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Q1SP - Retribution Of The ConeScript By VIE888
Short fantasy episode for Nehahra, features hub-based RPGish gameplay. Released in 2007.

Retribution of the ConeScript is a Quake 1 Mission Pack. It offers an rpg style, but it is not a rpg game.The Main story is - that you are a warrior, who has been killed in the battle, your soul is held in the purgatory.You have to accomplish a few quests. These are the rune quests. You have to get 4 runes. Each rune has it`s own map and each map is different from another. It means, that you must complete it, each of them on it`s different way. You`ll start in the Trader`s Town, here you can buy an armor and a weapons from the proper shop.You can also listen to the words that are told by every character in the town (some of them helps you accomplish the quests).
RotCS is a fully playable prototype of the project I never finished.


Darkplaces is recommended. BJP's nehquake works, but there are grey flashes in the town map and no support for the ogg music.
Neat idea, 1998ish execution. Somewhat in the spirit of TDK, but much more basic. Very small levels, few monsters. Be sure to visit the shops after each 'quest'. Some of the weapons didn't appear for me, maybe some BJPquake thing that doesn't occur with DP. Posted mainly for the sake of completeness and to annoy Spirit. 
Sounds quite non-"vanilla sp Quake" to me so can I ignore it? posted mainly to annoy gb. 
It's all fine. Just not as straightforward as regular maps. You'll have to repackage it though, because it's very messy. 
Since it's brought up again, what's the result of the discussion of including mods on quaddicted? Will SP and FPS mods be included now? 
screenshot looks nice 
the discussion was fruitless and there was no result or conclusion. 
How is it fruitless? didn't you agree that the standards must be indisputable? They aren't right now, based on post #2.

I suggested a simple standard, the mod must have a SP mode, and it must be an FPS.

I never got any refutation. 
Fruitless as in no concrete solution was found.

I tought I made it pretty clear that I want a full solution for any kinds of mods, singleplayer/multiplayer, any game modes. I can't find the reference right now, it does not help if people ask question like this in random places.

Your suggestions are not very helpful. If you propose a way to combine all kinds of mods into one big database but with easy differentiation and handling filename conflicts, handling rar/exe, versions, etc then you are helping. Sorry if this comes across a bit grumpy but that's how it is. I myself am interested in other things so if you want your wishes fulfilled then you have to work. Maybe take a bunch of maps & mods and start from there, see how you can organise them nicely, then add random others and adjust, and so on. 
Someone make a video playthrough plz )
Cba to bother with Neh, if its a crappy scrap of a pack. 
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