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Announcing Earth Quake, A New Quake/Doom News Site
I'm The Happy Friar, former (and last) administrator of Planet Quake/Doom. In mid-August 2012 all the Gamespy Planet site administrators lost their account access (which makes the sites nothing more then an archive now).

So, after wanting to start a new news site for Quake and Doom, talking about how I wanted to do one (~5 months later), I finally did: Earth Quake

It's now live for all your news needs!
Good News 
glad to see another addition to the sites for this community 
Nice, Subscribed! 
you are forcing not only your own pages but also all linked sites into a frame. that's a big no-no!

what the fuck is ign doing... 
cool you dont vanish from the scene. looking forward to your site!

is there an article about shitty ign? it sounds really ugly.

i had critic on planetquake. 1 man site and no team (many ppl wanted to help in the past). only doom & quake releated and not id in general. no news about competitive quake. no mentioning about quake movies. hyping some strange 0815 mods again and again. so pq lost their importance. i thought with you as a new writer on the site it would change, but sadly didnt. i have this dream that people do a big site together. but sure, a 1 man site is better than nothing. 
Oh Wow 
In mid-August 2012 all the Gamespy Planet site administrators lost their account access (which makes the sites nothing more then an archive now).

I suddenly feel much less bad about promising to write Map of the Week articles and then never delivering. (Sorry about that again!) 
Yeah Bedboy, I know what you mean. There's this German Quake site that posts all kinds of stuff, just no or hardly any actual Quake news......

Earthquake: Good to have a(nother) holistic Quake news hub, though it remains to be seen if it picks up. If it's submission-based for the most part, it'll be a problem, I think.
The fuzzylogicinc URL seems counterproductive for widespread acknoledgement, not as easy to remember.

The style/design still needs some work - currently it looks very generic blogish, and the logo doesn't suggest 'grand PQ replacement', either.

Quaddicted (Q1SP archive) should be added to the links section - it also has relevant news from time to time. Possibly Inside3D (Q1 modding), (mostly European? QW community), QuakeOne (Baker and his goons). Dunno, QuakeGate perhaps (Russian news site)... 
When I first saw the title to this thread I thought it was something about this : - A mod for Quake.

all the Gamespy Planet site administrators lost their account access

Now I understand why my emails to happyfriar were going unanswered! I was trying to contact PQ for months with some news! 
Thanks For The Comments 
re: Spirit
Please clarify what's opening in a frame too. I'm using FF 18 and when I left click it loads the site in the EQ tab & when I middle click it opens in a new tab. All links to the site itself have the same layout.

re: Badboy
I never had any help but normally before people would start or sign on and leave soon or never do anything. I don't know the competitive scene, that's why I never posted much about it. However, with the new site I can allow someone access to post just competitive news, for example. I did search for some news and some would get sent to me. If it got sent I'd normally post it. We also had a rule (which I will still follow), no rumors. I don't want to run a rumor site.

re: onetruepurple
I don't hold any feelings. However, anyone can now submit a mod/map/content/etc. review via the "Send in your news" button.

re: negke
It's submission and I go search for stuff. because I own the domain, have several other sites on that & a Q2/D3 server with that domain. Yes, style needs some work, I did come up with something more "neat" but it was hard to update. This is based on some blog software but it gives me the back-end to easily update and change things. PLus I was getting tired of my excuses of why not to start the site and an ugly, but functional, layout was the main reason. Yeah, logo sucks. Anyone who wants to do a better one is free to do so. :) Also, use the "submit news" button to send me sites to link to. I only know ones I know about and I'm more of a Q2/D3 guy, so I don't know all.

re: sock
Sorry I didn't reply to you. My bad. I did get those (2?) e-mails and forgot to reply that I can't post on PQ any more.

BTW, I have no hard feeling at IGN. PQ/PD brought in almost no traffic, which means no $$, which means they lost $$ just by having me update them. I just would of liked a warning so I could let people know with an official post. 
Added To Favourites 
Could do with a visual upgrade as mentioned, but good to have more news. 
Cool, And Some IT Info 
Good news on getting your site up!

