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Q1SP: Bad Dark Cistern
More remade Quake:
A medium-sized brick/cistern-themed level for single player and deathmatch based on the Quake's stock levels DM5 and DM6, with an underwater DM4 beneath, using the GPL sources.

The maps are joined together retaining the original layouts, and they are touched up with additional detail. Gameplay is pretty much the same deal as the other DM->SP conversions I made - prepare for some good carnage.

It was started as a simple semi-turtlemap project to be released for Christmas, but got delay until now for various reasons and urgent Dragonborn duties. I tried to keep it relatively simple which could be held for or against it (e.g. didn't change the original maps where I probably should have), and the new detail impacts on the performance considerably in comparision. Oh well.



FISHMOTHERFUCKINGFIX This fixes the "solid fish" bug and makes them now non-solid like other monsters so they don't block the water tunnels.

Have fun.
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Two links point to the same screenshot. 
Lol At The Title 
screenshots look good
interested to see how dm5 fits in 
Forgot To Add 
This map is released under the terms of GPL v2 or later. The map source is included in the zip. 
Great, Now Czg Won't Play It. 
ok I drowned, no fun ( 
liked the idea and nice merge of 3 classic map in original way! cool map! 
yay, this map rocks ^_^ 
I got lost in the underwater area - despite being based on familar maps so I reckon I've mostly got myself to blame for that.

It was great to see some real use of underwater areas here; something that's rarely made use of. 
I Like What You Did With The Place(s)!

This is Essential Quake: You never fail to impress me with your skill and forethought.
I'm pretty sure this will be an annoying demo for you to watch though, since I'm not particularly well versed in those maps, and I end up wandering quasi-lost a bit. Not that I minded!
Only found 1 secret and missed out on a huge amount of enemies -- so I've obviously got a few more playthroughs to do on this thing too!

Thanks, as always, for keeping things kvlt. 
Forgot To Add #2 
Since the map has a lot of fish, this may be a good opportunity to update your Quake with a proper 1.06 progs.dat that has the fish count bug fixed (I assume most of you don't have it). For convenience, I made one hete which also makes dead fish nonsolid on the first frame (instead of the last), avoiding the annoying blocking that usually occurs with them. To install, simply copy the PAK file into your ID1 directory.

Metl: Would you mind adding the two <!> posts to the OP? thx 
great work negke, love it. tried few times, got killed or drowned, will definitively give it some more playtroughs. the new details and overall pace are perfect, keep it coming pls, thnx
PS: using TGWTDT-Under The Midnight Sun.mp3 as a soundtrack for these fantasy/horror levels lately 
Shots look really good despite "old-schoolish", and that is good !
/me gonna play this this evening... or later but soon feedback will be provided ;) 
Great, Great Map 
Thank you negke! this is what i'd call "a proper rmq map". Very impressive and very negke's 
Cool'n Great ! 
Very cool and fun map. Innovative in many ways, I love it !

Thanks a lot for that one, it's now part of my permanent collection ! ;-)

Quake still lives ! 
i died like a noob in the start of underwater dm4 segment. map looks nice and slick and i agree that spy said about "proper rmq map" because it reminded me of vondur/czg e1m1 stuff.

i'm also digging the fish fixing pak2.pak\progs.dat, thanks alot for that one as well. 
A Wonderful Map. 
I could not pass it to the end because of his gaffes: elementary drowned, after being plunged into the hatch, and hoped that I would find some place where I can come up.
Map very much. The idea is original. In the near future to try to go again. 
Cool Stuff 
The underwater bit was very nice, could have been a bit more frantic by by a longer delay on the biosuit respawn.

You Don't Want To Know How It Worked Before The Beta Tests. 
The Underwater Bit Was Actually Tested?? 
I liked the map.
Was in control of everything until the underwater part :)

Here is skill 2 first play demo: 
Yes, yes it was ;) 
Duh It Was Tested 
We're talking about Negke, one of the biggest perfectionists on the forum! Also the most productive perfectionist on the forum.
Actually, I thought that section was pretty great - maybe could have used a few more spotlights, though.
Digs: revenge for smqx11_digs. 
Thanks For The Demos 
A few observations:
1. The natural reaction of the average Quake player when entering an underwater area is not looking around the room first, but charge into the next best dark tunnel headless
2.apparently the CLEARLY VISIBLE RESPAWNING SUIT RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU is still not visible enough
3. nobody seems to notice the arrows, in and out of the water (guess I shouldn't have dropped the idea of replacing them with the red base arrow)

It suprises me how you seem to get lost so easily - expected the maps to be well-known by every old Quaker.
Sleepy: the respawn delay was longer originally, but seeing how much trouble people still have, I lowered it so they would at least realize right away that it respawns.

Why do Hard player always have so much ammo? One of the testers must have been a double agent!!!! 
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