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Best Q1SP Map Of 2011?
Hey everyone,
Spirit used to run a poll for year's best map at Quaddicted, but the software he's using for the new version doesn't support it and he thinks it'd be problematic to do it through email, so I thought I'd just raise the issue here and do it informally. I am about to go to the bar so I don't have a lot of time to compile a list of the year's releases, but for me, I'd say that I think it's between Rubicon 2, Altar of Storms, and Unforgiven (being biased on the last count it's hard to say). Anyway, discuss.
My speedmaps, obviously! 
Should Have Listed Them In The OP 
All maps from 2011

Altart of Storms and Rubicon 2. Anomaly 2 was great, too. And lots of Tronyn stuff. Seemed like a slow year for Q1SP releases, but those that appeared were very good. 
How could I forget Anomaly 2!
It took the weirdness of Quake and ran with it, and I feel like that hasn't been done enough. Props! 
Rubicon 2 is not a map, its a mod with 4 maps...
I am about to go to a pub so I don't have a lot of time to say much more, but discuss. 
Altar of Storms is also a mod, and has multiple maps. And Unforgiven does as well iirc so you'd have to remove those too if that counted against them. 
Rubicon 2 might have 3 maps but I couldn't decide on a favorite for the life of me so there's that. 
Let "The Altar of Storms" is a mod. I still want to vote for him 
My 5 Favourite Releases In Order: 
Rubicon 2
Altar of Storms
Anomaly 2
DMC 3 
Anomaly 2 Is My TOP. 
Following closely is Altar of Storms, but that is, in my mind, a little different kind of beast...

Then sure, Rubicon 2, 'cuz it's awesome.

And maybe Dark Ritual SP.

Unforgiven's last map was a blast. 
Seemed like a slow year for Q1SP releases, but those that appeared were very good.

Actually I count 20 (non-speedmap) releases on there, which is more than there were in 2010 (11) or 2009 (14). You'd have to go back to 2008 to find a year with more (non-speedmap) releases than 2011. 
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