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Quoth Maps
I just discovered the Quoth mod today, and was wondering about all the other maps I've missed because they need Quoth.

Currently, I already have these :

ne_doom + ne_lend.

What are the other maps which require Quoth ? Is there a list somewhere ?
I Think 
if you just search for 'quoth' at Quaddicted they'll all have been tagged and will load up.

There are some amazing maps for Quoth. 
Mos Tof My Maps Are Quoth 
There are actually a bunch of maps included in the Quoth mod also, e1m1quoth + e1m2quoth come to mind, although I'm certain there are more.

Drew is spot on, Quaddicted is the place to search :) So many good Quoth maps. 
I would advise you to play the 'test' maps that come with quoth 1 and 2 before you get heavily into the much better proper maps as they are like speedmaps.

quoth1: kelltest1,2,3,4 and ne_basetest
quoth2: kellbase1 and kelltest5 
I Just Noticed Something In The Entity Documentation 
about wormtest1 and wormtest2. Are those real/available? 
I don't think so. But you're not missing much. They were just test arenas for vermis combat, nothing more than a single undecorated room with varying amounts of cover and a single vermis placed in the center. 
O Boy ! 
Thanks guys...

I've found the Quoth maps on Quaddicted. What a pack of maps I've missed! Geez ! 
Lots of fgreat maps for Quoth.

I love Kellmet1 ! What a map !

And where are Kellmet2 and 3 ? 
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