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Source Engine And Steam Linux Bound
But good luck to them... Linux is a pretty fragmented space at the moment.
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Fuck steam, drm is evil. 
What? I couldn't hear you over the hundreds of games in my Steam list... 
I said that drm is evil. And also fuck steam. 
Correction: MOST DRM is evil.

Steam justifies its DRM by providing a reliable, convenient service both outside and within the games it delivers.

I do feel sorry for the few people who aren't able to connect to the internet 24/7 but tbh that's the fault of their government/ISP/wallet more than anything else and shouldn't be allowed to hold progress back. 
Yeah, Steam is fucking awesome. You'll have to pry it from my cold, dead fingers. 
No, all DRM is evil.

Steam is "convenient, easy and oh lol I waste money on games I will never play again lol". I will laugh in your face each day you want to play but Steam does not let you. You are not buying, you are licensing for a limited control. 
I haven't actually had any problems with switching to its offline mode myself. 
Works fine for me - maybe some companies use DRM to do evil but I have never once - in all the years I've been using it - noticed any problems whatsoever with Steam or the dozens and dozens of games that I've bought through it.

What are these DRM issues exactly? 
for me, it's extremely annoying to have to turn on the steam client just to load up a game. i find myself sometimes passing on stuff because i know i'll need to work through the steam client.
of course, i'm not really much of a gamer anymore, so that's usually enough to turn me off a game entirely. 

Keep waiting for that day. It'll come, I'm sure. 
Phoronix is 100% accurate about all things of course :) 
I Like Steam Too 
It can be annoying when the Servers go down, but what's the alternative?

Migration of save games, cheap deals all the time and community support.

Granted Linux is a different culture, but 'All DRM is evil' is pretty short-sighted. 
it's the way things are going,so..

just so long as they let people KEEP their games when they suddenly implode one day in a puff of bankruptcy smoke! 
Taken from wikipedia:

...Gabe Newell, CEO of Valve, said in a post on the Steam User Forums that "Unless there was some situation I don't understand, we would presumably disable authentication before any event that would preclude the authentication servers from being available." He added, "We've tested disabling authentication, and it works."

Link to the archived post used as source for the info:

And there's always risk of losing things you physically own (theft, fire, negligence), this is really no different, only that it would affect millions of people simultaneously. 
<- Award For Willem For Being The Most Pathetic Debater 
Well, just as a random example that happened to me recently. I loaded steam and it told me that I had to re-authenticate the machine before I could log in. I had to wait a day for the mail with the code. So that piece of shit locked me out of my games for a day for "security".

Offline mode is a joke. Please give it a try, shut down your PC, disable your net, boot and try to use it.

You are forced to follow updates.

Can you re-sell games?

It is a golden cage. It mostly works and is mostly unobstrusive for most people. The DRM is not needed for all the things you are happy about. It is restricting you in your freedom to do what you want, when you want and where you want with stuff you paid for.

I fully understand that Steam is easy to use, easy to buy cheap games, some general features are nice but is it really worth giving up your freedom for? 
I fully understand that Steam is easy to use, easy to buy cheap games, some general features are nice but is it really worth giving up your freedom for?

this is the only part about steam that bugs me. because of how easy it is to use, i guess people don't really think much about what it means for them to accept it.
just part of the human condition i guess. 
It's a bunch of games I paid $5 for. I could seriously not give less of a fuck. :) 
Offline mode is a joke. Please give it a try, shut down your PC, disable your net, boot and try to use it.

Actually I usually play on my laptop so I do that a fair bit. Sounds like it just doesn't like your PC or something.

Can you re-sell games?

Would have bugged me years ago but I have no new games I've bought I'd want to sell, and the rest were bought for a few quid at a time so hardly the amount I'd care about trying to re-sell them. Also games like Metro 2033, GRID or Civ 5 I would likely have not bothered getting without the massively reduced price, and I ended up them quite a lot. 
*enjoying them quite a lot, *giggles*

I'm certainly not 'up' Metro 2033 :/ 
interesting, civ5 is one of the few games in the last few years i've bought at full price. i knew i'd get hours and hours out of it. :) 
Oh, and I can't remember the last time I sold a game. I mean, I get your general concerns Spirit but they are of zero relevance to 99.9% of the gaming population. They just don't matter. 
Duh, I know that. But do you really think it is a good thing that we move to games where even the singleplayer runs online (Diablo 3), where you have to ask for permission to run it each time you want to play etc? 
Diablo 3 is a special case because being online only is a barrier against all the hackery that was rampant in D2.

(Or so I've been tricked to believe!) 

Don't know. I'm personally OK with it as I like the benefits that Steam provides - namely, not having to keep physical CDs around anymore or worry about losing CD Keys. My game library is always available and I can uninstall/reinstall at will (as bandwidth speeds allow).

The new trend with always having to be online can be annoying for some people but I'm always online anyway so, personally, I'm ambivalent. We stream all of our TV entertainment, most of our music, and with Steam - our games.

I found having to put the CD in the drive to play far more inconveniencing than having to be online has ever been so ... I might be the wrong guy to ask about this. 
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