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A Fresh Start At ..::LvL
A new year, an update and a new look ..::LvL. Well, the new site has a taken a while, but it is up and so are a bunch of new maps and a something a little different too.

At the very least grab "You'll Shoot Your Eye Out", it is unlike anything else you have played in Q3A. "Ancient Valley" is a Single Player puzzle map that is a little hard to be honest.

* You'll Shoot Your Eye Out by Lunaran and KungFuSquirrel
* Ancient Valley by NaturalSpringWater
* Agony by sst13
* Incineration Plant by sst13
* The Lair by Gooball
* Unofficial SP Patch for Threewave by FistMarine (Team Arena Mod).

Videos and a panorama for all except the Team Arena mod.

Please, if you notice a bug with the new site, let me know about it - so it can be fixed.

..::LvL -
Love the new site!

I'm surprised you hadn't already reviewed Lun3dm5... came out like forever ago! 
Site Seems... 
Much simpler and therefore more logical and user friendly than before, at least on the few pages I visited. 
... Thanks 
Thanks for the feedback people.

As to lun3dm5, I saw the beta, but missed the final release post :[ 
Would be cool if the surprise me link stayed on subsequent pages so you could keep going to random maps. 
That is a really nice layout, I liked the previous layout as well and was surprised (in a good way) that the new layout is better. One thing I do miss is when scrolling over the comments (front page summary) it use to say the map name.

It is interesting that when you click on a small map thumbnail it takes you straight to the media tab, I would have thought it would go to review first? Is media first to get people more interested?

I like how you put so much media on the site, loads of screenshots, panoramic and short videos. What software do you use for the panoramic view? 
Thanks sock! The front page mouse over "titles" are back.

As to the screenshots -> media link, my thinking was "visual people who click on screenshots want media, word people who click on text want the review" so that is what I did. So, click the text, get the review instead.

The panoramas are made from the middle 20 pixels of 120 screenshots stitched together. The process is a little complex and involves a few scripts. There is a forum post here that goes into more details and includes a download of what I use. Chrome thinks the d/load could be malware because there are a few batch files in the zip, but it ain't.

If you were after the HTML for panoramas on the site instead, there is another forum there here 
Who passed the Ancient Villey? I can not pass 
for ossing that! 
@digs: Ancient Valley is very hard. To be honest I don't there would be many people that could reach the end of it. More than happy to be wrong however.

@megaman: I feel like a n00b. I have no idea what "ossing" could be. 
I don't think anyone knows what ossing is 
oss = open source software
The new(?) font looks quite bad on my machines, minorly blurring and vibrating. Looking at zoomed-in screenshots it seems to be using the wrong subpixel hinting for my LCDs (both desktop and netbook). Can somebody confirm this or is it PEBKAC? 
I don't see anything wrong about the font or screenshots 
@spirit, It might be a scaling issues for your device, it depends on what type of font it is.

@tig, The new font (used on map names in the corner) looks amazing, what font name is it? where can you get it from? 
Oh, I meant the body text of course in all the above! 
@sock; Source Sans Pro (main text), and Trade Winds (title text) are the fonts used - both from the Google Web Fonts.

@Sprint: I believe your screen "display size" has not been set to the "native size" of both of your monitors. With LCD/LED if you don't set the display size to the native size all fonts do not look as nice as they could. For some reason "Source Sans Pro" seems to stand out on mis-configured displays more than other common fonts. You are the second person to have noticed this, so I may need to tweak the font for "user errors" :] 
I am not that stupid!

I think the issue is a high sensitivity of the font's subpixel hinting to a reddish tint of the monitor. I use redshift to dim my monitor as the time goes to night. If I turn it off, the text looks much more readable. 
@Spirit: Sorry, I did not think you where stupid at all. The other person who had a problem with the font, described the issue in a similar to the way you did. They took a screenshot for me to see and from the screenshot it was very clear the display size was not correctly set.

So, I (wrongly) assumed your issue was the same. I'll look up what "redshift" is and does to text and maybe I'll end up changing the font. Thanks for the feedback! 
No worries, the smiley meant I was joking!

Redshift lowers the gamma and adds a red tint. Same as f.lux I guess but free software. I'd say ignore it, probably not worth the headache. 
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