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New Q1SP: "Round The U-Bend" By Than
I finished my remake of DM5. Enjoy! (2226kb)
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Needs Http? 
noob for life! 
Too Bad, I Would Have Liked To See The Demo ;) 
you need "http://"

otherwise you could just tell me the filename and I will be ok. 
nice geuss 
I like such maps. Not too big but best quality.

Skill 1 demo.
A bit rusty. Didn't play much quake in recent months. 
Played and enjoyed. I'm not a big fan of the plainer old textures and didn't like the maze-like underwater sequence (although it was unique) but otherwise a good map. 
Underwater Maze? 
Are you remembering the OTHER dm5 remix? 
My Scheme Succeeds 
Spoiling than's map was my intention all along! 
This Is Sweet 
Goddamn beautiful map than. Loove the curves, and tex and the phat pipes and trims. The spawning was weird tho (one grunt got stuck in some pipeage, and a scrag got isolated and was easily dispatched), and I still can't find the hard secret. But I don't care because it's so beautiful (and so are you). 
Just About To Play It 
SPIRIT: quake injector says the release date was Oct. 12th, it's actually Dec. 10th. 
13 minutes, 2/4 secrets, all kills, normal skill.

solid run and gun, good construction. enough player choice that you could play it multiple times. (first time i spent too long with the SG :) 
Oh lol yeah, must have been another remix map with that underwater part. 
Pass? hehe. I've played several levels lately, lost track of who did what. 
Than's Anal Spacedock!! 
It's a pipe within a pipe :D

Great map, I liked the combination of DM5 theme with more complicated designs, a good blend of abstract Quakeiness and the pipe theme. Good gameplay, fun exploration of the level, and I liked the sky and the ending that gave it a sense of place. The finish was a bit easy tho, but fun with the secret. 
very nice map, loved round designs and overall size. and ofc nice atmosphere as usual! :) 
But wasn't blown away by this one to be honest. Thematically it felt like it was missing some sort of recurring motif. Sure there were pipes, but they didn't have enough oomph on their own.

Maybe some more ambient sounds, crucified stuff or machinery - valves and so on.

The ceilings felt very low, which seemed to make the play feel squashed as well.

I was surprised there wasn't more watery stuff as well, but that's aside from any issues I have with the fun to be had.

Here's a demo where I die at the end fight:

After exploiting the angled geometry to avoid the Vores a Shambler does the same to me... 
Wrong One. 
Fun Blast 
Found the middle a bit thin on supplies (skill 1) but that's probably extreme rustiness on my part. A nice way to get back into some quake :-) 
First Map I Played With Direct Quake 
First of all, I never tire of the classic id textures so I loved the look of this map. With DirectQuake, it ran silky at 1280 X 1024 - the highest rez I've ever seen Quake in. Very clean and compact and stylish. It combined tough but fun combat with some maze elements (I did do some searching to progress but not objectionable since this map is nice to explore) and I got all the secrets which were fun. I managed well on skill 2 with the supplies available but I also had secret stashes to augment what was out in the open.

It's been awhile since I ran Quake in any form and this was a nice way to meet my old friend again.

Thanks Than for a fine and fun snack-size map. 
Reviewed @ TAW 
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