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Certainly not fast enough for quantumleaps, so lets say this is warspeed 1 (and i fear no1 will do higher warpspeed due to the mass slacking effect). My main excuses were:using my mobo's onboard gfxcard (i fried my real card) and ironoxide is starting to be omnipresent. Nontheless i has 2 fun evenings of toying around on trying to make these big maps small, luckily the required tools were usualy present at start.
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Err .. 
Actually Warp A: 1:47 ... typed wrong # there.

I wish big maps like Marcher (not id1 so I get it) or gmsp1 had speed runs.

I guess gmsp1 isn't very speed run suitable -- even though an id1 map --- so I guess SDA never did one for that. 
YouTube ... 
Sweet Speedrunning, Orbs 
thanks for the YouTube version, Baker. These were fun to watch! Looks like the cross of deflection + RL or PG make potent speedrunning tools :-) Must play warpspasm.. 
for puting them on the tube (if i would have known i might have pushed a bit harder instead of 2 casual sessions to record these).

When marcher came out i dida run on it, no clue about route or time anymore though, dont have it installed anymore, might be from before my hd crash. 
Marcher is hard to run IIRC, because if you take shortcuts some of the monsters you need to kill to proceed further haven't been spawned in yet. 
Pretty sure the other route for WarpE is quicker tho.

Edit: Yup I did it in 0:33 w/out bunnies. 
2nd Look At WarpE 
thx for the challenge its a a fun map to run (though a bit confusing to explore)

i wonder if you were talking about this route:
therr might be more options (especialy since i only found 4/5 secrets) 
Entity grouping can be turned off via impulse 152 (oops, I read the instructions ;). 
I loved it. Awesome to see the end of these maps, I've never made it past the first half of warpb. And an impressive run as well Orbs, quite the undertaking. I'd enjoy "warpcomplete" on either skill as well, FYI...

Just have to ask... Are you still playing with your trackball? ;) 
I made the warp maps with a trackball :)

Thanks for these, watching now, the youtube version. Is there a fixed link for the demos themselves? 
Never get tired of the routes you guys manage to unlock. I already knew the ones from warpd and e, but the others were completely new to me.

What about the hidden level?!

A feature thats in my current mod should be very interesting for speedrunners, even if I doubt it'll be ratified by the SDA.

In Schism the Quad adds +1 second to its duration per enemy killed. So if you're fast enough in theory you can keep it going indefinitely. 
Just Noticed 
This was a bump, 12 not 13 for the year. 
A Trackball 
A Trackball 
One Of These:

They're very precise and fast once you get used to them, and turn up the mouse speed to max.

The middle finger trackballs are more common, but completely retarded and impossible to use. 
how long did it take to get accustomed to it? 
and also your proficiency with it vs normal mice in both games and normal windows usage (and mapping?). 
Honestly can't remember since I started using them more than a decade ago. I'm much faster with one of these than a regular mouse though. The bonus of being able to slouch in a setee or wherever is good too - you can just rest it on your knee.

They're also great when using two large dual monitors, because you can snap from one extreme to the other almost instantly.

As a guess, I'd say a week or so to get used to it. Most people seem confused that you don't need to move the thing. 
I Play With Keyboard Only 
no joke. 
I re-uploaded the rar here, if anyone cares: 
Bengt Will 
He was looking for them, which is why I bumped this thread back then.

I uploaded them because he emailed me to see if I had them :) 
I watched them again in youtube form, when he emailed me about them :) 
Im Bad, And I Know It 
Marblemouse ftw, how do you thing KIm managed to get 19 holes in-ones on a 18 hoel golf course? If you would onyl use middlefinger on it, it would be horrible indeed but you use two fingers on them index + middle much more stable/precise then just a thumb (got one of those in a dusty box somewhere) 
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