video! But I MUST link something female-ish to counterweight and set everything back to balance!!! (at 0:35 she does it!) 
Yeah Well. 
How many toilets you found Bal??

Also one shot arrows FFS Bal = IMBA.

I wonder what the max damage on a proper weapon is?? 
Okay I admit it I should have tried this earlier, I didn't realise how super omg awesome easy it was compared to lvling up other attributes.

4 blacksmith forges, 10 minutes, and 126 iron daggers later and I got from 25 to 60, got the arcane perk, another 2 minutes and I got all my ebony upgraded. Cheers for the tip guys. 
Courtesy Of CZG 
<@cnkyhnfvg> nws for ShamblR 
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