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Quaddicted News Spam Thread
From now on this thread shall be used to post about news.

Big stuff shall still be posted as independent news post but not for example: Changes, features, outages, articles, pages, reviews, projects, things and Spirit's movie review whining.
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New Tronyn review of dom3m1:

And I uploaded a lot of Quake 1/2/3 fan-art to

Also a quick overview on current engine development and random engines you might not know about:

And started a crude plain page for lighting parameters/options: 
Thanks For The News Post 
I was a bit tired when I wrote the review so there's some grammatical errors; "However, while" at the start of sentence three for example is superfluous and nonsensical. heh.

either it's been a long time since I looked at the fan art, or there's a lot of new stuff there. cheers. 
That Fan Art Page 
isn't rendering correctly. First column is too wide, by about 300px or something, and most of the far right columns are pushed off the edge of the page. 
FF 16.02 
There Are Two Pics With Thfollowing Title (or Similar) 

The thumbs aren't found. Either add the thumbs, or shrink the alt text/title. Then the columns will be nice and even again.

I just got FF17 and it still happens. 
john_quake_in_the_dark_ages_part 2_by_blackbeard666-d5bejrr.jpg 
The thumbnail missing is due to the software crapping out with a huge image I guess.

Firefox is a fucktard for rendering the alt text so big, FFS.

Tronyn: Register, login, fix, it's easy. ;) 
.gallery gallery_center table tbody tr td {overflow: hidden}

That could work. 
you need table-layout:fixed; aswell. 
overflow hidden would cut off elements.

it works fine in opera. 
I Know Right 
It's a good job that the majority or random people use Opera, rather than Firefox, right? 
Speaking Of Fanart

by some horrible shrimp person 
Spirite: Overflow 
overflow hidden would cut off elements.

something you can try:

white-space: nowrap;
overflow: hidden;
text-overflow: ellipsis;

in the container which will truncate the text with ellipses, then use <abbr> tag to display the entire text. 
Scumpi: Welcome To Add It With A Nice Filename 
No can do, I am using a third-party plugin for the gallery, do not want to edit its source. :(

Wtf did Mozilla do to the Developer tools in Firefox. Jesus.

Tried all your CSS suggestions with no success.

"white-space: nowrap" just makes the long lines not wrap (awesome names with the random dashes). The overflow things did not do anything. 
table {
width: 100%;

td {
width: 20%;
Nah, other pages might require different sizes of thumbnails or numbers per row.

Right now all browsers show me some weird shift to the right, even though I did not change anything.

Enough for today... 
Maybe You Could... 
...stop ripping stuff off from deviantart without permission. 
are you serious? 
Nah, other pages might require different sizes of thumbnails or numbers per row.

you could wrap that particular table in uniquely id'd div tags to get around that? ie. #divid table {width: 100%;}

and you have a rather odd grasp on morality, fern... 
There Is No Homo Smilie? 
Good morning, negke! I uploaded both releases but don't have time to add them to the Injector. Love, Spirit 
You now use Markdown in comments so you can finally spam your genuine viagra handbags there too, Shambler. 
Scheduled Downtime 
if it fails, blame Red Hat. 
Let's Give It Some Hours, That Reminds Me 
What In The Sphincter Hell Are You Playing At? 
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