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..::LvL - Another Round?
That time again at ..::LvL. This update brings a few impressive maps and one that maybe should not have been released at all. Make sure you grab fKd's "Undergod".

* Undergod by fKd
* Dawn of Time by Scourge
* Onion by Takkie
* Yeast by Takkie
* Lo Tek by Takkie
* Glucosa by AiO.Wiz

30 second videos and 360 degree panoramas for all.

..::LvL -
Undergod and Dawn of Time look nice. I prefer maps that are actual places instead of just abstract hallways and atriums. 
What necros said, adding Undergod as the industria them is well achieved there ;) 
is another fab fkd map.

Dawn of Time looks better in screenies than it actually is IMHO. 
Oh Nice 
back button still broken. 
Cheers Fellas 
yup, another solid round over at lvlworld. who knows, i might get a quake1 sp maps done on of these days. heh :D 
Well, we've already managed to lure one Q3 mapper over to Q1. ^_^ 
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