The rest is just some IT / Tech info - and all meant to help you out.

The "links stay in a frame" is a big no-no for a number of reason which I won't go into, but basically this is what *should* happen.

When a user visits all the following links should keep that URL with the "path" of the article add to it.

Instead when a user clicks a link the URL stays at the same URL (no path identifier is added to the URL).

This make its very hard for a someone to copy the URL of an interesting article and post a link to it ... or what ever they want to do with it.

Now a CTRL+Click, "Right mouse click" or "open in new tab" click on a link will open a new URL like this:

The problem now is:
- You have to do this type of click to get the real URL.
- The article (base) URL is not the same as the main site, which leads to user confusion.

- All article URL should contain a "path id" that is easy to copy.
- There should only be a single site address - not two.

It seems to me like someone else set this site up for you (which is great) but you may have been better off going with something like or (for a free option) or get your own server space (with a low month fee) and ask your friend to set-up the site correctly. 
Ok, I See 
What you're seeing is because I own the domain but not the host. My domain links to another domain but I can't setup so that "" always references "".

If this pays for itself or I have enough $$ to pay for a separate host then it won't be like that any more. Until then it's on my friends host he lets me used for free, for whatever & as much as I want. :) 
Also, Thanks 
Thank you for the comments/critique. I appreciate it! 
to explain my whole site concept would be to long. only this, news and articles reflect my phases. last year i liked rage, classic doom, doom 3. its constantly changing because i like them all, quakes, dooms, wolfensteins, id. for ppl who are only bound to one community its hard to understand.

i like rumors and unoffical screenshots. think it helps id`s promotion, and today its maybe more important because id is in "bethesda mode" aka no infos until the last moment. but not going this way is ok.

personally i would use wordpress, it has so many addons, gets updates, its future secure, many tutorials and theme available on net. and i could ask people around me that used it. i worked with it, its a newsposters dream. if you need hosting, i just saw is now on maverick, we on esreality too, so they like quake. 
Re: Badboy 
I'll talk about unofficial screens, but not something like the new Wolf game supposedly in development: no evidence what so ever, not even screens, just the fact Beth bought a company that had an idtech5 license.

The reason I don't want to do a general id site is that I only keep up on Quake/Doom stuff. I know nothing about Wolf (don't play) or Rage (can't run).

I did look at wordpress several months but wasn't happy when I tried it. I wanted a custom system made up but found a free one I liked. Might of been because I felt it was TO flashy. My biggest annoyance about PQ was that I had to school down to read the news. I would like to bring back the Pic of the Day & a poll, but there's not on my important list. 
Check Out Blogger Then... has "widgets" and drag and drop placement for them (within templates). I would be surprised if they did not have poll and pic-of-the-day widgets.

There are a few advantages of going with someone like blogger or wordpress while you are starting out over third party software you have to maintain yourself. Security is possibly the biggest. Anyone who releases a free CMS is basically saying "look at my code for a hole" - the problem is once someone finds a hole, will they tell the author or will they exploit it?

Then, if the CMS is patched by the author - how long will be it until you are aware of the patch and able to get it onto your server?

If you have not done so already, have a good look at few of the larger "free" website providers. Set aside at least an hour with each of them then decide on a solution. I'm more than sure that a fews hours spent looking for host will save you days of work later - especially if you get exploited. 
Rumors And Site 
i give the new wolf title a 50-50% chance that its true. but that dont make it true :) what differs from the other sites that brought the new rumor, i can go deeper and tell arguments why it could be true and why not. for me its fun to activate my head. but in some fields i learned my lesson, i wont hype things anymore. wolfenstein 2009 multiplayer...before release rubbish talk of the developer; brink...before release esl said its an esport title. we all know the outcome of the titles.

pq pic of the day with a little text was a great feature. a snapshot in time. i will have that when the new design for my site is coming. i also will have a scrollbar with auto-grabbing newsfeeds from selected sites, i saw this once on clanbase. funny about site design is today, all bigger sites are now white and in blog theme style. that means i can use old design elements from sites i liked in the past. 
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