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New Q1 SP: Clean Cut By Mfx
Here it is, a small base map made for the fun of it.

Screenshots: 1 2


Have fun, and comments are welcome!
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Oh, I Forgot To Mention 
its only tested in FitzQuake 0.85 and MarkV.
Be aware, see readme for Details. 
Something Is Not Right 
QuakeSpasm 0.85.8 
I haven't reviewed any maps on my site since the last weekend so I will probably review yours today (or tomorrow. I will inform you when the review is ready :) 
As SleepwalkR said something is wrong!

I guess you want the grey texture to be glass with a alpha value.
Check the map file for wrong syntax.

Otherwise a nice map and a good blast! 
Texture Problem 
I was about to post a weird texture problem. I've noticed that in fitzquake (I thought it was an RMQ problem) that it waves around like a water texture. I took a screenshot - 
now I've completed the map, yeah I love it's a good map. Only 2 of 6 secrets found though :(

Definitely needs to be quoth'd up! :) 
Ah I Forgot 
r_waterwarp 0
r_wateralpha 0.3

that should fix it.
Sorry, my fault. 
That works!

Pretty neat implementation of glass, but of course it's not without its issues. Wasn't there another way of doing it? I'm sure I played another base map which had glass in it which wasn't water... 
Than Did That In His "Plumbers Don�t Wear Ties" 
It�s a Quoth feature i think.
Setting these worldspawn values in vanilla progs
won�t work.
Correct me if i�m wrong. 
Good Map! 
Demo! I think most of it is me searching for secrets in vain.

Enjoyed the map, not going to set the world on fire, but it was fun :D

You had a lot of nice texture alignment... but those cop1_1 pipes bugged me with how much you could see the texture repeat!

There was a part with a vore stuck in a wall that was weird too.

The layout was nice, but there were 2 things I think were poorly planned out...

When you first get the Silver key by that Vore, you haven't nessicarily been shown the door it goes to, and there's a exit from that silver key area leads you away from the silver door to earlier parts of the map, which confused me because I thought I was meant to backtrack to a silver key door I hadn't seen.

The second is more minor, but I think you could've done more with the multiple silver keys. There are 2 to pick up in 1 place, but the doors are encountered in a linear fashion, and the second door even has a shortcut back to them. I think it would've been done better to have something a little more nonlinear with them.

Still, a fun little map! 
Nice Map. 
Straightforward, to the point, well done base map. I liked it, the slightly cramped style played fine, and the use of tougher monsters definitely spiced it up. I had one issue with the slime bit - I got the secret and then struggled to find my way out of that narrow pod, so the biosuit ran out and then I only got through the slime because I had the RA and then I lost a lot of health and didn't get through the fight afterwards the first time. Second biosuit somewhere would have helped. 
Is your nickname from this:

Playing track 3 is super annoying :P

Very nice map! As for recent base maps, I liked it more than scampsp1 (no hard feelings, scamperoni!)

Some beta testing might have fixed some minor gameplay issues I felt it had but nothing major really.

Loved the setting and brushwork.

I added the water options to the commandline in the Quake Injector so that will work out of the box. 
Did A Quick Run Through 
with demo, which I'll upload later
I liked it a lot but I don't think it was as polished as Scamp's map. I was continually low on health and low on ammo. Maybe a bit too low on ammo - there were several instances necessitating I switch to axe, which should never happen. Maybe I'm just getting sloppy but I don't think thats the case.
THe architecture varies from very well done to not-quite-as-very-well done. The final shambler zone was a bit meh, I felt. One thing I really did like was the use of mosnter closets! I only found 2 secrets, which might explain my lame ammo issues, but again - still shouldn't be an issue... You can judge for self though when I upload the demo 
its my first finished map, please consider.
Focus was more on eye-candy than on gameplay.
Had no beta-testers, but have a bunch of more maps to be released, so anyone volunteesrs..?

Spirit: Thanks for the tweak! 
Two Bugs 
I was wondering why I was getting like 24k epoly in the starting room, so I looked around and found this little bugger:

Also, I could shoot through glass with the shotgun, which made that one Shambler much easier.

Otherwise a good little map. 
Great Map For Debut 
yes that glass implementation is more a workaround..
Skipping texture found + 1 secret!!

Very Nice! 
Good style and construction, consistent and well pulled off for the most part. Pipes! The layout seems nice, too.
Gameplay was fun on skill 2 with two or three slightly hairy situations for me - the five secrets I found helped get through without problems. I thought the crampedness was a refreshing change, didn't get annoying as one would expect.

Shame about the obviously repeating texture on the pipes. And damn that lift towards the GK door - the button would have needed a delay badly! The windows were a nice touch visually. The implementation is dodgy, though. Skiptextured func_walls around the water volumes or a skip/water combo like in apsp2 (btw similar vibe to your map) or even detail brushes, they would've been solid and not do the splash sound if grenades pass through.
If your map needs any special settings or the like, it should always be mentioned in the readme and news thread!

GG, looking forward to seeing more levels from you!
just watched your demo, and that elevator button
with no delay is just for guys who tend to jump from that 2nd floor instead of taking the elevator downwards again.
Elevator is activated by those arrow keys:
up for up
down for down.

repeating texture won�t happen again
Forgot My Standard Line 
The map has a monster spawning too close to a wall and an item falling out. When testing your levels, make sure to set developer 1 before loading it so you can see such warning messages in the console.

Also, one of the ogres teleports in incorrectly and ends up stuck in midair between a wall and the ceiling. 
Hehe, oops. My bad. 
I know, but i couldnt get rid of it.
Evil powers are at work.

Oh my i�m drunk. 
As You Should Be. 
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