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Q1SP: Bad Dark Cistern
More remade Quake:
A medium-sized brick/cistern-themed level for single player and deathmatch based on the Quake's stock levels DM5 and DM6, with an underwater DM4 beneath, using the GPL sources.

The maps are joined together retaining the original layouts, and they are touched up with additional detail. Gameplay is pretty much the same deal as the other DM->SP conversions I made - prepare for some good carnage.

It was started as a simple semi-turtlemap project to be released for Christmas, but got delay until now for various reasons and urgent Dragonborn duties. I tried to keep it relatively simple which could be held for or against it (e.g. didn't change the original maps where I probably should have), and the new detail impacts on the performance considerably in comparision. Oh well.



FISHMOTHERFUCKINGFIX This fixes the "solid fish" bug and makes them now non-solid like other monsters so they don't block the water tunnels.

Have fun.
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Dogs can insta-kill too. It's rare but it happens.

yeah i remember it was happened once playing to the harms way map 
Nice Map 
but I agree with the comments about the DM4 section being frustrating. I cheated to get through that bit even though I knew the suit respawned. Why?

I know the DM4 layout, but you blocked bits off, so it made it harder to figure out where I was an where I needed to go. Also, after I hit the first switch, the exit back into the main atrium didn't open. I later went back and it opened, so I guess I didn't try to go close enough to it for it to trigger, but I was kind of pissed off by then anyway, so I just noclipped around and figured it out. The fish were very annoying too, and although that's just a Quake bug I guess, you could have made it easier to avoid the tunnels getting clogged up with dead fish.

Anyway, other than that it was great, and I liked the way you connected the maps together - it all flowed together very nicely. 
i had no qualms with the underwater area. i mean i spent ages down there and kept getting lost but always found my way back to the biosuit in time (clocked the respawn sound straight away too)

i've long since altered my id1 progs to fix that annoying nonsolid delay on the fish but i appreciate that's not something everyone feels inclined to do (even when the fix is provided). i'd suggest a custom game folder/pak distribution but you seem to have a bit of an aversion to them judging by how far you tend to stretch id1 ;) 
The fish fix progs I provided makes the fish nonsolid, too. It's unfortunate only the link was edited into the OP without the description from the post. It can be used as an id1 patch or individual mod, however you prefer.

I agree there shouldn't have been fish in the tunnels - I'm so used to non-blocking (even gibbing) fish thanks to my dev progs that I didn't give it enough thought.

I'm still a little puzzled how most of you get lost down there so badly. Feeling 'a bit' lost is okay, intentional, but I'm surprised about how you can get this hopelessly lost in such a small part of a map. I mean usually you do realize you've been in an area (entrance) before, and then try another one, unless your sense of orientation is akin to the monster AI. So my the theory, anyway.
Having said that, I see that the current setup is unnecessairly prone to confusion. The buttons should have been on the walls, not the floor, for better visibility and also linked to the barriers to make it harder to 'clear' the essential rooms without pressing the buttons.

If you happen to know an equally confusing map (not maze), tell me. I'd like to put my own sense of orientation to the test. 
My Shitty Skill3 Demo 
Equally Confusing Map 

I think the linking tunnels were a major source of confusion for me. My sense of direction completely went to hell in them and they were all so similar that it quickly became difficult to know which one you were in or if you'd been these before. 
i may have exaggerated a little; i was definitely closer to 'a bit' than 'hopelessly'

one possible explanation for the disorientation is that when underwater, the typical player probably takes less time to examine their surroundings as they will invariably be hurrying through at pace to avoid losing air, often swimming to the first opening they come across rather than properly examining all routes. even with the respawning biosuit it's almost instinct to anyone familiar with the game

the most confusing quake map i can remember is... well actually, e4m3. i still get lost in that to this day ;/ 
Sandy Petersen Ftw 
e4m7 for me. 
Thanks for the reviews, quakis and Tronyn. And thanks again for all the demos. Sorry about water area - next time I'll try to make it more noob-friendly. ;) 
That Ceiling Tube 
Was complete n00b trolling - admit it.

Looking again at the rest of the layout, I realise how complex it all is... 
Yeah, Ok 
Btw. than, did you get the homage? <3 
Yeah, I Did 
"Remove your tie before you go in" and "another plumbing job well done"?

Thanks :) 
Cool Map 
Really enjoyed playing through this map. The extra details and the retexture of dm6 made it feel really seamless and up to the architecture expected of quake this days. Combat was never unfair and there was good creative use of jumping monsters and angles. I did find that by half way I was completely out of shells and ended up using nails in combats I wouldn't usually - but that might just be my instinct to mostly save them for high pressure fights.

I liked the underwater segment to a point, because it gave an exploration feel which I wasn't expecting in a map comprised of levels I already knew. I did get caught out at first because I missed the respawning airsuit first time round and expected instead that I'd have to find one somewhere else. Once I got the hang of that it worked fine.

I think the connecting pipes down there were what made it most difficult though. As you said it is disorienting in any water section, and so having tunnels whose design offers no distinction between horizontal and vertical caused problems. This was compounded by the combination of water, dark texture and low lighting which made everything indistinct on my monitor.

That was the only real problem I encountered though, and I still liked the overall idea of an extensive water exploration segment. Finally, curse you for making a fetch quest with a non-key item - that's been something I wanted to do in a quake entity-hack map for a while! I shall have to make mine more gruesome now... 
I try not to read the threads too much before I review a map (like maybe read only the first 5-10 posts), but the water section was noob-friendly enough for me ;) the traps in Lower Forecourt were way more confusing to me. What is awesome though is just these new scenarios you always invent. Shit I'm Michael Bay compared to you ;)
Necros might be a bit more of a Chris Nolan. heh. 
Am I the David Lynch of Quake then? Or the Uwe Boll.. 
you're too hard on yourself. you're at least a peter jackson! 
Very Very Cool Map 
wasnt expecting to like it as much as I did (mainly because dm5 and dm6 are very bland looks wise but your additions were good enough), but the gameplay in this map is awesome IMHO. Well balanced and a lot of fun with many surprises. 
100% Spoiler Demo 
Demo | Video

For onepureturtle and others who missed some of the secrets or cba to play the map. 
Scuba at this time found, but in the end still choked ... A lot of water ... Panic :)
Will try again 
yes! I did it! 
Better late than never. 
And I still have not found out how to finish digs06. 
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