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Speedmapping Pack 168
Two single player maps by digs. Unthemed


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Thanks, I made a new zip with all inside 
Fine couple of maps. The second one is pretty hard to solve, though.

Thanks mate, I'll have a drink to you ! 
Forgot to say that the Screenshots don't do justice to both maps. 
Thanks Digs! 
Will download/record demoes soon! 
Thanks Digs! 
Will download/record demoes soon! 
Great maps as expected from digs - these two have just provided the much needed Quake fix. Thanks for your efforts.

Quick tip for those that got stuck in digs2 - re-explore the very first room through the last window you have passed. 
Very, very good maps. You are an impressive man. 
Thanks for playing and demos 
thanks for making maps to play and record demos in. 
Interesting theme... Nice gameplay. Once a dog got stuck in the armour bypass/teleport. He was half in/half out in a flash of sparks and noise. (I have a pic if wanted). Cheers. 
great speed(more like turtle) map, had a really great fun digs, speedy gameplay with nice visuals made this a pure night of fun in Quake.

Never felt frustrated and always with apetite for more, awesome minutes of pleasure :)

you are a mapping machine!

Maps with this quality could made a turtle pack of 4 or 5 maps.

Muito obrigado! 
Thanks for the playing and the demos. Maps is not a turtle. One week for each map. Unfortunately, I now have little free time, so I can not do episodes.
Thank you again 
Turtle map = one week or less; speed map = a couple of hours in one session, originally 100 minutes. 
negke, ok 
really enjoy then a lot!

will replay for sure ;) map 2 100% sure ;) 
Map 2 especially. good gameplay as well as tricks. One button didn;t work in map 1 so had to noclip through bars. 
Thanks For Playing. 
Map 1: Until now, there were no problems. Which button does not work? 
nice maps but not realy tempted to do speedruns on them 
I have the same problem as Shambler.

It's in the first series of buttons you have to press in the map: You can press the one behind the ogre, but the bars for the next one doesn't open. I don't see any other way to go on. 
Most likely it is on the first map. There is a place where dogs jumped. Need to jump into the nearest left hole 
Thx for the info. I'm afraid I'm too used to straight forward maps T_T .

First map done, its a good one, i enjoyed it. Playing the second. 
"nice maps but not realy tempted to do speedruns on them"

I think this was because i thought the runs would be pretty long (2 mins+) i couldnt find secrets easily (stil havent found one or two)and wasnt to sure i could find nice routes on these slightly confusing maps.I started out on the 2nd and a first exploring run took me ages got severly lost running in circles. Then figured out the shortest intended way and that was indeed a 2 min plus. Then actualy after finishing i understood the map, with the trick of the changing door hah you got the wrong key, wich due to shortcut never happens:)
then second map kinda same story (the first long walking around was now for secrets i never found) did the long way and again just aroudn 2 mins. I was aware of the opening i later take to shortcut, but i tought it would be a bit to much effort for the shortcut until i realised its potential, again "a haha" wich backfires, much more fun to speedrun then i tought back then :)

Some People Never Learn 
Very cool! Thank's! 
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