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New Q1 SP: Clean Cut By Mfx
Here it is, a small base map made for the fun of it.

Screenshots: 1 2


Have fun, and comments are welcome!
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Still good. Really like all the details in this. I like the cramped style too, it works in this case.

Really good start to your mappage career mxf. 
Thanks a lot Shambler!

And btw, no i�m not associated with this website in any way. 
Nothing much to say!

Nice map, had lots of fun.

Thank you very much for your hard work...

First demo... 
Great Map 
Interconnections are good. I like the way you open up routes as you progress. If I had a complaint it's monster placement was predictable. A monster closet or teleport from behind the player not directly behind but close would have added some danger.

A wonderful base map.

Thanks for making it. 
Fun Map 
Next time put a little info about it in the news post though. Please. :) 
Nice Little Map 
Looks great! I liked the secrets (though perhaps they were a bit easy?) and the layout was pretty cool and interconnected.

I think you need to do a bit more testing though. It starts off pretty hard, but then about halfway through gets very easy. There was way too much ammo for the lightning gun and as a result, the end (quad damage too ffs) was insanely easy.

Also, I know I used the same textures in apsp2, so I can't really moan, but sometimes it was hard to tell where there was a door. I didn't really get lost at all though, except the first two silver key doors could have been a bit better marked.

The large room with the slime and crane in it was nice. You could have used that for a more interesting combat though. The vores seemed to go to waste where they were placed, so a vore or shambler in there might have livened things up a bit. 
About The Glass 
It seemed that you used the same technique to make glass as I used in apsp2. However, there was one point I heard a grenade splash in water, so perhaps you missed something?

I did it with water + func_wall covered in skip texture for collision, which doesn't anything past, but I just checked again and found that everything passes in mfxsp8.

You needn't use any special Quoth entities... just water and func_wall with skip. I did use a Quoth entity to set wateralpha on map load though.

You can also use waterskip and skip in combination to have glass that is underwater. I should make a tutorial for the wiki or something. 
Good map. Fun to play.
Low on ammo in the final part.
Skill 2 demo below: 
Fun Little Map 
I wish there were more maps made to utilize close quarters combat for q1sp. This one was fun and enjoyed it! I hope you are considering making more. 
Thank you for your feedback, glad you liked it for the most parts.
Have to admit, no beta-testing took place, it�s always bad for a mapper to play his/her stuff and let nobody else confirm it.

Won�t happen next time.

And yeah, that glass feature, i was only cliptexturing them for the player to get blocked, now i�m smarter, thanks for your advice.

And btw all of your maps are the shit, you really rock, and yes they inspired me a lot ;) 
Visit the screenshot forum, expect to see more! 
Nice Map 
its title says it all really, clean cut quake at its best. Some nifty designs too, although I got noticeable slowdown in the big open area with the moving crate thing. 
Got Round To It 
Played on nightmare (just because i refuse to ever accept that it's too hard for me).

Fought hard. Ultimately failed. Was a fun challenge. :) Nice map - shame about the missing walls. Other than that it really was rather pretty ;)

Some demos (a 1st run, a 3rd run a 8643898th run ;) 
Missing Walls? 
Nice demos! Hard is hard, hahaha.. 
Great Map 
Reminds me of Quake 2 style. 
A Series Of Slightly Different Images That When Combined Create Film 
Nice One 
Pretty good start. As much as I like base maps, cramped ones can get a little irritating to move through. Even though the brushwork was very appealing (loved the pipes), I felt like I was constantly hampered by those narrow corridors. Some of the fights seemed a little bit forced and out of place. Also, by moving a step backwards when I heard two shamblers approaching, I was locked out of their room - had to noclip through.

Thanks for the effort. Demo might be a little boring.

QuakeSpasm 0.85.9
skill 2; 14:15, 5/6 secrets, 64/64 kills
Thank you. Nice map. Maybe corridors are bit tight to my taste (: 
Glad you liked it, is this was rather brush experiments glued together...(looking at sock) hehe.. 
<a href=">Two demos</a> because quicksaving and reloading is technology beyond my brain capability. 
Also, Func Markup... 
Luckily this wasn't even the right thread. 
standard html anchor tags are supported on func, but my pattern matching is much stricter than a real html parser.. maybe there was an extra space or something in that post. 
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